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The following is a concise, chronological GALLERY of “OUR GANG”, a collaboration of

Alan Jacobs ( and Bob Demoss at his site,



HAL ROACH: 1892 – 1992                                                                  ERNIE MORRISON                        MICKEY DANIELS                        JACKIE CONDON



PEGGY CARTWRIGHT                      ALLEN HOSKINS                           DICK BILLINGS                          monty o’grady                           JACK DAVIS



1923 - ANDY SAMUEL                    MARY KORNMAN                             JOE COBB                                 DORIS OELZE                          IVADELL CARTER



PEGGY AHERN                          JANNIE HOSKINS               GEORGE WARDE / SING JOY          1924- EUGENE JACKSON             1925- JOHNNY DOWNS



JAY R. SMITH                           CLIFTON YOUNG                      1926- PEGGY EAMES               ELMER SCOOTER LOWRY                MILDRED KORNMAN









                                                    JEAN DARLING                          ANDY SHUFORD                           JOHNNY ABER                          BOBBY MALLON



BOBBY HUTCHINS                          HARRY SPEAR           1928- MARY ANN JACKSON                ‘PETE’ THE DOG                            BOBBY DEAN



DONNIE SMITH                           JIMMY FARREN                                                                      1929 - NORMAN CHANEY                 JACKIE COOPER



1929 - EDITH FELLOWS               1930 - DONALD HAINES                  GEORGIE BILLINGS                      DOUGLAS GREER                     DOROTHY DE BORBA



THOMAS McDONALD                     MATTHEW BEARD                JUNE ‘CRABBIE’ MARLOWE      1931 – SHIRLEY JEAN RICKERT              DICKIE JACKSON




SHERWOOD BAILEY                       JERRY TUCKER                          CARLENA BEARD                1932- KENDALL McCOMAS              GEORGE McFARLAND



WALLY ALBRIGHT                        DICKIE MOORE                           BOBBIE BEARD                          JOHN COLLUM                            HAROLD WERTZ



JACKIE LYN DUFTON                  1933 - TOMMY BOND                   TOMMY McFARLAND                        BILL FARNUM                   1934- JACKIE LYNN TAYLOR



SCOTTY BECKETT                       DONALD PROFFITT                     LEONARD KIBRICK                    MARIANNE EDWARDS                   PHILBROOK LYONS



BILLIE THOMAS                         ALVIN BUCKELEW                         DICKIE JONES                               JOE LEVINE                             JOY WURGAFT




EILEEN BERNSTEIN                          marvin trin                       willie mae taylor                         JACKIE WHITE                            PAUL HILTON



1935 – SIDNEY KIBRICK                    CARL SWITZER                         HAROLD SWITZER                    FREDDIE WALBURN                         REX DOWNING



PEGGY LYNCH                     1936- GLORIA BROWN                  BILLY MINDERHOUT            BABY PATSY DITTEMORE MAY               DICKIE DE NUET



EUGENE GORDON LEE                       DARLA HOOD                             DANIEL BOONE                              BETSY GAY                          ROSINA LAWRENCE



JOE GEIL                          1937- DARWOOD KAYE                  SHIRLEY COATES                          GARY JASGUR                           VINCENT GRAEFF









HENRY LEE                           RAE-NELL LASKEY                 PRISCILLA MONTGOMERY             LAURA JUNE WILLIAMS                     GLORIA HURST



                                              LEONARD LANDY                         JAMES GUBITOSI                     FREDDIE CHAPMAN                     ERNIE WECKBAUGH



1939 - MICKEY GUBITOSI                    VALERIE LEE                            JACKIE HORNER                     1940- JANET BURSTON                    BILLY LAUGHLIN



JUANITA QUIGLEY                     1941- MICKEY LAUGHLIN                 EDWARD SOO HOO                      1942 – FRANK WARD                   1943 – DICKIE HALL


The last “OUR GANG” short, ‘Dancing Romeo’ was released on April 29, 1944.

The characters are in the order of their appearance in the “OUR GANG” series.





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