Major Robert Collins                                                    Erma Rodgers Collins

01/15/1872 – 01/11/1945                                            02/14/1878 – 10/04/1953

72y, 11m, 27d at death                                     75y, 7m, 20d at death

Buried at Oakwood Cemetery,                                     Buried at Oakwood Cemetery,

Winona, MS                                                                 Winona, MS



Major Robert “Bob” Collins was 6y, 0m, 30d older than Erma

Bob and Erma married on 01/21/1897 – Bob was 25y, 0m, 6d old and Erma was 18y, 11m, 7d old on the day they were married.

Erma was 66y, 10m, 28d old on the day Bob died.  They had been married 47y, 11m, 21d at the time of Bob’s death.



Age of parents when children were born                  Major Robert                                                 Erma


Joe (b.12/31/1897)                                                      25y, 11m, 16d                                                  19y, 10m, 17d


Dell (b.10/05/1900)                                                      28y, 8m, 20d                                                    22y, 7m, 21d


Lottie (b.02/05/1902)                                                   30y, 0m, 21d                                                    23y, 11m, 22d


Doc (b.04/28/1905)                                                     33y, 3m, 13d                                                    27y, 2m, 14d


Lay (b.10/20/1907)                                                      35y, 9m, 5d                                                      29y, 8m, 6d


Nick (b.06/13/1910)                                                    38y, 4m, 19d                                                    32y, 3m, 20d


Alf (b.05/22/1913)                                                       41y, 4m, 7d                                                      35y, 3m, 8d


Susie (b.11/27/1915)                                                    43y, 10m, 12d                                                  37y, 9m, 13d



Age of children when parents died                            Major Robert                                                 Erma


Joe                                                                               47y, 0m, 11d                                                    55y, 9m, 3d


Dell                                                                              44y, 3m, 6d                                                      52y, 11m, 29d


Lottie                                                                           42y, 11m, 6d                                                    51y, 7m, 29d


Doc                                                                              39y, 8m, 14d                                                    48y, 5m, 6d


Lay                                                                              37y, 2m, 22d                                                    45y, 11m, 14d


Nick                                                                             34y, 6m, 29d                                                    43y, 3m, 21d


Alf                                                                                31y, 7m, 20d                                                    40y, 4m, 12d


Susie                                                                            29y, 1m, 15d                                                    37y, 10m, 7d




Age of children at their own death


Joe Marlow (12/31/1897 – 06/17/1966) = 68y, 5m, 17d – buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Winona, MS


Ladell Small (“Dell”) (10/05/1900 – 08/30/1949) = 48y, 10m, 25d – buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Winona, MS


Lottie Mae (02/05/1902 – 03/21/1997) = 95y, 1m, 16d – buried at ????? Cemetery, Paducah, KY


Lattie Rodgers (“Doc”) (04/28/1905 – 08/07/1977) = 72y, 3m, 10d – buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Winona, MS


Lay Turner (10/20/1907 – 02/28/1985) = 77y, 4m, 8d – buried at Oakdale Cemetery, Glendora, Los Angeles County, CA


Nick Pegues (06/13/1910 – 02/07/1999) = 88y, 7m, 25d – buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Winona, MS


Alf Trotter (05/22/1913 – 01/24/1964) = 50y, 8m, 2d – buried at Winona Garden of Memory, Winona, MS


Susie Ellen (11/27/1915 – 12/11/2007) = 92y, 0 m, 14d – buried at Pilgrim’s Rest Cemetery, Huntington, IN



Children’s age comparison


Joe was 2y, 9m, 4d older than Dell

Joe was 4y, 1m, 5d older than Lottie

Joe was 7y, 3m, 28d older than Doc

Joe was 9y, 9m, 19d older than Lay

Joe was 12y, 5m, 13d older than Nick

Joe was 15y, 4m, 21d older than Alf

Joe was 17y, 10m, 27d older than Susie


Dell was 1y, 4m, 0d older than Lottie

Dell was 4y, 6m, 23d older than Doc

Dell was 7y, 0m, 15d older than Lay

Dell was 9y, 8m, 8d older than Nick

Dell was 12y, 7m, 17d older than Alf

Dell was 15y, 1m, 22d older than Susie


Lottie was 3y, 2m, 23d older than Doc

Lottie was 5y, 8m, 15d older than Lay

Lottie was 8y, 4m, 8d older than Nick

Lottie was 11y, 3m, 17d older than Alf

Lottie was 13y, 9m, 22d older than Susie


Doc was 2y, 5m, 22d older than Lay

Doc was 5y, 1m, 16d older than Nick

Doc was 8y, 0m, 24d older than Alf

Doc was 10y, 6m, 30d older than Susie



Lay was 2y, 7m, 24d older than Nick

Lay was 5y, 7m, 2d older than Alf

Lay was 8y, 1m, 7d older than Susie


Nick was 2y, 11m, 9d older than Alf

Nick was 5y, 5m, 14d older than Susie


Alf was 2y, 6m, 5d older than Susie


Susie was the youngest, being born 17y, 10m, 27d after the oldest (Joe)



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