A Boy by Reverend Leo Fahey


Hi.My name is Sean Collins.I am 7 years old and love the Power Rangers.When I grow up, I want to be the black Power Ranger.He is my favorite.When Iím not crushing bad guys, Iím busy playing RoadRash 64 on my Nintendo, or watching Herbie the Love Bug.My brother, Cody, likes Power Rangers too, but he also likes the Rowdy Ruff Boys, Furby, Flubber, Popeye, and Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog.



Some of my other things to do, when the Power Rangers are resting, is to watch Pokemon, Monster Rancher, Flubber, Sonic the Hedgehog or Digimon with Cody.My Dad likes all of our cartoons too.He has to, because we wonít let him watch anything else.He also helps me with the WEB Page, but I am learning real fast.




In the last few years, Iíve become interested in the Legend of Zelda series and Sonic the Hedgehog.They are quickly becoming some of my favorite characters, and I love to follow them on their wild adventures.Iím also a Rat Fink nut and a big fan of Space Ghost.Below are some of their pictures.











Click HERE to see an old Legend of Zelda Nintendo Commercial.


I will have more pictures and links to my favorite things soon.Please come back to visit when you can. Be sure to visit Codyís Rowdy Ruff Boys Page.







On March 25, 2002, Cody, Dad, and I lost a true friend.Our dog, Tina, was almost 20 years old.She fell asleep, never to wake again.She gave us joy while she was with us, and will never be forgotten.Tina, we love you and miss you.


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