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My name is Ron (Ronnie) Lee Collins.  I was born on Friday, December 31, 1954, in Vaiden, Mississippi, and lived there until I moved to Jackson, MS in 1981.  Before moving to Jackson, I played drums in many local bands including The Livin’ End (Article), ColdFire, the John C. (“Bubba”) Calhoun Band, and Magnolia Blue.  After relocating, I played with the Hi-Lites, the Earl Bishop Band, and Borderline.  While The Livin’ End won local awards, the others offered opportunities to play with Nashville stars such as Helen Cornelius, Jim Ed Brown, Kenny Price, Dottie West, Percy Sledge, David Frizzell, and Dickie Lee.  While I wasn’t playing in the bands, I was busy riding go-karts, motorcycles, camping out, building on my super-fortress (the Mighty Treehouse), or cruising in my 1972 Plymouth ‘Cuda with my favorite band of all time, Grand Funk Railroad, playing at ear-splitting levels. Until 2015, I rode a rocket, my Honda V65 Magna (1100cc).  Although presently undecided, I will probably buy another motorcycle in the future. My most recent band was Lock-N-Load.  See more about the bands and other events at Blast From The Past.




If I Could Dance With My Father Again


  Back when I was a child 
Before life removed all the innocence
My father would lift me high 
And dance with my mother and me and then
Spin me around 'till I fell asleep 
Then up the stairs he would carry me 
And I knew for sure, I was loved 
If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him 
I'd play a song that would never, ever end 
How I'd love, love, love, to dance with my father, again 
When I and my mother would disagree 
To get my way I would run from her to him 
He'd make me laugh just to comfort me 
Yeah yeah, then finally make me do just what my mama said 
Later that night when I was asleep 
He left a dollar under my sheet 
Never dreamed that he would be gone from me 
If I could steal, one final glance, one final step, one final dance with him 
I'd play a song that would never, ever end
'Cause I'd love, love, love, to dance with my father, again 
Sometimes I’d listen outside her door
And I’d hear how my mother  would cry for him
I prayed for her even more than me
I prayed for her even more than me
I know I’m praying for much too much
But could you send back the only man she loved
I know you don’t do it usually
But dear Lord she’s dying to dance with my father again
Every night I fall asleep 
And this is all I ever dream


By Luther Vandross




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I am the only child of Alf Trotter Collins and Juanita Hambrick Collins Rhine, of Vaiden.  My middle name “Lee” came from my Grandmother, Exyah Lee Bond Hambrick.  I have two wonderful sons, Cody Ryan Collins (born 03/30/1993) and Sean Eric Collins (born 03/05/1996).  I graduated from Vaiden Elementary School on 05/24/1968, from Vaiden High School on 05/21/1972, from Hinds Community College (Associate in Arts Degree) on 05/20/1990, and Mississippi College (Bachelor of Science in History, 05/16/1992, and Master of Social Sciences Degree, 05/10/1997).  CLICK HERE for other certifications. 


I currently live in Florence, Mississippi and work for CompuCom, an IT service company. Although CompuCom is contracted by many companies for IT work, I work through CompuCom exclusively for Lowe’s stores. Each week, I service 10 Lowe’s stores throughout Mississippi – Greenville, Jackson, Flowood, Philadelphia, Meridian, Laurel, Hattiesburg, Petal, Madison and Ridgeland. I previously worked for Logista on the Trustmark Bank account after spending 3 years as a Customer Service Representative for Mississippi Farm Bureau.  Prior to that, I worked for Pomeroy IT Solutions, a national computer service firm that provides IT support for businesses nationwide. With Pomeroy, I worked on the Amsouth Bank account.  I’m a Computer Technical Specialist and, among many other hobbies, spend my spare time with my boys and doing historical research and WEB page design.  I am the author of 240+ web pages, including The History of Vaiden, Mississippi WEB Pages, and the Childhood Memories Page.  I also wrote Capitol Murder: Tempers and Temperance – Truth and Consequences, which was accepted for publication by the Mississippi Journal of History, while I was completing my Masters Studies at Mississippi College.  The Final Draft for this paper is still in progress and awaiting submission.


My father, Alf Trotter Collins (05/22/191301/24/1964), was one of the eight children of Major Robert “Bob” (01/15/1872 – 01/11/1945) and Erma Rodgers Collins (02/14/1878-10/04/1953) of Winona.  Alf was killed in an automobile accident while enroute to work at the J.A. Olsen Company in Winona, MS.  The Collins family included: Joe Marlow (12/31/189706/17/1966), Ladell Small (Dell) (10/05/190008/30/1949), Lottie Mae (02/05/190203/21/1997), Lattie Rodgers (“Doc”) (04/28/190508/07/1977), Lay Turner (10/20/190702/28/1985), Nick Pegues (06/13/191002/07/1999), Alf Trotter (05/22/191301/24/1964), and Susie Ellen (b. 11/27/1915 – 12/11/2007).  Major Robert Collins married Erma Lou Rodgers on 01/21/1897.  Erma was the daughter of William Franklin “Bill” Rodgers and Ellen Jane MorganMarker Photo.  Major Robert and Erma Rodgers Collins are buried at the Oakwood Cemetery in Winona, MS.






The 1920 Montgomery County, Mississippi Census shows that Joe Marlow Collins had already moved out and started a family.  Major Robert is listed just below him with Erma, Dell, Lay, Lottie, Lattie (“Doc”), Nick, Alf and Susie still living on the Collins Homeplace (Census T625, Roll 999, P.9).


The following information is taken from Elsie Lilburn’s Family Treemaker listings.



JOE MARLOW COLLINS was married twice.  His married his first wife, BESSIE JANE BLAYLOCK, on 09/11/1918 in Winona, MS.  Bessie Jane Blaylock (Collins), after her divorce from Joe Marlow, later became the second wife of Leonard Taylor Caddess (03/23/1886 – 12/08/1972). L.T. Caddess was father to James Harvey Caddess and Wilson Monroe Caddess. 


BESSIE JANE BLAYLOCK COLLINS CADDESS (04/25/1899 – 06/25/1959) is buried in the Oakwood Cemetery in Winona, MS.  Bessie was 60 years 2 months 0 days old at her death.


Joe Marlow’s second wife was NETTIE CHANDLER (08/11/1905 – 03/23/1985).  Nettie is also buried in the Oakwood Cemetery in Winona, MS. – Marker Photo 2  - Nettie was 79 years 7 months 12 days old at her death. Nettie remarried ???.  She met ??? in Florida and only remained married briefly to him.  CLICK HERE for a photo of Joe and Nettie Collins.  CLICK HERE for a photo of ???, Nettie and Joe Nevel Collins, Circa 1972.


Joe and first wife, Bessie Jane Blaylock, had 3 children, as follows: 


1. JOE NEVEL COLLINS, b. November 12, 1919, Winona, Montgomery County, Mississippi; d. March 21, 1987, Lake Cormorant, Mississippi. He was 67 years, 4 months 9 days old at his death. CLICK HERE for a photo of ??? (husband of Nettie), Nettie and Joe Nevel Collins, Circa 1972.
Joe Nevel Collins married Flora Pauline Matthews (11/22/1926 - ). Joe Nevel and Flora Pauline had 3 children, as follows: 1. MYRON COLLINS; 2. PEGGY LYN COLLINS, m. William Henry Bunn; b. 02/20/1954; 3. BEVERLY ANN COLLINS, b. 01/17/1948 – CLICK HERE for a photo of Beverly Ann Collins, Circa 1966.


2. JAMES LAMAR COLLINS, b. May 10, 1923, d. May 10, 2012 in Jackson, MS. He was 89 years old at his death. James married Bonnie Lavelle Matthews b. 05/06/1922 in ?, d. 02/23/2008 in Winona, MS. James and Bonnie had 5 children, as follows: 1. Barbara Collins, 2. James Michael (“Mike”) Collins, 3. Deborah Collins Miller, 4. Larry Collins, and 5. Bonnie Jo Collins.


3. MARY ELIZABETH COLLINS, b. 10/27/1926 in Duck Hill, MS, d. 01/30/2014 in Whitfield, MS. She married John Alvis Burney, b. 11/24/1921 at Poplar Springs, MS, d. 12/15/2010 at Terry, MS. Mary and John had 3 children, as follows: 1. John A. Burney, Jr., 2. Robert D. Burney, Sr., and 3. Cheryl Elizabeth Burney Cooley.


CLICK HERE for a photo of W.L. (“Lon”) Cross and Mary Elizabeth Collins, Circa 1944.


Joe Marlow and second wife, Nettie Chandler, had no children.


Joe Marlow worked for the Montgomery County, MS Roads Department.


Joe Marlow is buried at the Oakwood Cemetery in Winona, MS.  He was 68y, 5m, 17 days old at his death.



DELL SMALL COLLINS married AMY DELL STEPHENS BROOKSHIRE (01/12/1902 – 01/14/1983).  Amy Dell was previously married to J.W. Brookshire, Sr. J.W Brookshire, Sr. is buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Winona, MS. He was approximately 55 years old at his death.


J.W. Brookshire and Amy Dell Stephens Brookshire had 2 children, as follows:


1. ROSA CRANE BROOKSHIRE (Collins) (12/02/1921 – 11/21/2014). She was 92 years 11 months 19 days old at her death.


2. J.W. BROOKSHIRE, JR. (03/03/1923 – 04/04/1929) – buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Winona, MS. – He was 6 years 1 month 1 day old at his death.



Ladell “Dell” Small Collins and Amy Dell Stephens Brookshire Collins had 3 children, as follows:


1. STILLBORN DAUGHTER – buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Winona, MS – no dates given


2. ERMA “JOYCE” COLLINS (Mansker) (Word) (12/20/1929 – 07/15/2013). She was 83 years 6 months 25 days old at her death.


3. ROBERT LEE “BOB” COLLINS (06/19/1934 – 03/11/2013) – married MILDRED ANN (“MICKI”) STRIBLING (09/10/1934 – 10/30/2012). Robert Lee “Bob” Collins and Mildred Ann “Micki” Stribling Collins are buried at Forest Lawn Memory Gardens, Meridian, MS (Lauderdale County). Bob was 78 yrs. 8 mos. 20 days old at death.  Mildred was 78 yrs. 1 mos. 20 days old at her death.


Amy Dell is buried at the Oakwood Cemetery in Winona, MS. She was 81 years 0 months 2 days old at her death. Dell is also buried at the Oakwood.  He was 48y, 10m, 25d old at his death.


Dell was a taxi cab driver in Winona, MS. The cause of his death was ruled as accidental head injury, possibly from a fall during the night, however, the fall did not occur where he was living at the time. One theory indicated that he did not go to his current house after work, but, instead went out to the old Collins homeplace off Sawyer Road, where he was found dead the next morning.  Speculation at that time was that someone had waylaid him either before he got to the old homeplace, or that someone had attacked him (possibly a robber, burglar or trespasser) when he arrived there and hit him in the head.  Another thought could be that a cab “passenger” forced him to go to a secluded location where he was attacked.  There is no evidence of anything contrary to the “official” report and no indication that he might have been robbed of fare money.  However many rumors that there may be about his fate, the actual cause of death is very suspicious, albeit totally unproven.




LOTTIE MAE COLLINS married (1) RUPERT (“JACK”) DALTON (Birth and death dates and burial location unknown, but possibly could be the Rupert Zena Dalton buried in Maplewood Cemetery in Mayfield, KY  – married Lottie on 01/04/1925 – divorced 05/06/1926); NOTE: Lottie has been linked on Findagrave to Rupert Zena Dalton as a matter of continuity.  If/when Rupert Zena Dalton is found not to be the Rupert that was Lottie’s first husband, the link on Findagrave will be corrected or removed; (2) JAMES ELLIS HAYS (05/01/1881 – 01/14/1968 – married Lottie on 07/18/1956 – buried in Maplelawn Park Cemetery in Paducah, KY with Emanda (his first wife), and Lottie; and (3) ELMER ELLSWORTH ROBINSON (02/25/1902 – 09/12/1996 – married Lottie on 09/05/1970) – buried in Harrisburg, Illinois (Sunset Gardens Cemetery) next to his first wife, Thelma).


Lottie Mae Collins was nicknamed "Dolly" by her grandfather, William "Bill" Franklin Rodgers.  Lottie was a young woman when she moved to Paducah, Kentucky and lived with her relatives. One of the first jobs that she had in Paducah was making cigars.


Lottie never had any children from any of her marriages.


Lottie is buried in Maplelawn Park Cemetery, McCracken County, Paducah, Kentucky, presumably buried next to or near to her 2nd husband, James Ellis Hays.  Lottie was 95y, 1m, 16 d old at her death.


LATTIE RODGERS “DOC” COLLINS married CORRINE ODOM (08/06/1917 – 08/03/1973).  They had 2 children, as follows:





Corrine Odom is buried at the Oakwood Cemetery in Winona, MS. – Marker Photo 2  - Corrine was 55 years 11 months 28 days old at her death.


Doc was manager of a plantation called Glenwild, near Camp McCain, MS. He is buried at the Oakwood Cemetery in Winona, MS.  He was 72y, 3m, 10d old at his death.




LAY TURNER COLLINS married FLORA MAE KITE (05/06/1917 – 07/30/2009).  Flora was 92y, 2m, 24d old at her death.  Flora and Lay had 3 children, as follows:


1. PAUL TURNER COLLINS (10/19/1940 – 12/05/2012) married Nancy Marie Stewart (10/14/1942 – 06/11/2010) on 01/06/1962. Paul was 72 years 1 month 16 days old at his death. Nancy was 67 years 7 months 28 days old at her death.


2. MARTHA NELL COLLINS (10/15/1944 - ) married Kenneth Ray “Ken” Stewart (12/08/1940 – 10/01/2011) on 12/25/1961 in Winona, Montgomery County, MS. Ken was the brother to Nancy Marie Stewart, the wife of Paul Turner Collins. Ken was 70 years 9 months 23 days old at his death.


3. MARY FRANCES (“FRAN”) COLLINS (08/19/1949 - )


Lay was a farmer, house painter, and was employed at the Recreation Pool Hall in Winona, MS, before moving from Mississippi to southern California in August, 1971. 


Lay Turner Collins at age 21 (photo).


Lay Turner Collins in 1967 at the Winona Pool Hall (photo).


Lay lived with his daughter Martha Nell Collins Stewart for several years before moving into a convalescent home in El Monte, California.


Lay Turner Collins and Flora Mae [Kite] Collins are buried at the Oakdale Cemetery in Glendora, Los Angeles County, California.  He was 77y, 4m, 8d old at his death.      LAY’S MARKER


Flora was 92 years 2 months 24 days old at her death.



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Photo of the Lay Collins Family

L to R (Standing): Paul Turner Collins, Flora Mae Kite Collins, Lay Turner Collins
L to R (Seated): Martha Nell Collins, Mary Frances (“Fran”) Collins

Click to Enlarge



NICK PEGUES COLLINS married ROSA CRANE BROOKSHIRE (12/02/1921 – 11/21/2014), daughter of J.W. Brookshire and Amy Dell Stephens-Brookshire (later Collins) on 03/15/1936.  Nick was 25y, 8m, 21d old and Rosa was 14y, 3m, 3d at the time they were married.  Nick and Rosa had 6 children, as follows:


1. DEANNA BROOKSHIRE COLLINS (02/26/1939 – 10/26/2018) - Deanna married Saxon Wray “Pete” Kirk (07/19/1928 – 12/30/2015). They had one child, Kendall Scott “Ken” Kirk (01/21/1964 – 03/08/2016)


2. LINDA CAROL COLLINS (09/18/1945 – 10/03/2011)


3. DAVID WENDELL COLLINS (05/09/1947 - ) – David married Andrea Tate and they had 2 children – Cassandra Gail “Cass” Collins  (11/06/1970 - ) and David Nicholas “Nick” Collins (01/09/1982 – 10/24/2013)


4. ROSEMARY COLLINS (02/22/1949 - )


5. ROBERT BRUCE COLLINS (02/24/1953 - )


6. AMYE JEANINE COLLINS (03/14/1957 - )


Nick retired from the Screw Conveyor Corporation in Winona, MS.


Nick and Rosa are buried at the Oakwood Cemetery in Winona, MS.  He was 88y, 7m, 25d old at his death. She was 92y, 11m, 19d old at her death. Nick and Rosa were married on March 5, 1936 and had been married 62y, 11m, 2d at the time of Nick’s death.




ALF TROTTER COLLINS married JUANITA ELIZABETH HAMBRICK (10/12/1920 – 07/01/2002) on 03/11/1953.  Alf was 39y, 9m, 17d old and Juanita was 32y, 4m, 27d old when they married.  They had 1 child, as follows:


RONNIE LEE COLLINS (12/31/1954 - ) married (1) Deborah Lynn Chrismond (06/28/1959 - ) and (2) Annette Wren Pipkin Davis (04/05/1966 – 06/04/2011) – Marriage License FrontRear. Ronnie and Deborah had no children. Ronnie and Annette had 2 sons; Cody Ryan Collins (03/30/1993 - ) and Sean Eric Collins (03/05/1996 - ) PHOTO 1PHOTO 2PHOTO 3.


Alf was 41y, 7m, 9d old and Juanita was 34y, 2m, 19d old when Ronnie was born.


Alf Trotter Collins served in the U. S. Army during World War II, He served in the Military Police and was classified as Marksman, M-1 Rifle. He received the Good Conduct Medal, Marksman Badge with Rifle Bar, the American Campaign Medal and the World War II Victory Medal and the Honorable Service Lapel Button – WWII.  He was honorably discharged from the Army in 1946.  [Ed. Note:  Due to the loss of the original medals, the ones depicted here are reissues from the Army’s National Personnel Records Center – Military Personnel Records; 9700 Page Avenue; St. Louis, MO 63132-5100 or by the web at: https://veteranmedals.army.mil/].  Completion of Service Letter from President Harry Truman


Alf died on January 24, 1964 as the result of an automobile accident, south of Winona, Mississippi, on January 23, 1964 -- in which he was riding on the front passenger seat -- while enroute to work at J.A. Olsen Picture Frame Factory.  Also killed were Johnson Cooke (09/12/1921 or 1923 – 01/23/1964 (driver)) and James Stephens Downs (08/07/1913 – 01/23/1964 (rear left passenger)).  Avery Peeler (right rear seat) was the only survivor. Juanita was 43y, 3m, 12 d old and Ronnie was 9y, 0m, 24 d old when Alf was killed.


Johnson Cooke is buried at Midway Church Cemetery, Vaiden, Carroll County MS. 


James Stephens Downs is buried at Old Plank Cemetery, Carroll County, MS. 


Avery Peeler is buried at Chapel Hill Cemetery (McCool), Attala County.


Alf is buried in Winona Garden of Memory, Montgomery County, Winona, Mississippi.  He was 50y, 8m, 2d old at his death.  Alf and Juanita had been married 10y, 10m, 13d at the time of Alf’s death.  Juanita was 43y, 3m, 12d old at the time of Alf’s death.  Ronnie was 9y, 0m, 24d old at the time of Alf’s death.


Juanita Collins married 2nd husband Roy Julius Rhine on September 12, 1969.  Juanita was 48y, 11m, 0d old and Roy was 55y, 2m, 13d old when they were married.  Ronnie was 14y, 8m, 12d old when they married.  They had no children from this marriage.  Juanita married Roy 6y, 7m, 20d after Alf’s death.


Juanita is buried at the Winona Garden of Memory, Montgomery County, Winona, MS.  She was 81y, 8m, 19d old at her death.  Ronnie was 47y, 6m, 0 d old when Juanita died.  Juanita’s grandsons (Ronnie’s sons) Cody and Sean were 9y, 3m, 1d and 6y, 3m, 26d old, respectively, when Juanita died.


Roy Julius Rhine (06/30/1914 – 02/04/1986) is buried at the Oakwood Cemetery, Montgomery County, Winona, MS.  He was 71y, 7m, 5d old at his death.  Juanita was 65y, 3m, 23d and Ronnie was 31y, 1m, 4d old when Roy died.  Juanita was Roy’s 2nd wife.  Roy’s parents were Calvin Erwin Rhine (10/23/1854 – 01/24/1931) and Matilda Turner Rhine (10/20/1884 – 04/04/1929).  Roy’s first wife was Lillian Essie Palmertree 12/19/1915 – 02/28/1974).  Lillian and Roy had 4 children:  Dewie Ladell “Buddy” Rhine (07/21/1933 – 11/16/1998); Franklin Lavelle Rhine (10/07/1935 – 09/25/1992); Reba Sue [Rhine] Carwile (08/08/1938 – 04/08/2006); and Martha Ann “Marty” [Rhine] Holly (10/28/1942 – 03/06/2018).  Lillian Essie Palmertree [Rhine] Orr is buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Montgomery County, Winona, MS.




Susie Ellen Collins married William Thomas Richards (02/12/1905 – 01/03/2004).  They had 1 child, as follows:


JUDITH (“JUDY”) MAXINE RICHARDS [SCHOCK] [GOTSCHALL] (10/20/1939 – 04/01/1993) – 1966 PHOTO


Susie Ellen Collins Richards is buried in the Pilgrim’s Rest Cemetery, Huntington County, Huntington, IN.  William Thomas Richards’ burial location is unknown at this time. Susie was 92 years 0 months 14 days old at her death.


Judith Maxine Richards married her first husband, Daniel “Dan” Schock, on February 14, 1970. He was born November 22, 1920 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and died June 07, 1983 in Fort Wayne Indiana. They had had 2 children together, which are, as follows: RICHARD DALE SCHOCK, b. April 27, 1971, Paducah, Kentucky, and JOHN WILLIAM SCHOCK, b. December 13, 1975, Marion, Indiana.  She married second husband, Frank Gotschall July 15, 1989.


Judith Maxine Richards Schock Gotschall is buried in the Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery, Tiffin, Seneca County, Ohio, with her first husband, Dan Schock.  It is not known as of June 30, 2021 if Judith’s 2nd husband, Frank Gotschall, is deceased and, if so, the location of his burial.  According to Judith's obituary, Frank Gotschall was from Sikeston, MO, or living there at the time of Judith's death.  Judith and Frank Gotschall had no known children.




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