Our Gang and the Little Rascals


Length of Run: September 1922 to April 1944


Talented group of young performers starring in a series of 221 movie shorts entitled The Our Gang Comedies produced by Hal Roach and MGM Studios from 1922-44. When these films were later released to television in 1954, they were re-titled The Little Rascals (because the rights to the "Our Gang" title was acquired by MGM). Over the twenty years of production some 200 child actors starred in the "Our Gang" films. They included George "Spanky" McFarland; Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer; Darla Hood; Matthew "Stymie" Beard; Allen "Farina" Hoskins; Mickey Gubitosi (later to be known as Robert Blake); Billy "Buckwheat" Thomas; Darwood K. "Waldo" Smith; Baby Patsy; Jackie "Toughie" Davis; Walton "Wally" Albright Jr.; Dickie Moore; Eugene "Porky" Lee; "Froggy" Laughlin; Jackie Cooper; Chubby Chaney; Wheezer Hutchins; Mary Kornman; Dorothy "Echo" De Borba; Johnny Downs; Harry Spear; Mary Ann Jackson; Scotty Beckett; Jean Darling; Jackie Condon; Tommy "Butch" Bond; Mickey Daniels; Jay R. Smith; Scooter Lowry; Janet Burston; Shirley Jean Richert; Eugene "Pineapple" Jackson; Mickey McQuire (a.k.a. "Mickey Rooney"); Peggy Eames; John Beradino; Nanette Fabray; Sherwood Bailey; Richie Van; Joe Cobb; Ernie "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison; and, of course, Petie, the dog.  Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney were both turned down by Hal Roach as Our Gang members. In 1979 the NBC network made a series of 30-minute cartoon specials featuring Spanky, Alfalfa, Porky, Stymie and their black-eyed pooch, Petie; and cartoon series THE LITTLE RASCALS/ABC/1982-84 continued the tales of these young children.



Little Rascals Theme Song




Description: crabtree_gang


Roach - Pathe Silent Films




* Begin Season 1 *


1. Our Gang
2. Fire Fighters
3. Young Sherlocks
4. One Terrible Day
5. A Quiet Street
6. Saturday Morning




7. The Big Show
8. The Cobbler
9. The Champeen
10. Boys To Board
11. A Pleasant Journey
12. Giants vs Yanks
13 .Back Stage
14. Dogs Of War
15. Lodge Night


* Begin Season 2 *

16. Stage Fright
17. July Days
18. Sunday Calm
19.No Noise
20. Derby Day





21. Fast Company
22. Tire Trouble
23. Big Business
24. The Buccaneers
25. Seein' Things
26. Commencement Day
27. It's A Bear
28. Cradle Robbers
29. Jubilo, Jr.


* Begin Season 3 *

30. High Society
31. The Sundown Limited
32. Every Man For Himself
33. The Mysterious Mystery!




34. The Big Town
35. Circus Fever
36. Dog Days
37. The Love Bug
38. Ask Grandma
39. Shootin' Injuns
40. Official Officers


* Begin Season 4 *

41. Mary, Queen Of Tots
42.Boys Will Be Joys
43. Better Movies
44. Your Own Back Yard
45. One Wild Ride




46. Good Cheer
47 .Buried Treasure
48. Monkey Business
49. Baby Clothes
50. Uncle Tom's Uncle
51. Thundering Fleas


* Begin Season 5 *

52. Shivering Spooks
53. The Fourth Alarm
54.War Feathers
55. Telling Whoppers



56. Seeing The World
57. Bring Home The Turkey
58. Ten Years Old
59. Love My Dog
60. Tired Business Men
61. Baby Brother
62. Chicken Feed
63. Olympic Games
64. The Glorious Fourth


65.Playin' Hookey
66.The Smile Wins


* Begin Season 6 *



Roach - MGM Silent Films





67. Yale vs Harvard
68. The Old Wallop
69. Heebee Jeebees
70. Dog Heaven





71. Spook Spoofing
72. Rainy Days
73. Edison, Marconi & Co.
74. Barnum & Ringling, Inc.
75. Fair and Muddy
76. Crazy House


* Begin Season 7 *

77. Growing Pains
78. Old Gray Hoss
79. School Begins
80. The Spanking Age





81. Election Day
82. Noisy Noises
83. The Holy Terror
84. Wiggle Your Ears
85. Fast Freight
86.Little Mother
87. Cat, Dog & Co.
88. Saturday's Lesson



Roach - MGM Sound Films





89. Small Talk
90. Railroadin'


* Begin Season 8 *

91. Boxing Gloves
92. Lazy Days
93. Bouncing Babies
94. Moan & Groan, Inc.





95. Shivering Shakespeare
96. The First Seven Years
97. When The Wind Blows
98. Bear Shooters
99. A Tough Winter


* Begin Season 9 *

100. Pups Is Pups
101. Teacher's Pet
102. School's Out




103. Helping Grandma
104. Love Business
105. Little Daddy
106. Bargain Day
107. Fly My Kite


* Begin Season 10 *

108. Big Ears
109. Shiver My Timbers
110. Dogs Is Dogs





111. Readin' And Writin'
112. Free Eats
113. Spanky
114. Choo-Choo!
115. The Pooch


* Begin Season 11 *

116. Hook And Ladder
117. Free Wheeling
118. Birthday Blues
119. A Lad An' A Lamp






120. Fish Hookey
121. Forgotten Babies
122. The Kid From Borneo
123. Mush And Milk


* Begin Season 12 *

124. Bedtime Worries
125. Wild Poses





126. Hi' Neighbor!
127. For Pete's Sake
128. The First Round-Up
129. Honky Donkey


* Begin Season 13 *

130. Mike Fright
131. Washee Ironee
132. Mama's Little Pirate
133. Shrimps For A Day





134. Anniversary Trouble
135. Beginner's Luck
136. Teacher's Beau
137. Sprucin' Up


* Begin Season 14 *

138.Little Papa
139. Little Sinner
140. Our Gang Follies Of 1936





141. The Lucky Corner
142. Divot Diggers
143. The Pinch Singer
144. Second Childhood
145. Arbor Day




* Begin Season 15 *




146. Bored Of Education
147. Two Too Young
148. Pay As You Exit
149. Spooky Hooky
150. General Spanky





151. Reunion In Rhythm
152. Glove Taps
153. Hearts Are Thumps
154. Three Smart Boys
155. Rushin' Ballet
156. Roamin' Holiday
157. Night 'N' Gales


* Begin Season 16 *

158. Fishy Tales
159. Framing Youth
160. The Pigskin Palooka
161. Mail and Female
162. Our Gang Follies Of 1938





163. Canned Fishing
164. Bear Facts
165. Three Men In A Tub
166. Came The Brawn
167. Feed 'Em And Weep
168. The Awful Tooth
169. Hide And Shriek


Description: petesake





* Begin Season 17 *


MGM Films





170. The Little Ranger
171. Party Fever
172. Aladdin's Lantern
173. Men in Fright
174. Football Romeo
175. Practical Jokers





176. Alfalfa's Aunt
177. Tiny Troubles
178. Duel Personalities
179. Clown Princes
180. Cousin Wilbur
181. Joy Scouts
182.Dog Daze
183. Auto Antics


* Begin Season 18 *

184. Captain Spanky's Show Boat
185. Dad for A Day
186. Time Out for Lessons





187. Alfalfa's Double
188. Bubbling Troubles
189. The Big Premiere
190. All About Hash
191. The New Pupil


* Begin Season 19 *

192. Goin' Fishin'
193. Good Bad Boys
194. Waldo's Last Stand
195. Kiddie Kure





196. Fightin' Fools
197. Baby Blues
198. Ye Olde Minstrels
199. Come Back, Miss Pipps
200. 1-2-3 Go!
201. Robot Wrecks


* Begin Season 20 *

202. Helping Hands
203. Wedding Worries





204. Melodies Old And New
205. Going To Press
206. Don't Lie
207. Surprised Parties
208. Doin' Their Bit


* Begin Season 21 *

209. Rover's Big Chance
210. Might Lak A Goat
211. Unexpected Riches




212 .Benjamin Franklin, Jr.
213. Family Troubles
214. Election Daze
215. Calling All Kids
216. Farm Hands

* Begin Season 22 *

217. Little Miss Pinkerton
218. Three Smart Guys


219. Radio Bugs
220. Dancing Romero
221. Tale of A Dog





NOTE: Click on the BLUE words for pictures; Click on the Description: moving_speaker for sounds.


Description: hi_neighbor




Allen Clayton Hoskins as Farina (appeared from 1922-1931) – b. 08/09/1920; d. 07/26/1980  Description: moving_speaker
Alvin Buckelew as Spike (appeared from 1922-1933) – b. 01/01/1900

Andy Samuel as Andy (appeared from 1923-1925) – b. 04/10/1909 – d. 03/05/1992

Baby Patsy May Dittemore (appeared in 1936); b. 03/20/1934

Billy Lee (appeared in 1934) – b. 03/12/1929 – d. 11/17/1989

Bobby Beard as Cotton (appeared from 1932-1934) – b. 08/2/1930; d. 10/16/1999

Carlena Beard as Cotton, Buckwheat & Marmalade (appeared from 1931 to 1934) – b. 03/19/1930 - d. 02/23/72

William “Billie” Thomas as Buckwheat (appeared from 1934-1944) – b. 03/12/1931; d. 10/10/1980  Description: moving_speaker
William R. “Billy” Laughlin as
Froggy (appeared from 1940-1944) – b. 07/05/1932; d. 08/31/1948
Robert F. “Bobby” Hutchins as Wheezer (appeared from 1927-1933) – b. 03/29/1925; d. 05/17/1945 
Description: moving_speaker
Bobby Young as
Bonedust (appeared from 1925-1927)
Carl Switzer as
Alfalfa (appeared from 1935-1940) – b. 08/07/1927; d. 01/21/1959  Description: moving_speaker
Clifton Young as Bonedust (appeared from 1925-1931) – 09/15/1917; d. 09/10/1951 (aka Bobby Young & Robert H. Clifton Young)

Darla Jean Hood as Cookie, then as  Darla (appeared from 1935 to 1941) – b. 11/08/1931; d. 06/13/1979  Description: moving_speaker

Darwood K.Smith as Waldo (appeared from 1937 to 1940) – b. 09/08/1929; d. 05/15/2002  Description: moving_speaker

Dickie Moore as Dickie (appeared from 1932-1933) – b. 09/12/1925  Description: moving_speaker 
Donald Haines as Toughie also as Specks (appeared from 1930-1933) – b. 1918; d. 1941 (MIA)

Donald Proffitt as Donald (appeared from 1934 to 1937)  b. 01/13/1930

Donny Smith as Beezer (appeared in 1929) – b. 09/17/1924

Dorothy DeBorba as Echo and Dorothy (appeared from 1930-1933) – b. 03/28/1925  d. 06/20/2010)  Description: moving_speaker
Edith Fellows – appeared in 3 shorts from 1930-1933 and over 50 movies – d. 06/26/2011

Ernie Morrison as Ernie or Sunshine Sammy among many others (appeared from 1922-1924) – b. 12/20/1912 – d. 07/24/1989
Ernie Weckbaugh as Stinky (appeared in 1937) - b. 07/ ? /1931 – see:(http://www.casagraphics.com/ rascals.html)

Eugene Jackson as Gene or Pineapple (appeared in 1924-1925) – b. 12/25/1916 – d. 10/26/2001
Gordon Eugene Lee as
Porky (appeared from 1935-1939) – famous words: “O-Tay” – b. 10/25/1933 – d. 10/16/2005   Description: moving_speaker
Gary Jasgar as Junior (appeared 1937-1939) – b. 11/08/1935 – d. 08/22/1994
George Brasno – the midget (appeared from 1934-1936) – b. 12/23/1911; d. 08/15/1982

George Emmett McFarland as Spanky (appeared from 1932-1942) – b. 10/02/1928; d. 06/30/1993  Description: moving_speaker
Harold Wertz as
Bouncy (secondary character in three Rascals films – appeared in 1932) -- b. 08/03/1927; d. 11/21/1999

Harold Switzer as Slim (appeared from 1935-1940) – b. 01/16/1025; d. 04/14/1967

Harry Spear as Harry (appeared from 1927-1929) – b. 12/16/1921 – d. 02/11/1969
Jack Davis as
Jack or Tuffy (appeared from 1922-1924) – b. 04/05/1914 – d. 11/03/1992
Jackie Condon as
Jackie or Rosie (appeared from 1922-1928) – b. 03/25/1918; d. 10/13/1977
Jackie Cooper as
Jack or Jackie (appeared from 1929-1937) – b. 09/15/1922  d. 05/03/2011   Description: moving_speaker
Jacqueline Hope Taylor as Jane or Jackie – (app.in 1934) aka Jackie Lynn Taylor – (Amer. actress – b. 06/29/1926; aka Rev. Dr. Hope Taylor Fries, D.D.

Jacquie Lyn as Jacquie (appeared in 1932) - b. 09/3/1928 in England as Jacquelyn Dufton – d. 03/21/2002

Janet Burston as Janet (appeared from 1940-1944) – b. 01/11/1935; d. 03/03/1998
Jannie Hoskins as Mango (Buckwheat’s little sister) – (appeared from 1923-1935) – b. 03/19/1923 – d. 01/11/1996
Jay R Smith as
Jay R. or Specks (appeared from 1925-1929) – b. 08/29/1915; d. 10/05/2002
Jean Darling as
Jean (appeared from 1927 to 1929) – b. 08/03/1922
Jerry Tucker as Percy (appeared 1931 - 1938) – b. 11/01/1925

Joe Cobb as Joe or Squeaky (appeared from 1923-1929 and 1937 (in Reunion in Rhythm)) – b. 11/07/1917; d. 05/21/2002
John Collum as Uh-Huh (appeared 1932 - 1938) – b. 06/29/1926 – d. 08/28/1962
Johnny Downs as
Johnny (appeared from 1923-1927) – b. 10/10/1913; d. 06/06/1994
Joy Wurgaft (appeared from 1934 & 1935) – b. 09/19/1927 (aka Joy Lane, see: http://members.aol.com/Joanrobertson23/joylane.html)

Juanita Quigley as Sally (appeared from 1940 to 1942) – b. 06/24/1931; aka Baby Jane

June Marlowe as Miss Crabtree (real name was Gisela Goetten) – (appeared in 6 episodes from 1930-1932) – b. 11/06/1903; d. 03/10/1984  Description: moving_speaker

Kendall McComas as Breezy Brisbane (appeared in 1932) – b. 10/29/1916; d. 10/15/1981  Description: moving_speaker
Kitty Kelly as Spanky’s Mom (appeared in Beginner’s Luck1935) – b. 04/27/1902 – d. 06/29/1968
Leonard Kibrick as ? (appeared 1934 - 1936) – b. 09/06/1924; d. 01/04/1993

Leonard Landy as Leonard and Percy (appeared from 1938 to 1941) – b. 07/02/1933
Marianne Edwards (appeared from 1934-1936) – b. 1930

Marvin Trin as Bubbles (appeared from 1934 to 1937) – b. 12/28/1929; d. 10/19/1986  

Mary Ann Jackson as Mary Ann (appeared from 1928-1931) – b. 01/14/1923 – d. 12/17/2003  Description: moving_speaker
Mary Kornman as
Mary (appeared from 1922-1926; also 1933 in Fish Hooky and 1937 in Reunion in Rhythm) – b. 12/27/1915; d. 06/01/1973
Matthew Beard as
Stymie (appeared from 1930 to 1935 and 1937 in Reunion in Rhythm) – b. 01/01/1925; d. 01/08/1981  Description: moving_speaker
Michael Gubitossi as Mickey (appeared from 1939-1944) – b. 09/18/1933 (aka Robert Blake in Baretta and Little Beaver in Red Ryder)

Mickey Daniels as Mickey (appeared from 1922-1926, 1933 (in Fish Hooky) and 1937 in Reunion in Rhythm) – b. 10/11/1914; d. 08/20/1970  Description: moving_speaker

Mildred Kornman as Mildred (appeared from 1926-1935) – b. 07/10/1925
Norman Chaney as
Chubby (appeared from 1929-1931) – b. 01/18/1914; d. 05/30/1936  Description: moving_speaker
Olive Brasno – the midget (appeared from 1934-1936) – b. 10/07/1917; d. 01/25/1998

Peggy Cartwright as Peggy (appeared in 1922) – b. 11/14/1912 – d. 06/13/2001

Pal the Wonder Dog & Pete the Pup as Pete (appeared 1922-1930) - see http://www.angelfire.com/stars3/petey/meet.html for the story

Von the dog (appeared from 1936-1937)

Robert F. “Bobby” Hutchins as Wheezer (appeared from 1927-1933) – b. 03/29/1925 - d. 03/17/1945 

Robert Winkler (born Winckler) (appeared from 1936 to 1938) – b. 02/12/1927; d. 12/28/1989

Rosina Lawrence as Miss Jones, Miss Lawrence (appeared from 1936-1937) – b. 12/30/1912 - d. 06/23/1997

Scooter Lowry as Scooter (appeared from 1926-1927)
Scotty Beckett as
Scotty (appeared from 1934-1936 and 1939) – b. 10/04/1929; d. 05/10/1968  Description: moving_speaker  
Sherwood Bailey as Sherwood or Spud (appeared from 1931-1932) – b. 08/06/1923 – d. 08/06/1987
Shirley Jean Rickert as
Shirley a.k.a. Gilda (appeared in 1931) – b. 03/25/1926 – d. 02/06/2009  Description: moving_speaker
Shirley Coates as Henrietta or Muggsy (appeared from 1937-1940)

Sidney Kibrick as Woim (appeared from 1935-1939) – b. 07/02/1928
Tommy Bond as Tommy (app. from 1932-1934), & as
Butch (app. from 1937-1940) – b. 09/16/1926 – d. 09/24/2005 – a.k.a. Jimmy Olsen on tvs Superman)  Description: moving_speaker
Wally Albright as
Wally (appeared in 1934) – b. 09/03/1925; d. 08/07/1999  Description: moving_speaker

William “Billie” Thomas as Buckwheat (appeared from 1934-1944) – b. 03/12/1931; d. 10/10/1980 

William R. “Billy” Laughlin as Froggy (appeared from 1940-1944) – b. 07/05/1932; d. 08/31/1948

Willie Mae Taylor as Buckwheat (appeared in 1934) – b. 1915; d. 04/26/2002






A Few Our Gang Photos


PHOTO 1     PHOTO 2     PHOTO 3

PHOTO 4     PHOTO 5     PHOTO 6



Description: alfalfa_spanky





Contributed by Alan Jacobs

(Thanks, Alan)



Ron’s Personal Favorite Episodes


(Episode Titles in RED are My All-Time Favorites)






Practical Learnin


101.  TEACHER’S PET – 10/11/0930


It's the first day of school, and the gang is lamenting the loss of their beloved Miss McGillicuddy. Their new teacher is Miss Crabtree, and the gang has all kinds of pranks in store for the old battleaxe. Jackie even brags about it to a nice young woman who gives him a ride to school. As it turns out, this nice young woman is Miss Crabtree herself.


102.  SCHOOL’S OUT – 11/22/1930


Summer is fast approaching, and Jackie is worried that Miss Crabtree will get married and leave her students the way Miss McGillicuddy had the previous year. When a man comes around looking for the teacher during her lunch break, the gang schemes to discourage him from pursuing her. In the end, he is without his clothes, and the gang is mortified to learn that he was Miss Crabtree's brother all along.


123. MUSH AND MILK05/27/1933


The kids live in a boarding school, where they're brow-beaten by the ghastly old matron. But in school, they're taught by gentle, lovable Old Cap, who allows them an impromptu talent show. Cap wants to do something nice for the kids, since their school meals usually consist of mush and milk.  A phone call brings news that Cap's back pension has finally come in, and he treats the kids to toys and a fancy restaurant.  They decide to order an exotic-sounding French dessert, which turns out to be mush and milk.  Last appearance of John “Uh-Huh” Collum, Bobby “Wheezer” Hutchins, Dorothy DeBorba, and Dickie Moore .


Notable Quote:  Cap: "Uh-Huh, can you use the word "Isthmus" in a sentence?"   Uh-Huh:  Uh-huhhhhh…Isthmus be my lucky day!"




The “He-Man Woman-Haters Club”



Description: he-man


153. HEARTS ARE THUMPS04/03/1937


It's Valentine's Day, and the boys decide they don't want anything to do with it, forming "The He-Man Woman-Haters' Club." Description: moving_speaker  Almost immediately, Darla passes by and winks at Alfalfa, who drops the club like a hot potato and follows her for a picnic lunch. While Alfalfa pushes Darla on the swing, Spanky and Buckwheat replace the cheese in Alfalfa's sandwich with bar soap, and the cream in the cream puffs with liquid soap. Not wanting to offend Darla, Alfalfa eats all of it. In the classroom, he is summoned to sing a song for the class, which is punctuated with bubbles from Alfalfa's mouth.  Alfalfa sings “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.”


161. MAIL AND FEMALE11/13/1937


Spanky has called the boys of the neighborhood together for a meeting. Upset that they weren't invited to the MacGillicudy girls' party, he proposes that they form a He-Man Woman Haters' Club and nominates Alfalfa as president. Alfalfa, meanwhile, is not at the clubhouse, but busy writing a love letter to Darla, giving it to Buckwheat and Porky to deliver. When he gets to the clubhouse and learns of his new duties (and of the paddle that will be used on all misbehaving members), he hurries over to Darla's house to retrieve the note. Buckwheat and Porky return, and let the boys know where Alfalfa's gone, so Spanky and the paddle-wielding Spike head over to Darla's. Once there, they can't find Alfalfa, but instead find Darla's cousin Amelia, who is actually Alfalfa. He/she flirts with the boys and finds that they, too, are unwilling to abide by the club's rules.  Description: moving_speaker



Dubious Desserts and “Mystery” Cakes



58. TEN YEARS OLD – 03/13/1927


It's Joe's 10th birthday, and he's home alone throwing his own party, since his mom can't afford to buy him a cake. Unfortunately, the gang is over at wealthy Jackie's house, much to the dismay of his parents. Joe comes over with his cake, which is full of surprises secretly inserted by Joe's little sister when he wasn't looking.


80. THE SPANKING AGE – 12/15/1928


Mary Ann and Wheezer have to play second-banana to their bratty stepsister Jean, whose mother favors her own child. They throw a party and invite the gang, who get treated to one of the least appetizing birthday cakes ever baked. Eventually, their inventor Dad sells a patent and he escapes the household with his two kids.


118. BIRTHDAY BLUES11/12/1932


Dickie's father is too stingy to buy his wife a birthday present, so the boy decides to raise some money and buy her a swell dress he's seen in a shop window. He's throws a party complete with a cake full of unexpected surprises. When he brings the present home, his father punishes him for making a mess of the house, and then feels ashamed when the reason is revealed.  Hear the cake baking.  Description: moving_speaker


175. PRACTICAL JOKERS – 12/17/1938


Butch has been playing practical jokes on the gang, so when his birthday party comes up, they decide to plant a firecracker in his cake. Unfortunately, Butch's mom prevails upon them to carry the cake into the room, and gets Alfalfa to sing a song for him. Eventually the cake explodes, but Alfalfa likes the taste of it anyway.





132. MAMA’S LITTLE PIRATE11/03/1934


Spanky's mom forbids him to join the gang in looking for treasure in a nearby cave. He sneaks out anyway, and the gang succeeds in finding a giant treasure chest which they break open. After helping themselves to as much loot as they can carry, they try to find their way out. They find themselves in a room with oversized furniture, and soon find out why it's oversized when a giant walks in. They hide from him, but he eventually finds and catches them. As it turns out, it's all a dream, as Spanky has dozed off while being confined to his room.


169.  HIDE AND SHRIEK – 06/18/1938


Alfalfa is a private eye, and with the help of Buckwheat and Porky, tracks a couple of suspects, Leonard and Junior, who are accused of stealing Darla's box of candy. The two little kids get into the cab of a flatbed truck, so the three sleuths climb in back and hide in a box. Leonard and Junior, however, simply exit the opposite side, unknown to the older boys. It turns out the truck is taking supplies to a haunted house carnival ride, which is where the boys find themselves. They're subjected to quite an assortment of scary adventures, and eventually escape, running for their lives.






126.  HI NEIGHBOR – 03/03/1934


A rich kid moves into the neighborhood, and the gang paws all over his shiny fire engine. When Wally's girl, Jane, takes a ride with the snotty brat, Wally boasts that the gang has their own fire engine. Eventually, they do, but they have to build it first. To test their new ride, they have a race down a steep hill with ends in disaster for everybody.


165.  THREE MEN IN A TUB03/26/1938


Darla has to stay home to "mind the baby," and can't join the boys for their picnic. It turns out that she's spending the day in Waldo's boat, which crushes Alfalfa's spirit. Spanky decides that they'll make their own boat and race Waldo. Unfortunately, Waldo's boat is motorized (the gang's is animal-propelled, of course), and he has no trouble in taking a big lead. But then his boat springs a leak, putting Darla in distress, and Alfalfa into the water to save his true love.


183.  AUTO ANTICS07/22/1939


Spanky and Alfalfa have added rocket propulsion to their soapbox racer which they'll be racing in the Kidmobile Race Classic later in the day. Butch sabotages their plans by alerting the dogcatcher to Whiskers, the gang's dog, who is soon taken to the pound. Butch and Woim also reverse the supercharger on the vehicle. Needing three dollars to rescue Whiskers, the gang must win this race, and Butch and Woim have eliminated every competitor - except Spanky and Alfalfa. When they turn on the supercharger, they go in reverse, but soon turn the vehicle around and drive backwards, eventually winning the race and saving their dog.



Entrepreneurial Endeavors


138.  THE LUCKY CORNER03/14/1936


A mean-spirited store owner prevails upon the local cop to send kindly old Gus and Scotty elsewhere with their lemonade stand. They end up on a little-traveled street where people don't tend to pass. That's until the gang brings a parade through the neighborhood and puts on a show right next to the lemonade stand. The store owner and his bratty son try to sabotage the proceedings, but only succeed in making fools of themselves.



Musical Artists Extraordinaire


162.  Our Gang Follies of 193812/18/1937


The gang is staging their annual follies show, but "king of the crooners" Alfalfa walks out on stage singing opera. Unwilling to give his fans what they want, he and Porky visit a local opera company, where the impresario jokingly gives Alfalfa a contract effective twenty years later. Alfalfa and Porky arrive back at the barn, where Alfalfa takes a nap. He dreams of becoming an opera star twenty years later, only to be booed on opening night. The impresario still has him under contract, and orders him to sing in the streets. He chances upon Spanky, who's just about to walk into his own nightclub, Club Spanky, and invites Alfalfa in. After watching all of his successful friends put on various performances in the club, Alfalfa decides he'll become a crooner again, only to be interrupted by the impresario. As he begs to be let go, Alfalfa wakes from his dream, and tearing up the contract, returns to the stage to croon again.


The songs in this episode include "I'm The Barber Of Seville"  Description: moving_speaker  and "Learn To Croon" (both sung by Alfalfa), "The Love Bug Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out" (sung by Darla with help from Porky and Buckwheat), "That Foolish Feeling" (sung by Georgia Jean LaRue), "There's No Two Ways About It" (sung by Philip MacMahon), "Follow The Leader" (led by "Cab" Buckwheat), and "Loch Lomond" (sung by Annabella Logan).



More Rascals