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December 23, 1833 to May 8, 1870May 9, 1870 to March 14, 1871March 15, 1871 to January 25, 1877March 15, 1871 to January 25, 1877

January 26, 1877 to February 27, 1882January 26, 1877 to February 27, 1882February 28, 1882 to PRESENTFebruary 28, 1882 to PRESENT

Carroll County, Mississippi Changes

12/23/1833 – Carroll County created from Lowdnes County, Monroe County, Washington County and a non-county area attached to Holmes County – named after Charles Carroll of Carrollton – size is 1090 sq. mi.

02/06/1850 – Holmes County was authorized to gain area from Carroll County dependent on local referendum (which failed) – no change – size is still 1090 sq. mi.

05/09/1870 – Carroll County lost 90 sq. mi. to creation of Grenada County – size is now 1,000 sq. mi.

03/15/1871 – Carroll County lost 200 sq. mi. to creation of Leflore County – size is now 800 sq. mi.

05/13/1871 – Carroll County lost 180 sq. mi. to creation of Montgomery County – size is now 620 sq. mi.

01/26/1877 – Carroll County gained 20 sq. mi. from Leflore County – size is now 640 sq. mi.

03/05/1880 – Carroll County lost 10 sq. mi. to Leflore County – size is now 630 sq. mi.

02/28/1882 – Carroll County and Montgomery County exchanges equal amount of area – size is still 630 sq. mi.

02/10/1894 – Carroll County and Leflore County boundaries are redefined – no change – size is still 630 sq. mi.

03/19/1896 – Carroll County gained 10 sq. mi. from Leflore County – size is now 640 sq. mi.

03/19/1896 to Present – size has remained unchanged at 640 sq. mi.

Carroll County Cities and Towns are: Adair, Avalon, Beatty, Black Hawk, Carrollton (county seat -- District 1), Centerville, Coila, Gravel Hill, Holly Grove, Jefferson, Malmaison, McCarley, North Carrollton, Oklahoma, Pine Bluff, Seven Pines, Shady Grove, Teoc, Vaiden (county seat -- District 2), Valley, Valley Hill, Whaley and Wiltshire.

Carroll County was formed under the second Constitution of Mississippi (1832-1869) on December 23, 1833, and divided on April 10, 1873 into 2 districts. It was the 10th county created under the December 23, 1833 act, as a result of the Choctaw Cession of 1830, also known as the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek.

Carroll County was named after "Charles Carroll of Carrollton," the last surviving signer of the United States Declaration of Independence. Charles Carroll was a U.S. Senator from Maryland, who served that office from 1789 to 1892. He was born on 1737, and died on November 14, 1832.

Mississippi County Formation and Changes

From the creation of Carroll County on 12/23/1833 to the present (2003), Carroll County has lost 41% (450 sq. mi.) of its area to the creation of "new" counties.


Transcribed by Tom Blake, October 2001. Located at ROOTSWEB

Cowles M. VARDEN (Vaiden) had 110 Slaves – District 5, p. 321B

Greenwood LEFLORE had 131 slaves – District 4, p. 301B

Greenwood LEFLORE had 136 slaves – District 3, p. 284B

NOTE: Until 05/09/1870, Carroll County was still at its original creation size of 1090 sq. mi., which included Greenwood, MS, Winona, etc. (see additional information on this page).

62.7% (13,816) of Carroll County's population (acc'd to Library of Congress records) were listed as slaves in the 1860 census

Total population of Carroll County, MS in 1860 was listed as 8214 whites, 13 free colored, and 13808 slaves

Approximately 55% (435,268) of Mississippi's population of 791,396 were listed as slaves in 1860 census

Slave Population Map of the Southern States in 1860


Carroll County Map of  1839

Carroll County Map of 1842

Carroll County Map of 1864

Carroll County Map of 1888

Old Map of Carroll County Towns

Carroll County Districts

Mississippi Map of 1838

Mississippi Map of 1895


All States With Carroll as a County Name

NOTE:  Of all of the following states listed, only Tennessee contains a Carroll County that was not named for Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Tennessee’s Carroll County was named for William Carroll, its 6th and 9th Governor.  Also, Louisiana has 2 Parishes (East Carroll and West Carroll), which were named for Charles Carroll of Carrollton.











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