Magnolia Blue


The Pictures







Magnolia Blue was formed in 1979 by the former members of the band Southbound. Members included:


Van Simpson (rhythm guitar and vocals), Eddie Mikell (keyboard and vocals), Kenny Loftin (lead guitar and vocals), Ron Collins (drums and vocals), Earl Bishop Aldridge (lead guitar and vocals), and Larry Parker (bass). After Aldridge and Collins left in 1979, Magnolia Blue continued until the late 1990s, when it eventually disbanded. Aldridge and Collins went on to play as members of the Earl Bishop Band and Borderline.


Here are some of their pictures.


Photo 1 (Grenada VFW) Photo 2 (Grenada VFW) Photo 3 (Holiday Inn at Jackson)


Photo 4 (Natchez Trace Festival Kosciusko) Photo 5 (Natchez Trace Festival Kosciusko)


Photo 6 (Winona High School)



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