“Knifing” Climaxes County Fair

Legionnaire Cut By Negro

Henry Canon, Prominent Vaiden Man Receives Slashes

Tension High

Ollie Shaw, Negro, Being Held In County Jail

Winona Times, September 29, 1939.  P. 1



The Montgomery County Fair was climaxed Saturday night by Ollie Shaw, Negro, about 30 years old, stabbing Henry Canon, Legionnaire, whose home is in Vaiden.


It is reported that Mr. Canon was directing traffic at the gate of the fair grounds when a car slipped off the bridge and help was needed to get it back on the road and straighten out traffic.


It is said that Mr. Canon turned and asked Ollie, who lives on a local farm, to assist in getting the car out of the ditch when the Negro cursed him and told him to get it back himself.  Mr. Canon had a light chain in his hand and struck the Negro over the head for cursing him and it is alleged that the Negro pulled out his knife and slashed the Legionnaire on the left arm and made another swipe at his back but only scraped him.


The Negro ran from the scene and Mr. Canon was rushed to the Winona Infirmary where it was found that his wound was not serious.  He was given first-aid treatment.


Ollie Shaw dropped his hat as he started to run and later in the night he was recognized by Marshal Wilson on his way home by not having on a hat.  He was quickly arrested and placed in the Montgomery County jail where he was later identified by Mr. Canon.


Tension ran high among the people of this section over this Negro cursing and cutting a Legionnaire without cause and every precaution has been taken by authorities to keep down any disturbance.


At this time the preliminary trial has not been held and it is believed that the Negro will be held in the county jail for action of the grand jury which meets on October 9.