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Doug Thompson
Garland, Texas USA
City of Garland Web Site

Hell, I'll sign it.  Enjoyed the visit!

Signed on: Mon Jul 19 16:47:05 CDT 1999

New York, New York USA

Neat site!

Signed on: Thu Jul 22 12:03:38 CDT 1999

Janice lamb
Rt. 1, Box 153 usa

I am a fourth grade teacher, and I teach Mississippi History.
A few of my favorite web sites for Mississippi are:

www.allrednet.coml/mscounty/personal_index.html and
Have a wonderful summer!

Signed on: Fri Jul 23 13:03:16 CDT 1999

Yazoo City, MS USA
Signed on: Fri Jul 30 19:24:02 CDT 1999

Mark Shands
Canoga Park
Hitmakers Magazine Online

Hi Ron, Just stopped by to see what amazing things you have up on your site.  

Come by and check out the Hitmakers site if you get a chance.

Signed on: Sat Aug 7 21:42:43 CDT 1999

Winston-Salem USA

I love the South! I was born and raised in North Carolia and I'll die here. 

But Dixie ain't what it used to be. In some ways that's good. In many ways it's bad.

The biggest problem is that there's too damn many Yankees moving here from up north. 

They're tearing up the land and deluting the Southern culture. They're trying to tell us we're 

stupid and backward when we proclaim our Southern pride. The way I see it, 

if they don't like the way we live, they can go back up north!

Signed on: Sat Aug 14 09:26:28 CDT 1999

Rickey Dodd
Jasper, Alabama USA

Just browsing by

Signed on: Sun Aug 15 21:44:48 CDT 1999

Debrynda Davey
Clinton, MS USA
Signed on: Mon Aug 16 01:58:28 CDT 1999

Signed on: Tue Aug 17 17:49:44 CDT 1999

Lexington, KY
Signed on: Wed Aug 18 11:38:40 CDT 1999

tutwiler mississippi USA

         great  site                       john         

Signed on: Tue Aug 24 17:00:52 CDT 1999

georgia caffey
winona ms USA
Signed on: Wed Aug 25 20:59:53 CDT 1999

georgia caffey
winona, ms USA

After reading this page.  I want to say what a wonderful job you did and the garden club.  

Winona needs a page about their town. I signed twice once before reading the page and this afterward.

Signed on: Wed Aug 25 21:21:29 CDT 1999

Signed on: Wed Aug 25 23:11:18 CDT 1999

Michael Harrell
Signed on: Thu Aug 26 13:42:46 CDT 1999

Homie Holly
Vaiden MS USA
Signed on: Thu Aug 26 15:25:54 CDT 1999

Judy Mayfield Tompkins
Kilmichael, MS 39747 USA
Signed on: Thu Aug 26 17:09:38 CDT 1999

Dennis Pollard Jr
Laplace LA USA
Signed on: Thu Aug 26 18:57:21 CDT 1999

Kenneth A. kaigler
Lafayette, Louisiana USA
Signed on: Fri Aug 27 12:57:05 CDT 1999

Robert Vaiden
, Ill. USA

Signed on: Fri Aug 27 17:23:02 CDT 1999

Bobby Holly
Charleston, Ms. USA
Tallahatchie County
Signed on: Fri Aug 27 18:21:05 CDT 1999

Cody and Sean Collins
Florence, MS USA
Contact Me
Ron's Page

That's Our Dad !!!

Signed on: Fri Aug 27 21:05:12 CDT 1999

Randy Pollard
, Fl USA
Ransan62 @
Signed on: Sat Aug 28 10:15:36 CDT 1999

debbie stuart lincoln
madison mississippi USA
Signed on: Sat Aug 28 10:43:53 CDT 1999

Corinth,MS. USA
Signed on: Sat Aug 28 10:54:00 CDT 1999

Warren Weed
Meridian, Mississippi USA
The WeedPatch

Ron, you have done a great job with the Vaiden page. I'm from Winona and 

now live in Meridian. Vaiden always reminds me of 1977 when I fell while loading a train 

in Vaiden and broke my neck. Not to worry, I recovered completely. 

My room mate at Mississippi State was from Vaiden. Great little town.

Signed on: Sat Aug 28 15:53:00 CDT 1999

Sally Holly Hodges
Winona,MS USA

1966 Graduate of Vaiden High School. (Classmates, send e-mail address.)

Signed on: Sat Aug 28 17:21:41 CDT 1999

Robert and Cherry Montana
Kilmichael,Ms USA

We thought this site was interesting and well done. We 
enjoyed it even more than most because it is close to home.
We are doing genealogy on the Sherwood Smith Family that
settled in this area around 1843. Our e-mail address:

Signed on: Sat Aug 28 18:47:16 CDT 1999

Teresa Martin
Yazoo City, MS USA

Grew up in Kilmichael and passed through Vaiden numerous times 

going home. Enjoyed web site immensely. Mr. Collins did a fine job.

Signed on: Sat Aug 28 22:55:02 CDT 1999

Robert Farrell
Birmingham, Alabama USA

looking for a lookup:
George Yates, 1950 Carroll Co. MS. Page 378.
all help will be appreciated.

Signed on: Sun Aug 29 07:00:46 CDT 1999

rob weaver
Signed on: Sun Aug 29 17:43:33 CDT 1999

Bob Long
Jackson, MS (hometown Winona) USA

Great Page!!!

Signed on: Sun Aug 29 19:16:12 CDT 1999

Ralph Hunsinger
Winona, MS USA
Signed on: Mon Aug 30 07:42:11 CDT 1999

Dewitt Jordan
Cary, NC USA
Signed on: Mon Aug 30 16:27:00 CDT 1999

James Upton Briscoe
Mobile Alabama USA

Very good work, Ron... Very interesting and informative.

Signed on: Tue Aug 31 15:04:41 CDT 1999

Ennis E. "Chip" Bailey, Jr.
Philadelphia, MS USA

GREAT-PAGE and a fine tribute to Vaiden Mississippi

Signed on: Tue Aug 31 16:16:00 CDT 1999

Guy Welch
Oxford, MS 38655 USA
Signed on: Tue Aug 31 18:10:09 CDT 1999

P. Galloway
Signed on: Wed Sep 1 09:39:49 CDT 1999

Signed on: Wed Sep 1 10:45:51 CDT 1999

Brandon Smith
Vaiden, Ms. USA
Signed on: Wed Sep 1 12:15:49 CDT 1999

Cathu Jenkins
Vaiden USA

i saw this address in the Conservative and thought

that I would look up some history on my home town

Signed on: Thu Sep 2 18:14:14 CDT 1999

Sharon Jenkins Adams
Richland, MS USA

I gradutated from Vaiden High in 1969.  I'm the oldest 

daughter of Ralph and Frances Jenkins who owned several business

in Vaiden between the years of 1963 and 1980's

Signed on: Fri Sep 3 19:23:23 CDT 1999

Karen Kuhn
Gulfport/MS USA

I thoroughly enjoyed this site. It's brought back a lot of

pleasant memories for me.  I'm from Kosciusko and visited the

Vaiden Skating Rink on a regular basis.  Those were the days!

Signed on: Sat Sep 4 00:50:15 CDT 1999

Wayne R. Strahan
St. Ann, Mo. USA

Keep up the great work.
I especially enjoyed the Vaiden pages.
I am from Carmack community of Attala County.
Graduated V.H.S. 1955

Signed on: Sat Sep 4 20:20:43 CDT 1999

Tracie Turbeville
Vaiden, MS USA
Signed on: Sat Sep 4 21:35:38 CDT 1999

Bruce Collins
West Monroe, LA USA

Ron, You have done a remarkable job with the web page

and all the sites, especially the Vaiden Site. I still have

many fond memories as kids riding bikes all over Vaiden, 

the infamous tree house, and the "stink bombs" we use to make,

and oh, the comic books you had by the thousands. 

Many good memories and too many years gone by.  Your Cousin, Bruce

Signed on: Sun Sep 5 19:12:06 CDT 1999

Palmer Walker
Ft. Lewis, WA USA
Signed on: Mon Sep 6 18:20:34 CDT 1999

E. Sharp
Birmingham, AL USA

Looking for information on McGaw family history from 1800's in Carroll Co./Vaiden, MS

Signed on: Mon Sep 6 20:27:47 CDT 1999

Darlene R. McLavy
Pine Grove, La USA

This is a fantastic site.  There is so much to see.

Signed on: Mon Sep 6 22:16:49 CDT 1999

Marilyn Stuart Jordan
Washington, DC USA
Signed on: Tue Sep 7 14:10:43 CDT 1999

April Jordan
Hattiesburg, MS USA
Signed on: Tue Sep 7 20:46:09 CDT 1999

Tiffany Albro
Grand Rapids, Michigan USA
Signed on: Wed Sep 8 10:04:17 CDT 1999

Millie Havard Hansen
Little Rock, AR USA

Signed on: Wed Sep 8 11:38:20 CDT 1999

Alice Shands
Memphis, TN USA

Your site brings back memories of a wonderful childhood in Vaiden.

Signed on: Wed Sep 8 19:18:29 CDT 1999

brandon smith
vaiden ms USA
Signed on: Wed Sep 8 23:18:40 CDT 1999

Dudley Rinicker
Signed on: Wed Oct 6 07:01:35 CDT 1999

Camden Arkansas USA
Signed on: Thu Oct 7 01:13:05 CDT 1999

Sidney M. Vaughn
Washington Pa.

Hi. VHS'rs I Graduated VHS in '87 The Class With 

Class Myself And My Family Now Reside In Washington, Pa. 

It's About half An Hour From Pittsburgh. I'll Check This 

Page Weekly To See If Any Of My Classmates Have Read It Or Not. 

My Parents Are Charles And Gladys McBride. 

Much Love To All In Vaiden.

Signed on: Fri Oct 8 23:09:10 CDT 1999

Liz (Sisney) Denton
Winona, MS USA

I was totally amazed to see Vaiden MS on the Net!!!!

Signed on: Sat Oct 9 22:58:42 CDT 1999

Janie and Therrell Turner
Carrollton. Ms USA

we really enjoyed your page.  

Keep up the good work ron!!!

Signed on: Sat Oct 9 23:04:24 CDT 1999

mark thompson
laurel,Ms USA
Signed on: Mon Oct 11 11:54:42 CDT 1999

Janice Bivens
Euless, TX USA
Signed on: Mon Oct 11 13:38:59 CDT 1999

Charles Byrd
Edgefield, South Carolina USA

Really enjoyed your site. I guess all us from 

the South talk alike. Ain't it great?!! What makes me 

mad are the Southern people who are made fun of the way 

they talk by Northeners and try to correct the way they 

talk. Be proud of your dialect and the way you talk. 

There were many men who died in the War of Northern 

Aggression, so you would be able to talk the way you do! 

Keep up the good work, Ron.

Signed on: Mon Oct 11 17:51:42 CDT 1999

Angeline Baker
Port Gibson, MS usa
Signed on: Tue Oct 12 07:34:14 CDT 1999

Vicksburg mississippi USA

uglery than a bulls ass sewen up with a grape vine

Signed on: Tue Oct 12 13:13:56 CDT 1999

Sylvia Perkins
Florence, SC USA
Signed on: Tue Oct 12 19:17:23 CDT 1999

Bonnie McConnico Skumlien
Carlsbad, CA USA

Very interesting story on my ancestors home town!

Signed on: Wed Oct 13 17:11:11 CDT 1999

Carol L Bracey
Foxworth, Ms 39483 USA
Signed on: Fri Oct 15 09:27:49 CDT 1999

rickey hill
saltillo USA
Signed on: Fri Oct 15 19:17:46 CDT 1999

Carleys Burns
Jackson, Mississippi USA

Your music is great - and very dramatic - enjoyed the visit.

Signed on: Sat Oct 16 13:34:55 CDT 1999

eddie booth

Signed on: Sun Oct 17 22:39:04 CDT 1999

S. D. F. Thomas
Vaiden, MS USA

Hi Ron,
Glad to see the town of vaiden made the web.  

Keep up the good work. 

Signed on: Tue Oct 19 01:51:56 CDT 1999

Bonita Smith
Vaiden USA
Signed on: Tue Oct 19 06:08:06 CDT 1999


I teach at the elementary school in Vaiden.

Your website sure came in handy.  The children here had 

never seen the town of Vaiden in its splendor and glory.  

I have enjoyed every moment viewing this site.  Some more of 

the home folk will be visiting as well.  This is just wonderful.

Who would have thought that the little town of Vaiden would be 

seen on the  Internet all over the country.  

I look forward to visiting again. 

A Big Howdy From The Home Folks From Vaiden.
P.S.  some more of the Vaiden Folks have discovered your website 

and they will be sending you messages soon.

Signed on: Tue Oct 19 14:03:57 CDT 1999

Marylyn McNeill Lee
Crystal Springs
Signed on: Wed Oct 20 20:12:28 CDT 1999

Marlin L. Taylor
Purvis/MS USA
Signed on: Thu Oct 21 07:37:37 CDT 1999

Scotty Falco
Signed on: Thu Oct 21 21:08:13 CDT 1999

Lyn and Al
johnstown, Pa USA

Ron is very sexy

Signed on: Fri Oct 22 09:14:40 CDT 1999

Rachel Shands Buser
Hattiesburg, Ms 39402 USA

 Hi! I have very fond memories of Vaiden. I lived there 

as a small child. My father was John H. Shands. Igrew up as 

the "Opie Taylor" of Vaiden, I hung around downtown, visiting 

everyone in the shops and stores, Mr. Palmertrees' Barber Shop 

and went to the courthouse and playing at "Uncle Henry" Cannon's 

wonderful home, catching candy the engineers used to through from 

the train and visited everyone on a daily basis. My dad used to 

tell me about how I went to Vacation Bible school of every 

denomination !! It was a safe place. I'm looking forward to seeing 

the pictures.

Signed on: Sun Oct 24 19:34:44 CDT 1999

Stelloise Eades Basinger
Winona, Ms. USA
Signed on: Sun Oct 24 21:36:04 CDT 1999

Ocean Isle , nc USA

Signed on: Mon Oct 25 19:30:10 CDT 1999

Melinda Seitz
Signed on: Mon Oct 25 22:05:54 CDT 1999

Donald Beard
Jackson, MS USA

Very Nice!!!

Signed on: Tue Oct 26 14:18:14 CDT 1999

Barbara Owen
Signed on: Tue Oct 26 16:20:30 CDT 1999

Allen H. Ashley
Vicksburg mississippi(Red Carpet City of the South) USA

I first came by Ron's home page by accident, 

but now I share it with as many people as I can 

moreover family that have moved or have never 

been to Mississippi but it may have been their 

mothers or fathers home, and it has helped me in research

of my family history that dates back to 1816 one year 

before Mississippi became a state to the Ashley community 

9 miles out of what is now Hazelhurst, Ms. Please if you read 

this on Ron's site take a week -month --year to see all of 

his most masterful work .

Signed on: Tue Oct 26 21:07:43 CDT 1999

Shanna Rodgers
Jackson/MS USA
Signed on: Wed Oct 27 17:44:56 CDT 1999



Signed on: Fri Oct 29 12:31:20 CDT 1999

Jim Kitchens
Crystal Springs, Mississippi USA

Thanks so much for creating a marvelous website 

about a place dear to my heart:  Vaiden.  I lived there 

with my mother, the former Edith Fullilove, at the home 

of her parents, Jimmie and Eleanor (Wright) Fullilove, 

while my father served in the U. S. Army during World War II.

I'll always love Vaiden!

Signed on: Fri Oct 29 20:18:49 CDT 1999

pat williams
dallas, oregon USA

I moved from Mississippi in June, 1997, to Oregon

I miss the weather (I never thought I would) especially 

the wonderful lightning and thunder!!!

Signed on: Sat Oct 30 01:47:21 CDT 1999

Anthony Allen
Crystal Springs
Signed on: Sat Oct 30 02:39:00 CDT 1999

Edith Fullilove Kitchens
Crystal Springs, Mississippi USA

This brought back a lot of Vaiden memories.

I was born and reared in Vaiden and graduated from VHS 

in 1932.  You did a great job of compiling and documenting

Vaiden history.

Signed on: Sun Oct 31 14:41:52 CST 1999

Floyce R. Woods
Moss Point, MS USA

Your site is great.  Added it to my "favorites".

Signed on: Mon Nov 1 07:03:42 CST 1999

La Una Fullilove
DeBary, Fl. USA

Vaiden will always be dear to my heart.  

What a memory maker!

Signed on: Mon Nov 1 08:35:40 CST 1999

Kimberly thompkins
Marion Iowa USA
Signed on: Mon Nov 1 13:17:43 CST 1999

Bob Rigdon
,Tx 75116 USA

Always in need of information on the citizens in 

the "Duck Hill", "Grenada" & "Carrollton" areas.

Signed on: Mon Nov 1 20:02:39 CST 1999



Signed on: Thu Apr 27 09:57:42 CDT 2000

bombay India



Signed on: Sun Apr 30 05:10:34 CDT 2000

Ron Collins
Florence, MS USA
Contact Me
Vaiden, Mississippi -- Back Home Again

Hi Everyone.  Please visit the Vaiden, Mississippi Site at 

Signed on: Sun Apr 30 09:51:11 CDT 2000

Teresa Stevens
Tillar, Arkansas USA

You have done a great job on your site. I have visited the cemetery, and you have saved me long hours of looking and walking.

Signed on: Sun Apr 30 23:34:15 CDT 2000

Larry Oliver
DeWitt, Michigan USA

Ancestor J.R. McGaw came from Vaiden after civil war.  Served in Vaiden Guards, 5th Ms. Cav and 28Ms. cav

Signed on: Wed May 3 18:28:27 CDT 2000

Gene Crocker & Barbara Holloway
Drew, MS USA

Great site

Signed on: Sun May 7 18:37:56 CDT 2000

Teresa Carroll
North Carrollton, Mississippi USA

Hello all, just dropping by to visit with some of my hometown folk of Carroll County. 

Signed on: Tue May 9 23:02:57 CDT 2000

Rhonda Pierce
Lucedale, MS USA
Signed on: Wed May 10 16:44:54 CDT 2000

Greenville,SC USA
Signed on: Thu May 11 06:13:28 CDT 2000

Richard Strong
Sarasota, FL USA
Signed on: Thu May 11 20:39:42 CDT 2000

Richard Strong
Sarasota, FL USA 

Signed on: Thu May 11 20:49:10 CDT 2000

Carolyn Sue Tucker Rutledge
Jackson, MS USA
Signed on: Fri May 12 15:24:18 CDT 2000

Carolyn Menefee
Mt. Crawford Virginia USA

I enjoyed your web site very much. May the South Rise again.

Signed on: Sat May 13 19:48:08 CDT 2000

Jeff Hardy
Cameron, NC U.S.
Official homepage of Matt and Jeff Hardy

This is a cool site!

Signed on: Tue May 16 01:57:38 CDT 2000

Mike Wood
Charlotte/NC USA

The flying of the Confederate flag and battle flag 

should not be suppressed.  I have a battle flag sticker on my truck.  

I can't be to blame for people's ignorance to its meaning.

Signed on: Wed May 17 20:07:27 CDT 2000

Mona Nordan Nelson
Mesa, AZ USA
Signed on: Fri May 19 14:24:08 CDT 2000

paul pasemann
tomball tx USA
Signed on: Sat May 20 01:25:26 CDT 2000

cary edelstein
howell, nj USA
daily bikini page
Signed on: Sat May 20 11:24:35 CDT 2000

Kathy Hyde Martinez
Brooksville, FL USA
Signed on: Sat May 20 17:32:31 CDT 2000

Marvin Ingram
Jackson, MS USA

Your site is really COOL.

Signed on: Mon May 22 01:01:06 CDT 2000

richard telfer
Signed on: Mon May 22 15:25:34 CDT 2000

cheyenne, wy USA

i'm from columbia,ms but i'm living up in cheyenne,wy. just 
just thought i'd stop in and say hi to everyone back home. 
there's definately no place like it :). 

Signed on: Wed May 24 02:33:56 CDT 2000

Church Hill Elementary Second Grade Classroom
West Point, MS USA

We used your page to see pictures of the flag and to hear the tune of Go Mississippi.
We really enjoyed it.

Signed on: Wed May 24 10:47:22 CDT 2000

garrett pfaff
winston salem nc USA

the south will rise again 

Signed on: Mon May 29 12:26:26 CDT 2000

Jack Taylor
Lakewood, CO USA

People!  Tell every man you meet to visit this site and 

be sure and send Ron $5.  
Jack "The Confederate" Taylor II

Signed on: Mon May 29 20:51:57 CDT 2000

Terri Marlene
Gautier, MS USA

Ron Collins is a genius!  So many ideas abound!

Signed on: Mon Jun 5 17:45:23 CDT 2000

Jamie Pleasant
Vinton, LA Occupied CSA
Diggin' Dixie: Fossil Hunting the Southland

  It's nice to see a site where our the true freedom's banner 

is displayed without a bunch of idiots trying to take it down.  

Regardless of whatever those leftist, liberal, PC thought-police politicians 

might do or say, these colors have not ever run!  

Keep it flying!  Deo Vindice!

Signed on: Tue Jun 6 09:58:00 CDT 2000

Don Tate
Keller (Dallas), Texas USA
Signed on: Sat Jun 10 08:01:35 CDT 2000

Jade McBride
Gladewater, Texas USA

Hi, I came here because my granny grew up in Vaiden, and I 

was curious to learn her hometown's history. :) 

Signed on: Sun Jun 18 22:02:52 CDT 2000

Linda Wilder
Pell City

I have really enjoy reading the information provided on this web site. 

Very informative.

Signed on: Tue Jun 20 16:32:31 CDT 2000

jenny gilbert
Signed on: Thu Jun 22 13:04:20 CDT 2000

Chris Palmertree
Tullahoma, TN USA
Signed on: Thu Jun 22 20:00:48 CDT 2000

Laurel, MS USA
Signed on: Sun Jun 25 16:32:59 CDT 2000

Juanita Booth
Baytown Texas USA
Signed on: Tue Jul 4 21:18:54 CDT 2000

Paula D.Hill
Houlka, Mississippi USA
MS Magnolia's Hill

I think you are absoutely correct on our state flag issue.  

And so is the 16 year old young man, he is allot smarter than some of our legislatures that I know personally.

Signed on: Wed Jul 5 00:48:59 CDT 2000

Greg Johnson
Metairie, La USA

Descendent of S.P Johnson and Eliza Beck Johnson of Vaiden, MS. 

Would like to hear from others researching family line. Will share information.

Signed on: Sat Jul 8 09:41:26 CDT 2000

Missy Kovax
MG, Minnesota USA

I admit it, I'm a "yankee" and i'm researching a small town that 

i am traveling to in a few weeks and i've never had as much trouble 

researching cities and states as when im researching mississippi.  

it's impossible!  You site made things a bit more bearable.  thanks!

Signed on: Mon Jul 10 12:17:26 CDT 2000

John Tucker
Charleston MO USA
Signed on: Mon Jul 10 22:16:11 CDT 2000

Ned McInnis
Hattiesburg, Miss USA
Signed on: Tue Jul 11 12:15:38 CDT 2000

teresa collins
meridian, ms USA
Signed on: Thu Jul 13 21:49:00 CDT 2000

Janice Beckwith Murphy
Carrollton,Ms USA
Signed on: Mon Jul 17 21:42:49 CDT 2000

Houston, TX USA

Er, I am originally from Oklahoma...also a SOUTHERN state!

Signed on: Sun Jul 23 13:24:59 CDT 2000

Kim Branch Burge
Napa, Ca USA

Hey Welches!  It's great to see that Welchville is on the net!  Love, Kim

Signed on: Sun Jul 23 21:39:37 CDT 2000

Annie Warren
Arlington, TX USE
Signed on: Mon Jul 24 12:09:56 CDT 2000

George Clarke
Encino, CA USA or

Hello People.  My Mom and Dad live in Winona, small but nice.  

I'll be there in Dec. '00 Are there any cool spots to visit?  Thanks. 

Signed on: Tue Jul 25 12:39:03 CDT 2000

John W. Blackwell
Moss Point, Mississippi USA
Signed on: Sat Jul 29 12:38:12 CDT 2000

Lisa Blackwell
Meridian Mississippi USA
Signed on: Sat Jul 29 21:18:32 CDT 2000

Angie Lockhart
Germantown/Maryland USA

I lived in Vaiden, Mississippi for the first 22 years of my
life.  I just wanted to see if there was information about
Vaiden.  This is a great site for all of us homesick people.
Thanks a bunch.

Signed on: Fri Aug 4 11:10:46 CDT 2000

Robert L. Heath
Columbus, Mississippi USA
Signed on: Sat Aug 5 20:17:41 CDT 2000

John Wommack
Dallas, Texas USA

We recently spent a long weekend in Natchez and drove 

through Rodney, MS as an afternoon excursion. 

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the entire town, 

since we got stuck in a culvert across from the 

Presbyterian church. Thankfully, someone was able to 

pull us out of the ditch.

Do you know of any pictures of Rodney 

I can access on the internet? The town looks wonderful 

and I'd like to have something to remember 

our "experience" in Rodney.

Thank you.

Signed on: Tue Aug 8 11:24:40 CDT 2000

Marylyn McNeill Lee
Crystal Springs
Signed on: Tue Aug 8 19:39:54 CDT 2000

dick kitchens
huntsville, al USA

as the youngest of Edith Fullilove (Kitchens}'s sons, 

it is very special & gratifying to see 

pix of my late grandparents, Jimmy & Eleanor Fullilove, 

& especially my late cousin, Jack, who I know was 

a close friend of Ron's.  

I even have the pic of "Daddy Jimmy" where 

he's standing in front of his store, 

on my desktop.  Thanks, Ron for a lot of unforgettable memories.

Signed on: Tue Aug 8 22:14:14 CDT 2000

Yancey DeLapp Jr.
N. Carrollton, Ms. USA

I really enjoyed this site- Vaiden,Ms. back home. 

Especially the maps of the county as 

it was formed.  E-mail address:

Signed on: Wed Aug 9 12:41:44 CDT 2000

J. L. "Pete" Whitehead
Dundee, OR USA

I used to teach and coach in Vaiden.  

It was one of the happiest times of my life.  

The young men and women were bright, and respectful. 

Seeing this page brought back many wonderful memories.  

Thank you!!! Pete Whitehead

Signed on: Sat Aug 12 02:11:33 CDT 2000

Benjamin Kopperl
Archer Fl. USA

My Great-great uncle,Major Charles Kopperl was a early 

resident of Vaiden. I hope to visit some day soon.

Signed on: Mon Aug 14 22:58:10 CDT 2000

Juanita Booth
Baytown,Tx. USA
Signed on: Tue Aug 15 09:17:41 CDT 2000

Valerie Adams
Chicago, IL USA
Signed on: Wed Aug 16 19:36:25 CDT 2000

James Hollowell
Mississippi USA

Thought this was funny ,gonna send it to my kids in Montana.

They done started talking like Yankees.

Signed on: Fri Aug 18 12:37:32 CDT 2000

Susie James
Rt. 1, Box 30, Carrollton, MS 38917 USA
Signed on: Wed Aug 23 12:58:39 CDT 2000

Ridgeland,MS. USA

I Love The South!!!!

Signed on: Sun Aug 27 16:29:09 CDT 2000

carlton mayfield
parchman,ms USA

Signed on: Wed Aug 30 16:34:48 CDT 2000

Pat Meeks- Nathan
Fort Wayne, IN USA

I'm a 1987 graduate of VHS, born and raised there.

 My parents are the late James (Sonny )Meeks 

and Mrs. Minnie L.Meeks.  Hello to all. 

If there are any of my classmates out there please, drop me a few lines.

Signed on: Tue Sep 5 00:53:19 CDT 2000

Martina Mayfield
Vaiden, MS USA


Signed on: Tue Sep 19 23:23:58 CDT 2000

George Risk
Signed on: Thu Sep 21 15:38:13 CDT 2000

Terry Penn
Tyler, Texas USA

Really enjoyed your site.  You've done a great job.

Signed on: Thu Sep 21 17:08:37 CDT 2000

penny allen
mendenhall USA

I love it, this was great. I really like the price list.

wish the prices were the same now.

Signed on: Thu Sep 21 21:58:11 CDT 2000

Martin Bacon Jr
Lake Mary, FL USA
Signed on: Tue Sep 26 19:33:07 CDT 2000

Scott Welch
Winona, MS
Signed on: Wed Sep 27 13:16:26 CDT 2000

Martha Marie Hill
Lawerenceville, GA USA

I am from Vaiden and very proud of it.  

Come visit and see how you would like it.  

Signed on: Fri Sep 29 17:07:22 CDT 2000

shantia baldwin
memphis tennessee USA
Memphis, Tennessee

What a great city to go to for good barbecue


Great materials of clothing

Signed on: Sun Oct 8 14:30:33 CDT 2000

paris hardin
memphis tennessee usa

Love Yourself

Signed on: Sun Oct 8 14:34:43 CDT 2000

jason freeman
memphis tennessee USA
eddie bauer

god bless amercia

Signed on: Sun Oct 8 14:38:15 CDT 2000

randy radtke
Signed on: Tue Oct 10 23:52:24 CDT 2000

Melvin Hill
Dolton IL USA

I am from Vaiden also.  I like the site. 

Glad to see Vaiden on the NET!!!!

Signed on: Wed Oct 11 22:42:53 CDT 2000

russsia Germany

Please do me a favor and visit!
Very weird reviews of cheesy trashmovies!

Good to learn the german language! Get it now! Be no fool!


Signed on: Thu Oct 12 04:09:25 CDT 2000

dinuba,ca USA

 This is one of the best sites I have seen on the history  

of a community anywhere. I was able to find some info on 

my mother's mother's mother's side of the family.

Signed on: Sat Oct 14 00:30:30 CDT 2000

Leo Starrenburg PE1OBG
Veghel The Netherlands
Don't expect too much !

I had a look at the old folks sayings: 

"Stop pissing down my back and tell me it's raining," will go on the wall 

of my office! One of your pages had "Fanfare for the common man" 

as its music: Took me right out of a big dip - with 

two months to the test my CW copying skills 

are seriously down the drain- tnks OM 73 Leo PE1OBG 

Signed on: Sun Oct 15 15:48:37 CDT 2000

Dennis Boswell
Folsom, CA USA

Ron, this is the first time in over a year I have visited your Vaiden page. 

What wonderful changes you have made. I will just say that your content has improved 100%. 

You have done a job you have every right to be proud of. It is very clear that your feelings 

about Vaiden run deep. I was last there in Winter of '98, had a wonderful catfish dinner and, 

after a six week stay in Kosciusko, Vaiden was the last town in that area 

I drove through on my way home. I'm looking forward to a return. I will send you a private message 

with a couple of comments both of which relate to a book I am writing about the now extinct town of 

Rocky Point which in the 1800s was about 10 to 15 miles south of Vaiden on county road 440 between Hesterville 

and West. Again, good job, Ron!

Signed on: Tue Oct 17 18:12:49 CDT 2000

Wayne O. Lee
Greenville, MS USA

I am the grandson of John B. and Minnie Noah Lee. 

My daddy is R. O. "Dell" Lee.  My Grandparents owned a store 

in Vaiden next to the Courthouse.

Signed on: Wed Oct 18 19:14:00 CDT 2000

Marjorie Lepard Culpepper
Memphis, TN USA
Signed on: Fri Oct 20 09:57:54 CDT 2000

Bonnie Hayes
Hendersonville, NC USA

Signed on: Sat Oct 21 22:48:41 CDT 2000

Steve Williams
May Texas USA
Crazy Steve 6

looking for my greatgrandfaters town (Center) thanks ! 

His name was John Forrester
Williams.  He moved to TX. in 1906

Signed on: Sun Oct 22 19:10:13 CDT 2000

Virginia Wallace
Brandon, Ms. USA
Signed on: Sun Oct 22 22:05:12 CDT 2000

Darlene (Mullins) Geyer
Fort Riley, Kansas USA




Signed on: Mon Oct 23 02:56:51 CDT 2000

Pat Hill
Houlka, MS USA

Ron this is Paula Hill this is my mother Pat Hill 

she said she like the Mississippi Writers Page 

and she wants to know who wrote the 

poem on page 3 and 4 of Mississippi Information.

Signed on: Mon Oct 23 22:42:06 CDT 2000

Bill Price
Bonham, TX USA

The South never fell. We just got tired of listenin' to them dadburn whinin' 

Yankees,and humored them, and they went home. 

NOW, though, they have the North sooooo screwed up, 

they keep comin' down here.Go figger.Thanks. Love your site.

Signed on: Thu Oct 26 07:57:42 CDT 2000

Jim Jackson
Clinton, Mississippi USA

I grew up in Purvis, Lamar County, MS.  

I am interested in family history on Jackson, Purvis, Holcomb, Baxter, 

Anderson, McCraney from south Mississippi. 

Signed on: Fri Oct 27 10:12:30 CDT 2000

Signed on: Mon Oct 30 12:06:13 CST 2000

Robert Day Shivel
Pounding Mill, Va USA

very good Ron, Glad to see Vaiden on the net. 

I have a lot of fond memorys and miss the south was nice 

visiting with you. would like to hear from some of you.

Signed on: Wed Nov 1 20:04:49 CST 2000

Robert Day Shivel
Pounding Mill, Va USA
Signed on: Wed Nov 1 20:11:58 CST 2000

Marylyn Mcneill Lee
Crystal Springs

My ancestors, the Elys, McNeills and others lived in this area.  

Keep up the good work.

Signed on: Thu Nov 2 20:12:03 CST 2000

sandra g. pinston (goldsmith)
Mt.Horeb, wisc.53572 USA

looking for my high school friend, Barbara Jean Phillips. 606-437-3481

Signed on: Wed Nov 8 20:06:36 CST 2000

sandra g. pinston (goldsmith)
Mt.Horeb, wisc.53572 USA

looking for my high school friend, Barbara Jean Phillips. 606-437-3481

Signed on: Wed Nov 8 20:18:28 CST 2000

sandra gail pinkston
mt. horeb, wisconsin USA

barbara sorry i misspelled my last name

Signed on: Wed Nov 8 20:21:06 CST 2000

Signed on: Thu Nov 9 07:38:58 CST 2000

sandra (pinkston) goldsmith
mt. horeb, wisc USA
Signed on: Thu Nov 9 22:34:02 CST 2000


This is a neat site and just lucked up on it. Keep up the good work and may we all SAVE THE FLAG

Signed on: Thu Nov 16 14:04:52 CST 2000

Signed on: Fri Nov 17 12:34:15 CST 2000

patricia smith
missouri city tx USA
Signed on: Tue Nov 21 07:18:16 CST 2000

Tony R Holeman JR
Florence/MS USA
Welcome to my Teacher Web Page

I really enjoyed this page.  

I love the detail you give about the town and it's history.  

I wish more people would do the research you've done on where they live.

Signed on: Wed Nov 29 13:43:42 CST 2000

Carol Ann Adams
Greenwood USA
Signed on: Wed Nov 29 18:41:32 CST 2000

Carol Ann Adams
Greenwood USA
Dancing Rabbit Books

This is a wonderful website about Vaiden.  

My family were the Dulin's and Randle from Vaiden.  

Ruby Spencer who taught music and had the old drugstore and 

bus-train station was my mother's first cousin.  

I loved to go to Vaiden for a visit on Sunday afternoons. 

Come to see us in Greenwood.  Carol Ann

Signed on: Wed Nov 29 18:54:14 CST 2000

Anssam Mujahed
Alberta Canada
Signed on: Fri Dec 1 10:03:23 CST 2000

Newberry Brown
Vaiden, MS USA
Signed on: Tue Dec 5 22:20:18 CST 2000

Vernon Meeks sr.
Ft. Wayne In USA

Hello Vaiden. It is good to see that we are online for the world to see

Signed on: Fri Dec 8 00:02:18 CST 2000

Charlton A. Storey
Tallahassee, Florida USA

I am interested in genealogy and looking for the Bridewell Family during 

the Civil war in this area.

Signed on: Mon Dec 11 21:10:31 CST 2000

Randy Butts
Leland, MS USA

I don't think that the Mississippi Flag should be changed.  

The flag stands for those who died in the Civil War, not for how 

much cotton the blacks picked.  

Signed on: Wed Dec 13 20:38:26 CST 2000

Glen Nalley
Vaiden, MS USA

Wonderful Page, I don't think one could ever see it all.

Signed on: Sat Dec 16 08:20:11 CST 2000

Aaron Dees




Signed on: Mon Dec 18 23:58:44 CST 2000

North Carolina USA

Nice site! I just got one problem with it-->

y'all is plural, not singular, not ever!

Signed on: Wed Dec 20 18:11:28 CST 2000

Pat Peeples

This is the greatest web page for reading and research that 

I have seen yet. I was looking at a nearby county and 

ran across this and forgot the other one. COOL!

Signed on: Sun Dec 24 16:51:59 CST 2000

Pat Peeples
Birmingham, Al USA

I forgot to say on my earlier visit 

that we love the music on the sites. 

Signed on: Sun Dec 24 17:24:48 CST 2000

Donna Sutliff
Loogootee, Indiana USA
Signed on: Tue Dec 26 21:58:39 CST 2000

Andrew Edgington
BRISTOL United Kingdom

The dialect converter will prove useful in my e-mails to a fellow Bob Dylan 

fan who lives near Hattiesburg! Thanks ......hold on to the best bits of your culture!

Signed on: Wed Dec 27 14:15:11 CST 2000

Barbara Braswell Burnham
Clarksdale, MS USA
Signed on: Wed Dec 27 15:36:14 CST 2000

Lodi USA

I think this is the best you could have 

done for a small town as Vaiden , Ms,  Best Wishes!!!  

Signed on: Thu Dec 28 04:34:32 CST 2000

Janie Devine Nalley
Brandon, MS USA

This is great information.  We are really enjoying reading and 

learning more about Vaiden's history.  

Signed on: Thu Dec 28 20:43:30 CST 2000

Debbie S.
Union Church, MS USA
Mrs. Debbie's Domain

Wow!  This is one great site.  

I have added a link to your page on my Mississippi page.  

I hope that is OK.  Your site is a true inspirtation to my class and to me.  

We are working hard on our page and hope it will one day be half 

as extensive as yours.  Keep up the good work - We love it.

Signed on: Fri Dec 29 17:01:14 CST 2000

Narvell Strickland
Hammond, LA 70403 USA

Ron, you have a great site.  

By separate e-mail, I am sending you portions of my book 

"A History of Mississippi Cotton Mills and Villages," 1998, 

which you may want to share with your viewers.    Briefly, the study examines the historical development of cotton 

mills in the state, from the first mill at Natchez in 1834 to the demise 

of the Sanders's con-glomerate of cotton mills in the 1950s. 

It visits the antebellum mills at Natchez, Bankston, Woodville, 

State Penitentiary, and Jackson; the post Civil War mills at Wesson, 

Stonewall, Cornith, Natchez, and Meridian; and the twentieth century mills 

at Missis-sippi A&M College, Tupelo, McComb, Berthadale, Natchez, 

Kosciusko, Laurel, Starkville, Magnolia, Meridian, West Point, 

Winona, and Yazoo City. How the turbulent years of the Civil War, 

the radical Reconstruction, the Great Depression, and World War ll 

affected Mississippi cotton manufacturing is reviewed.   Mill villages at Tupelo, Starkville, Kosciusko, Mag-nolia, Meridian, and 

Winona are high- lighted. It focuses considerable attention to a typical Sanders 

mill village and its villagers from the late 1920s to the early 1950s; 

the village at Magnolia--a part of Sanders Industries which dominated the Mississippi 

cotton textile industry in the twentieth century--is the one examined. 

Magnolia's role in the 1934 nation-wide strike, the largest strike in American 

history up to that time, is reviewed.  Special attention is given to Colonel James Wesson, the father of Mississippi 

cotton manufacturing, who built the state's first successful mechanically powered 

cotton mill at Bankston in 1848, and after it was burned by Federal troops in 1864, 

the mill at Wesson in 1867; Captain William Oliver who brought international 

fame to the mammoth Wesson mills; T. L. Wainwright who brought success to the 

Stonewall mill, established in 1868 and the state's sole surviving cotton mill; 

and finally James Sanders and his son, Robert, who established and managed a conglomerate of 

Mississippi cotton mills in the first half of the twentieth century.    It concludes that the Industrial Revolution of the South, spearheaded by the cotton 

textile manufacturing in the 1880s, never really came to Mississippi. The state 

and its people refused to break away from agriculture, but some twenty-five cotton textile 

mills played a vital role in paving the way for the industrialization that finally came with 

World War II and the 1940s. The industry acted as a bridge, especially during the 1920s 

and 1930s, between the farm and the factory. It records for the first time an important part 

of Mississippi's history, and has a very special appeal to present and former Mississippi 

textile workers who were a part of it and their sons and daughters by the thousands who 

grew up in the mill villages.     

Signed on: Thu Jan 4 15:22:12 CST 2001

Edward L. Brown
Harlem, GA. USA

This is a great page, I was extremely please to view this page, 

what a great job! and a big thank for a job well done!

Signed on: Sat Jan 6 18:40:09 CST 2001

hurricane, wv us of a

hey! i'm at school, this page sucks! 

it didnt help me at all! i was looking on how the civil war effected 

a northern african american....and it didnt screw you!

Signed on: Mon Jan 8 11:42:17 CST 2001

EDITOR'S NOTE: Don't you think that it's ironic that you mention that you're in school, 

yet you don't know that the Civil War AFFECTED people, not EFFECTED them ?  

Looks as if you'll be in school quite a while longer while trying to figure out 

proper sentence syntax.  Also, most of us learn to put a CAPITAL letter on the first word of a sentence.  

Criticism is one thing, but trying to criticize when you have no idea how to do so, just makes you look stupid.

Juanita Booth
Baytown Tx. USA

Enjoyed all as usual.I enjoy coming back again and again.Juanita

Signed on: Tue Jan 9 08:21:12 CST 2001

Sydney Scoggins Wiggins
Plano, TX USA

What a wonderful website!  Great music.  

I grew up in Vicksburg, and my late father, Luther W. Scoggins, 

was born near Vaiden, in Kilmichael.  

He worked for the Illinois Central railroad in the 1920's 

and I can remember his telling many stories of Mr. Harvey Caldwell.  

If you or any of your visitors have any information on the 

Scoggins, Gregg, Brisco(e) or Lovin families from the Vaiden/Winona/Kilmichael area, 

I would love to be contacted.  

Thanks again for an imaginative and informative site!

Signed on: Wed Jan 10 22:07:17 CST 2001

Steve Wardrip
Nashville, Tn. USA
Drippy Records

Comecheah, yawl...Eye herd thu South's gonna do it agin' an 

damn it boy...if youn's ain't dun went an dun it! 

In Dixie land I'll make my stand to live and die in Dixie!!! 

Away, Away, Away down South in Dixie!!! 

My favorite Ms. town is Coolwater!!! Love it! Just love it! 

Ya'll take care now, chear?!

Signed on: Sun Jan 14 08:34:52 CST 2001

Isiah E.& Anna L. Williams
Pineville, SC 29468 US

We enjoyed viewing your webpage.  We were directed to it

by Yul Shelton of Dallas, Texas.  

May God continue to bless
Isiah E. Williams

Signed on: Sun Jan 14 16:29:46 CST 2001

sarah mac
tennessee USA
Signed on: Mon Jan 15 19:52:36 CST 2001

Lucille Boyles
Waynesboro MS USA

I grew up in Wayne County and went to school at Beat Four, 

better known as Whistler on Highway 84. 

Went to Boyles Chapel Methodist Church, 

my grandpa Joe Boyles, who by the way is a Civil War veteran, 

donated the land for the church to be built. 

I really enjoy your website, thank you very much. 

Lucy Boyles

Signed on: Tue Jan 16 10:39:15 CST 2001

robert Lacey Crook
fLORENCE, Ms 39073 USA

Very fine website!

Signed on: Tue Jan 16 21:15:41 CST 2001

Leigh Ann Clay
Pontotoc, MS USA

I'm a REBEL and I'm proud. I wear what I want to wear 

and think what I want and say how I feel.  

And if you don't like that bite me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Signed on: Thu Jan 18 09:27:58 CST 2001

Lee Hirsh
Williamsburg, VA USA
Signed on: Thu Jan 18 16:40:19 CST 2001

Drake Tokunaga
Honolulu, HI USA
Signed on: Sat Jan 20 21:58:39 CST 2001

John & Rosemary
New Zealand

Hi There, from Auckland, New Zealand.

Signed on: Sat Jan 20 22:08:01 CST 2001

Glen Sandidge
San Antonio, TX USA

I am trying to trace my mother's family.  

Her name was Mary Audrey Norris, born in Vaiden in 1912.  

Her mother was Ida Kelly, father George W. Norris.  

That is all the info I have.  Anything on these individuals 

would be greatly appreciated.

Signed on: Sun Jan 21 09:00:18 CST 2001

Sylvia Berry
Sarasota, Fl USA

Decendent of Cowles Meade Vaiden

Signed on: Thu Feb 1 07:37:17 CST 2001

William F. Moorehead
Weirsdale, Florida USA
Signed on: Fri Feb 2 18:41:58 CST 2001

Charlotte Wilson Williams
Olive Branch, MS USA

Great research info--Looking for info on the Barksdale Family 

of VA that settled here for a short time---

Signed on: Sun Feb 4 03:15:46 CST 2001

Pam Johnson
Hickory , Ms. USA

I'm glad to visit this site today. 

I am always happy to come home to Vaiden.

Signed on: Sun Feb 4 19:36:10 CST 2001

Billy Johnson
Hickory , Ms. USA
Signed on: Sun Feb 4 19:52:59 CST 2001

Buford Ga USA
Signed on: Tue Feb 6 12:32:43 CST 2001

Timothy Grant Hudson
Riverdale,Utah USA

I am a stranger in a strange land. 

I married a fine Mormon girl from Ogden, Utah and am stuck 

living here for the next thirty or so years. 

I live in Utah but my home will always be in MISSISSIPPI!

Signed on: Wed Feb 7 16:19:24 CST 2001

Christina McPike
Cedar Hill

I love your website; As a Mississippi native (Oxford), 

I enjoyed every bit of it!  Sure is nice to "meet" someone else 

who is proud of their Southern heritage!

Signed on: Thu Feb 8 19:05:09 CST 2001

Jane Tacker Bullock
Bella Vista, AR USA

I was lonely today as my husband is out of town 

and I had the whole weekend inside as the temperature 

is 10 to 20 degrees and found this sight and love it.  

I am printing off the ole folks page to take to Wisconsin 

with me tomorrow to show those people how to talk.  

They say I talk funny and I'm going to show them just how 

funny we talk in Mississippi.  

I am from Mississippi and I love Mississippi.  Anybody can say 

what they want to about us but I think the best folks 

in the world live in Mississippi.  Now we have done some bad things 

in the past but hopefully we will not make those same mistakes again.  

Our food and family lives are just different from other areas.  

I have worked in every state in the union and I love Mississippi the best.   

Signed on: Sun Feb 11 16:47:21 CST 2001

Evelyn N. Jones
North Carrollton Ms USA

I attend J.Z. George along with former student's from Vaiden High

Signed on: Mon Feb 12 17:08:29 CST 2001

Yolanda Duren
yazoo city, ms USA
Signed on: Tue Feb 13 18:54:11 CST 2001

Billy Kenny
Bay St
Louis Ms usa

The South Will Do It Again

Signed on: Wed Feb 14 08:12:59 CST 2001

Angela Palmertree
Durant, MS

I have just recently moved to Stewart after living

 in Vaiden my whole life. My maiden name 

is Hambrick. Mr. Collins, your website is wonderful.

 I have to find out if the Hambricks 

from the Blacksmith shop are ancestors of mine.

Thanks, I am going to recommend your site to others. 

Signed on: 8/14/01 11:46:28 PM

Lee Cash
Durant, MS

I now live in Conyers Ga.

Signed on: 8/22/01 8:56:40 PM

Pat Peeples
Birmingham, Al

I grew up in Kilmichael, Ms. My father's people are from 

Carroll County, but we visited a lot of chruches in Vaiden. 

I recognized a lot of the names on you history pages.  

Every time I feel a need to get home and can't get there,

 I visit your page. It makes me feel right at home.

Signed on: 9/11/01 1:14:23 AM



…And Now for Part 2…


Ima Thacker [6/24/04, 4:37 PM] writes:

Do you know where the saying "hissie fit" originated?


marolyn mallette cutrell [6/25/04, 2:31 PM] writes:

I went to school with Drew Lenard from Vaiden. I'd like to contact him. I think he still lives there. Please give him my e-mail address and ask him to write me. Thank you!!




Gramp's Lamps [6/26/04, 2:30 PM] writes:

Great Site! Thank-you & God Bless!






Akire [7/3/04, 4:45 PM] writes:

screw those yankees ! these people trying to tell us we go by the constitution...Well under the consistution it says " that the congress has to declare was" you know when the last time congress declared war was world war two damn people taking our rights away and thanks for trying to do sstuff about you lazy asses just letting um do that to our government where we are suppoesed to have states rights and freedom! god you think we have freedom of religion...NO! cant do anything no more and its all becaues this country dont have there own minds or enough guts to do something about it....well ill tell you atleast im trying to do somethin....


Devon Walton [7/11/04, 7:41 AM] writes:

i feel so bad i wish then guys was put to death love devon walton


B. Yeates [7/16/04, 12:19 PM] writes:

Hi Ron,
Really enjoyed your site. Im from Natchez. Im sure you know it as well.
Looking forward to seeing more.


O.L. Collins [7/19/04, 4:48 PM] writes:

Keep the good work up


O.L. Collins [7/19/04, 4:53 PM] writes:

Keep the good work up.My family migrated from SO SO area in 1800 s to East tx. area.


Stephen Roy [7/19/04, 7:16 PM] writes:

Hi Ron,

I got your answer to my e-mail this afternoon. Thanks. I will certainly write again. Your website is great. I shall visit often.

Take care.



Brittany Crowther [7/20/04, 11:21 AM] writes:

Thanks for letting me sign the guestbook,i really appericate the things you people do and let us say. Thank you so very much.


Ryce Jones [7/21/04, 7:35 PM] writes:

I have looked at your web site several times getting info. If your mother was Juanita Hambrick, she knew my mother quite well. She was Ruth Calhoun who had a twin sister Ruby. Her father was John C. Calhoun, and her mother was Mollie Eades. I have been researching the family and trying to write things down for my own children. My mother passed away in July 1999, and I now regret that I did not write down some of the many stories she told about Vaiden and the surrounding area. I have the family tree back to Ross Calhoun and the McEacherns back to Scotland. I also have the Eades back to Bartlett Eades. If you have any information, resources, or stories you have heard about the Calhouns, I would really love to hear from you. I live in Lufkin, Texas, and it is hard for me to spend much time in Vaiden. My husband and I did visit Vaiden, Hopewell, and Midway earlier this summer. My cousin John C. still has children in the area, but I have not seen any of them for a long time. It was nice to come across a familiar name while searching the net. I remember your mother corresponding with mine when you were just a baby. I remember Louise and Wilson, also. I can remember visiting your mother - I think it was a house up on a hill - it was a LONG time ago. All the best.


colleen [7/23/04, 1:11 AM] writes:

awsome site :)


A poor frenchy... [7/23/04, 4:01 PM] writes:

A real great job i ever seen on the web
I just can say "Keep on running man" and why not a translation of your page in french?
So long ...


P Trotter [7/23/04, 10:56 PM] writes:

I've enjoyed your Vaiden site. Good work! My husband is from Carroll Co., Ms.. He is decended from the Trotter and Gant's.


John [7/25/04, 11:29 AM] writes:

Just wanted to say thanks for an interesting website. Your subjuect is highly relevant to me personally and I did find a few facts that I haven't heard before. I will take them into consideration. You can not always believe what you find on the Internet but your website seems serious enough! ;-)




Chandler Taylor [7/31/04, 11:48 AM] writes:

I LOVE DUCKS!!!! They will take over the world!!!!!! DUCKS DUCKS DUCKS DUCKS DUCKS DUCKS


matt [8/1/04, 2:32 PM] writes:

i love the confederacy!


Trenton Stambaugh [8/3/04, 11:51 PM] writes:

I think it a perfect site. for answers


Donna Holloway [8/5/04, 11:01 AM] writes:

recently I did me genealogy, and counties were not the same, nor towns back in 1700 and 1800's.
It's interesting because if they lived in one county with new counties being formed they were "relocated" to another.


Paul Bryant [8/6/04, 10:32 PM] writes:

Thanks for your Hard work, time and effort that you put into this site.


Mary Nell Ross Carnaggio [8/12/04, 3:04 PM] writes:

My Ross relatives are all buried at Midway Methodist Church Cemetery outside of Vaiden. My father is looking for a picture of the Old Midway School that once stood next the the Midway Church. He went to that school as a small child. Thanks for any help!


Loribeth [8/12/04, 7:03 PM] writes:

hello i like your site!


Anne Hunt Rushing [8/13/04, 12:07 PM] writes:

My father William O. Hunt was minister of the Vaiden Methodist Church from 1925-1929. Thanks for this web site!


Ralph O. Washington [8/21/04, 2:21 PM] writes:

am a decendant of Capt. Thomas Jefferson Stanford of Blackhawk.....who begain Capt. Stanford's Light Artiliary from Grenada, 1861 fyi


Priscilla [8/22/04, 7:23 PM] writes:

Hello, I am not from your area I married a man that attended J.Z. George. I was searching for information that my children could used for a school project from our up coming visit. I was truly sadden by some of the comment made and am now seriously thinking about not visiting the area. With all that is going on in the world today you would think that people would have better things to say. When death come it does not see color, when will we learn to do the same.


JaKe [8/25/04, 12:47 PM] writes:

Nooooooooooice website, now this bird's gotta fly later.


Dr. Mike Raim [8/29/04, 8:17 PM] writes:

My brother-in-law recommended your site as a point of interest....






Will [9/3/04, 3:42 PM] writes:

Lets just take a look at southern history. I know i am not that old myself(20 to be exact) but i know a lot about my southern heritage from being born and raised in Shilo, Tenn. To me, the "dixie" flag means a lot, it means to me about the freedome to live one's life the way he/she thinks. Not at all about hate and violence like some people think. To me, The flag is about herritage and where a person comes from and how he/she grew up. And as far as the "Dixie flag", it's not a "rebel" flag, it's more of a pride flag, of where your from, who you are and god given graces of how your raised. I love your site and i will leave more later. Thank you!



James Woods [9/4/04, 9:58 AM] writes:

I lived in Vaiden for a great number of years and i still stop by and visit family, i currently live in oxford mississippi. I love the small town, but don't want to live there for life, hope you are still enjoying. Thanks you for having this site, One day i plan on putting Vaiden on the Map for the World.

J Woods


cody leek [9/8/04, 9:33 PM] writes:

the fight you give about the war being over states rights and not totally over slaver is the same fight i give here in ohio. i am a pro confederate and would fight for them today if needed.


Debbie Woods [9/9/04, 9:20 AM] writes:

I really enjoyed reading about My Great Uncle and my family. I will be back to look some more at this site
I am the daughter of John T. Nelme Sr.


Vanessa [9/10/04, 2:07 PM] writes:



Kayak Jack [9/13/04, 8:53 PM] writes:

Great collection !




Robert M. Thomas [9/25/04, 6:47 PM] writes:

Nice job!


RICHARD RUSSELL NELMS [9/30/04, 12:23 PM] writes:



Kenny King [10/5/04, 4:18 AM] writes:

Hi Ron, I missed you at the Vaiden Fest this year, I was out of town. I heard there was some good music! Keep up the good work on this website and be carefull on that motorcycle, you still doing those wheelies?


denissa bond fant [10/6/04, 9:47 AM] writes:



Mike Burns [10/6/04, 4:45 PM] writes:

Very interesting history! I love the houses of the old south!




kevin burnett [10/8/04, 2:32 PM] writes:

this web site kicks ass






BILLY R HEARON [10/10/04, 7:21 PM] writes:



Michelle Chance [10/17/04, 11:32 PM] writes:

Would like info on the MANUEL family. Fred (my grandfather), Jake and Maggie (great grandparents) and Luther (uncle). My grandmother, Mildred,1/29/22-9/9/72, remarried after Fred died. Their graves are in Vaiden Cemetery.

Also...does anyone have yearbooks from Vaiden High School (late 60's)?



JESSICA WESTMORELAND [10/18/04, 11:44 AM] writes:

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Ben Hesterly [10/27/04, 7:40 AM] writes:

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June Carney Pollard [10/27/04, 4:03 PM] writes:

Just a researcher dropping in to see what is going on in Vaiden! I am researching the line of half-Choctaw, Jeremiah Carney, signer of Doak's & Dancing Rabbit CR Treaties, son of Irishman Arthur Carney (Kearney) and Hoke, Choctaw Indian. Also researching Arthur Carney and invite anyone researching this line to contact me, June Carney Pollard, Franklin, TN e.m.: - thanks!


Boles, Ann [10/29/04, 9:20 PM] writes:

My great great grandmother had 10 children by a man whos sirname was Kendall or maybe Kennedy. My great grandfather lived in Oxford Mississippi for his life, William Robert Boles. I wonder if this captain Kennedy is the father of my great grandfather. Just searching. His mother took name Boles from a family that was "good" to her.




taunya manney [11/3/04, 1:22 AM] writes:

great site. i have been looking at this one particular house in vaiden for years now and i saw it on this site. sadly it is owned by someone other than myself. keep up the good work.


newt [11/4/04, 8:44 PM] writes:

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this is A cool site but u should have more images.


Cheryl Robinson Smith [11/19/04, 2:41 PM] writes:

I am from Carroll County. My hometown is McCarley, MS. I enjoyed your site.




Betty G. (Cross) Griffin [11/24/04, 12:42 PM] writes:

Ron, Just want to thank you for all this work!!! I was hunting for history of my church, the Vaiden United Methodist Church and I found all I need and more on your web site. I haven't begun to see all you have entered -- at present I'm interested in my church, Vaiden Businesses, Cross Lumber CO in particular (I am Russell Cross' widow -- 20 yrs. after his death & our son's, in a plane crash, I married Mr. Griffin from MA.) and Movies Made in Vaiden. Namely, Ode to Billy Joe filmed at the Lumber Company. Thanks again for all your work!! Betty G.
PS: Found your website through our Vaiden Librarian.


JD Spann [11/24/04, 8:24 PM] writes:

I really apreaciate sites like this one


cherry [11/25/04, 4:12 PM] writes:

LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Patricia Ann Cooper Colby [11/29/04, 1:36 PM] writes:

My interest was peeked over the restoration of an old Middleton Cemetery. I am a Middleton descend from the Amite County, MS line of William and Mary Ann Hillard.






Brent Kliebert, Jr. [12/4/04, 6:22 PM] writes:

damn fine web site. I live in Thibodaux, Louisiana and came here while searching for information about my great grandparents; Willie Manuel and Estelle Stewart Manuel Cox, from what I gathered from my deceased maw-maw her mother used to run/own a coutry store in Vaiden sometime back in 1915-1930. If anyone who knows anything about any Manuels who lived are live in this area, feel free to drop me a line. I think old grand-paw Manuel was some sort of playboy, tailor/bootlegger back in the day. I would love to learn about 'em.

Semper Fi,

Sgt. Kliebert


Kelly Miller [12/5/04, 9:27 PM] writes:

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Bibidi Austin [12/6/04, 3:35 PM] writes:

I lived in Vaiden, MS for the first 33 years of my life and I am now residing in Bowie, MD which is 15 miles east of Washington, D.C. The history of Vaiden on this site is interesting. I was good to find see my home town on the internet. This is wonderful site.

**PS:I couldn't get any of the pictures open.

I will visit again soon.


Melanie White [12/6/04, 4:31 PM] writes:

Great site! I actually named my daughter Vaiden. My husband and I both went to Ole Miss and on a road trip down to New Orleans when we were dating we passed though Vaiden, MS. The name just intrigued us and we said if we ever got married and had a little girl we would name her Vaiden. Well, five years pasted and when were were thinking of baby names there was only one name that came to mind. It's nice to learn about Vaidne, MS


BuzzC [12/7/04, 5:13 PM] writes:

Happy birthday, Ms. Glynnis. You only have one more year to go 'til you can catch up to me... :)






randy martin [12/8/04, 2:26 PM] writes:

went to school with alot of great folks from vaiden a long time ago


Mallory Crumley [12/8/04, 3:23 PM] writes:

My mom lives in Vaiden so i was just looking!!


Sharon Jenkins Adams [12/9/04, 12:29 PM] writes:

Just wanted to to know that the store on Hwy 35 that was owed by Leo Tindall-Ralph Jenkins-Nole Yates burned to the ground this past Sunday night.


Ronald McCarroll [12/9/04, 1:31 PM] writes:

This is a very interesting website. My family originated in Vaiden and LeFlore County. If there is anyone there that remembers this last name or the following names: Larance McCarroll, Thomas H. McCarroll, Tom H. McCarroll; please feel free to e-mail and maybe we can trade off information.

Thank you


kelli jones [12/10/04, 8:27 AM] writes:

yea i just wanted to sign this web pag because i have never been on your sight before. i just dont like any thing that is due to history but its a cool web page ok thanks a bunch.




Chris McMillan [12/13/04, 12:07 PM] writes:

I'm a flag toting southerner myself. I agree with the things you say on your website.( I have no questions right now, I just felt like signing your guestbook


Cypher [12/14/04, 11:35 AM] writes:

Great Site.


William Rozier [12/16/04, 10:32 AM] writes:

Enjoyed the sites info on Carroll County. This is the county that my fathers family is from. They are Bowers, Peeples, Braziles(spelling?) and of course Roziers. Would not want to leave out the Lotts and the Watsons either and can't forget the Oakes and Reddits, they are still with us today.


Ronda [12/16/04, 11:59 AM] writes:

Great site with lots of info. Glad I found it. I live in GA now with lots of family still in Byram and Raymond and Jackson. Found lots of useful info on your site.








Zebbe [12/21/04, 4:32 PM] writes:

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i love this thing
because i am from an other country.
now, i like the song that plays on the site...
isnt a old Rebel song?


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Jackie Bufkin Bean [12/26/04, 10:53 PM] writes:

Good Job! I enjoyed reading the aritcles and looking at the pictures.


Megan Jopng [12/26/04, 11:01 PM] writes:

If you can get any info on my family's surname (JOPLING) I would love if you would email it to me. Thanks, Megan Jopling


sam beibers [12/27/04, 10:20 AM] writes:

Ron, do you know the location of Greenwood LeFlore's gravesite?


Erick Tyreece Watson [12/28/04, 8:56 PM] writes:

I would have never thought such an informative website would have been create for such a small town.Sites I walk by daily have so much American History tied to it.
Thank you


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Natalie Reyes [1/3/05, 9:25 AM] writes:

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Martha Hill [1/6/05, 10:34 AM] writes:

I just wanted to let you I like what you are doing with the web-site. I think more people need to know about Vaiden and how far Vaiden has came.


Steve & Wendi Lomas [1/7/05, 2:34 PM] writes:

Very interesting reading - came here to look for old friend, Junior Bell who lived in Vaiden area when I knew him in 80's. Anyone having any connection with him please ask him to contact Steve Lomas on email. Would love to hear from him again. Thanks




sarah holst [1/8/05, 7:35 PM] writes:

i named my daughter after vaiden and i was wanting some history on it so i can put it in her baby album. my daughters name is vaiden nicole capestany and i was just wanting to know what it was and what it stood for


DAWN ANDREWS [1/9/05, 7:27 AM] writes:



James Daryl Erve [1/10/05, 5:33 AM] writes:

I was searching the WEB for some Family History to pass down to my children(4)and my Great-Grand Father appeared on your site. Thank You for such a wonderful and insightful Web Page. May God Bless you and All of your Readers.


James Daryl Erve [1/10/05, 5:33 AM] writes:

I was searching the WEB for some Family History to pass down to my children(4)and my Great-Grand Father appeared on your site. Thank You for such a wonderful and insightful Web Page. May God Bless you and All of your Readers.


Beth Pintchuck (great granddaughter Milton Amos Wilson) [1/10/05, 10:28 AM] writes:

Just looking to see if know any relatives




Sade Washington [1/15/05, 10:56 AM] writes:

Hi.I just want to look at a few thing's about this school and also want to ask questions. Just a homework asignment i am doing.


Duke [1/15/05, 10:07 PM] writes:

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Drew Lenard [1/22/05, 11:15 AM] writes:

This is great. Thanks for all of your time. I have an old picture (somewhere) of you, Van, and Jack making music.


Russell E. Vaiden [1/23/05, 2:05 PM] writes:

I have always heard about Vaiden Mississippi, and decided to check out your web site. Very nice.

Russ Vaiden
, NH


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Amanda Delseno [1/25/05, 10:03 PM] writes:

Hi there! I was directed to your website because I happened to look up "Duck Twacy" on the internet. It's one of my favorite cartoons of all time (The Great Piggy Bank Robbery) and I was wondering if you know where I can obtain that cartoon. Also "Falling Hare" (I LOVE the gremlin!) is my favorite. If you (or anyone else reading this for that matter) knows where I can obtain copies of these cartoons, e-mail me back! Thanks! I love your website!!!! :)




Timmie McEachern [1/28/05, 6:22 PM] writes:

Enjoyed viewing your site ! Ran across it searching for info on my McEachern Line. My 3rd Great Grandfather was James W. McEachern, a younger brother of Daniel. James left Mississippi between 1854 and 1857 and settled in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. Many of his descendants are still living in surrounding parishes today.
Good Job ! Keep up the good work ! Timmie




Mark Smith [2/1/05, 7:31 PM] writes:

I am doing genealogical research on my GG Grandfather, 1LT John Simpson Young, Co L, 1st MS Artillery (Vaiden's Battery) and his brother, 1LT William Paul Young of the same. Your website has provided a valuable insight into the era in which they lived and died in service to their Confederacy. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into this website. Great job!


Cort D. Chubko [2/4/05, 5:17 PM] writes:

wondering if there is anyone here that has met or talked to Donald hocutt....the MS state executioner......I have.... hell of a guy.


Doug Lested [2/4/05, 10:27 PM] writes:

I'm researching the Randle family in Vaiden and found this webiste. It is a good website.


Rickey Lofton [2/12/05, 10:15 PM] writes:

Hey Ronnie. This site brought back so many memories. Made me proud to show my kids where I came from. I know you don't remember me. I am the oldest son of O.T. & Alice mae williams raised by my great grand mother Alice porter moore that everyone in vaiden knew bt "MaMa Alice" she knew your Mother and the Noah's well. but I can remember walking to school every morning hoping to see your chopper sitting at your house. I have retired after 24 serving years in the Navy. and live In Newport News Va. but every year I can't wait to head south home. Vaiden will always be a beautiful place. There is so much info that I come here often. Keep up the great work. and I tell all my family and freands about the site. thanks
Rickey Lofton USN/RET


Moscow [2/13/05, 9:07 AM] writes:

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Donna Sutliff [2/13/05, 12:03 PM] writes:

Interesting, I know I probably signed or viewed your old web query, as I was looking for information for Lott family couple years back. Now looking for the Moore and Smith Families.


Brigitte Saffold [2/13/05, 3:28 PM] writes:

I am a Saffold residing in Chicago. Illinois. I am very interested in communicating with other Saffold's, can you help?


Merylin Jones Nabors [2/15/05, 1:15 PM] writes:

The most informative site I have run across.

Just love it. Maybe thats because I grew up in North Carrollton.


Bobby D. Perry [2/22/05, 3:13 AM] writes:

I've been meaning to get in touch with you Ron. Impressive,by any standard,the vision you have for Vaiden!Thankyou!Vaiden will always be home in my heart.I'll be contacting you soon, and may God truly Bless You.


Emma NDIGBO [2/24/05, 4:48 AM] writes:



Miranda Gray [2/26/05, 12:49 PM] writes:

My husband is staying at Carroll Montgermery Regional Correctional Facility for a little while.


Jim Kitchens [2/26/05, 6:08 PM] writes:

I greatly appreciate your continuing work on this wonderful website, Ron. Vaiden and its people remain very dear to me; I lived there with my mother, Edith Fullilove Kitchens, during World War II while my dad, Lloyd Kitchens, was in the U. S. Army. We lived with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Fullilove (Jimmie Fullilove and Eleanor Wright Fullilove). Though my parents and I returned to my dad's hometown, Crystal Springs, after the war, I continued to be a frequent visitor to Vaiden, where our relatives and friends had an enormous influence on my life.


Pete Collins [2/27/05, 4:49 AM] writes:

Ron, You are very good at what you do. God Bless. Pete


Joe Robinson [3/3/05, 7:36 PM] writes:

Great music! Where is Jacinto (Alcorn County) in your list ofextinct towns? It was once the county seat of Tishomingo County. Nothing there now except the old courthouse, which has been lovingly restored.


Tom Aicklen [3/4/05, 9:32 PM] writes:

good information, well written. however you left out the naval Battle of Lake Pontchartrain between the Morris Tender and the West Florida.


Charles Barksdale [3/5/05, 11:53 AM] writes:

Hello, Every body I'm alive and kicking. Jesus Christ is LORD.


John Roger Vaiden [3/9/05, 2:34 PM] writes:

Great site! First time I,ve slowed down enough to take a look at something like this. Very interesting to see where you come from. My dad was Isaac Clifford Vaiden and I know that he and mom enjoyed driving through Vaiden on their way to Florida every year. Once again --Great site!!


Bill Longino [3/10/05, 9:34 AM] writes:

just browsing!!!


Wilma Cooley [3/11/05, 1:35 PM] writes:

I love and miss this state. I am doing this from the lsot love of my big unk. I love and will miss you alot


Faye [3/13/05, 7:37 PM] writes:

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Deborah Reagan [3/19/05, 1:20 AM] writes:

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only for windows 98 & windows me i can't install
my scanner until i get one for xp windows.




Mark Shands [3/21/05, 10:46 PM] writes:

Does anyone from Vaiden of the 1960s remember Mike Simpson? His dad, CD Simpson, was a rural mail carrier for the area. He had a sister named Cathy or Kathy. Both worked at WONA radio in Winona in the late 60s.

Just trying to figure out where he is now! Last time I saw him was at Mississippi State University around 1970.


Mark Shands


Brent Hyden [3/22/05, 12:37 PM] writes:

Great stuff!


Barry Greenlee [3/24/05, 1:41 AM] writes:

I just lucked into your site by doing a search for an old expression that a friend had asked me about. This just "tickles me to death".

Great job, Ron. I didn't know that there was a I guess that this must just be you.

I grew up in Kilmichael, so your page makes me feel "right at home".


Billy G. Carwile [3/30/05, 11:18 AM] writes:

My grandparents and greatgrandparents originally
were from Vaiden. My great grandparents are buried in the Old Plank Cemetery. I was just wondering if you might know the location of the cemetery. Thanks, Bill Carwile


Doug Green [3/30/05, 3:45 PM] writes:

Tell Mark And Anna Francis Havens I said Hi.
Fun site.


Will [3/31/05, 7:38 PM] writes:

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Larry H. Harlow [4/3/05, 3:31 PM] writes:

You have a wonderful site. I found it both informative and very funny. Keep up the good work.


Lasheva Renee Ward [4/6/05, 10:03 AM] writes:

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Mattie Clark [4/7/05, 9:15 PM] writes:

Great Site / Web Page


Annie Ruth Crook Puddephatt [4/10/05, 6:43 PM] writes:

I am a 1955 graduate of Vaiden High School and am getting ready on June 18th to have our 50 year class Reunion. I am doing a memory book and would like any information you can furnish me. I am so glad to have found your web site. I knew your sister, Josephine Collins, I think your sister, we use to ride home on Friday night on the City of New Orleans on Friday night to go home to Vaiden, and thenj back on Sunday night. I finished in 1955, my brother James Crook and my Sister Frances Crook, also finished at vaiden and so did nmy younger brother, Ronnie Crook.
Annie Ruth Crook Puddephatt


Michelle [4/20/05, 7:56 PM] writes:

I'm working on a genealogy project for the surname MANUEL; from Vaiden and Grenada area.


LTC Velma D. Carr [4/26/05, 4:52 AM] writes:

Velma "Dean" Carr






LTC Velma D. Carr [4/26/05, 5:11 AM] writes:

US Army
The Middle East is a long way from Vaiden, Mississippi; viewing this site is home warming.


Enza Carr [4/29/05, 12:34 PM] writes:

Vaiden is my home and I love and live it to the fullest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Enza Carr [4/29/05, 12:35 PM] writes:

Vaiden is my home and I love and live it to the fullest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BRANDI [5/3/05, 5:17 PM] writes:





Donna Bernelle [5/7/05, 6:46 PM] writes:

Thomas Luther Haman of Vaiden was my 3rd great uncle.




Diana Pollock Brown [5/9/05, 2:11 PM] writes:

This has been one of the best sites for information on Oliver Pollock. Thank You.


Anne Easter [5/9/05, 11:21 PM] writes:

Love your site! Would like to know where you got the map of extinct towns in Mississippi. I would love to have a copy for my genealogy searches.








Donna Bernelle [5/11/05, 1:51 AM] writes:

Rev. Thomas Luther Haman was my great uncle.


Donna Matlock Thomas [5/17/05, 8:51 PM] writes:

What an informative site.........thank you.I was doing some research on my geneology and some of my ancestors are buried at the Old Salem Cemetary. I plan to visit there this summer. Ron, another interesting live in Florence and I am a graduate of FHS c/o 1964. I have lived in the Houston, Texas area for the last thirty plus years but still have very fond memories of my youth in Rankin County.


Ken Nail Jr [5/20/05, 6:54 PM] writes:

I'm the Alaska State Archivist, but was born and raised in Tupelo, MS. My paternal ancestors grew up on Carroll County and my brother is working on genealogical information about the Nails of Carroll County.

also at


Shirley Goodwiin.Westervile, OH [5/21/05, 7:35 AM] writes:

Any place in MS is great. This state could use a few warm days.


Edwin Robyn Sadler [5/23/05, 10:17 AM] writes:

Hi Ron,
Great site! I descend from the following families in Attala county-Morgan,Tucker,Fullilove and Terry. Have just started researching these lines and found your site most helpful. Most of my family is buried in West, my grandmother,brother, mother and sister. I will send you my info once its updated. thanks!
Robyn Sadler


wilma cooley [5/24/05, 1:11 PM] writes:

Hi! I really enjoy this website, but mostly I love to read it. I found out today that my sister Enza Carr and mo people I know are writing to this website. I like how a lot of people are suporting Vaiden(BLOW CITY). I put that out there 4 all them weedheads. I can't wait until I go home to Vaiden it will bring back a lot of thing that I 4 one have 4got. 4 my last thing I just want to so I love u big unk and I will be looking 4 yo . To my sister and family keep yo head up and cheer up I am coming home soon.


wilma cooley [5/24/05, 1:19 PM] writes:

blow city forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Liz Evans [5/25/05, 8:54 AM] writes:

hi wilma cooley wrote this i figured since all my family was on here so i would put my other sister on her.


Lisa Welch [5/29/05, 1:54 PM] writes:

Enjoyed your website. Carroll County is God's country. My grandparents were from Carroll county, William Dewitt & Connie Self Welch, and Wilburn and Alva Alford. Keep up the good work and continue adding more pictures.


Lois Hanzy [6/1/05, 11:59 PM] writes:

I was looking for recent information on Emmett Till, and ran across your website. Very informative. I keep up with news of investigations into old murders of my people in the South. I have a hard time understanding law enforcement waiting until almost everyone involved is either dead or has one foot in the grave before they pay for their crimes!


Fiara [6/2/05, 2:12 PM] writes:

Hi i was just very the website i see it is about emmit till by me just not knowing him i feel like i already know him just by what happen to him


Hubert Boykin [6/2/05, 5:49 PM] writes:

Was looking for a cousin on google and saw Mack's name here. My mother is 91, from Vaiden and is in Chateau Ridgeland in Jackson, (Lucille Boykin) daughter of Frank Johnson and Elizabeth Johnson of Vaiden.


Tim Gobel [6/8/05, 11:20 AM] writes:

Is the Tallahatchie River Bridge depicted in the movie "Ode to Billy Joe" really in Rising Sun, MS?
Can you tell me if it is still there? This is my favorite movie and I would like to visit the bridge someday.


Ginny St.Clair [6/10/05, 1:29 AM] writes:

I had typed in the name of Caddess to see what I could find and came upon this site. My mother was a Caddess from Texas and most of the family spell it Caddis. Very few go by the Caddess spelling so that tells me that he was related to our family in some way. Just thought it curious.


Doug Lambert [6/10/05, 1:59 AM] writes:

Hi iam from Girvan in South Ayrshire which is on the West coast of Scotland,i love your web site,and i have some very dear friends living in Collins in Covington County,is that anywhere close to you?iam intersted in doing a web site promoting my home town but money is a factor as iam on DLA(Disability)is there anyway you can help,iam a complete novice with web building which of couse means tried and failed.

keep up all the good work and god bless.


Doug Lambert [6/10/05, 2:10 AM] writes:

Hi iam from Girvan in South Ayrshire which is on the West coast of Scotland,i love your web site,and i have some very dear friends living in Collins in Covington County,is that anywhere close to you?iam intersted in doing a web site promoting my home town but money is a factor as iam on DLA(Disability)is there anyway you can help,iam a complete novice with web building which of couse means tried and failed.

keep up all the good work and god bless.


Mary Ann [6/18/05, 11:01 PM] writes:

Thank you for the list of extinct Mississippi towns. My cousin has our great grandmother's bible with an inscription "Summerville Female Seminary". It has a date of 1861 inside. I have searched for years for information on the school with no luck so far. Since our great grandmother, Kate Missouri Warf Price, lived in Noxubee County Mississippi before the Civil War it is pretty safe to say that the school must have been in Summerville, Noxubee, MS.
Mary Ann


jRobert Martin [6/28/05, 5:12 PM] writes:

I don't have any questions at this time. I just want to say I enjoyed reading the Mississippi facts you have posted.


Robert Martin [6/28/05, 5:31 PM] writes:

I don't have any questions at this time. I just want to say I enjoyed reading the Mississippi facts you have posted.


J.J. Smith [6/29/05, 12:41 PM] writes:

Thanks for all the hard work. I enjoyed exploring the various parts of your web site. Although I live in Alexandria, VA, my father was born and raised in Meridian. He could make more money in Washington, DC, than in Mississippi during the Depression; hence, I was born here and have been here all my life, except when in college, graduate school, and the Army.

My father's father was born in Jackson, TN, but built his business, The Smith Brokerage Company, in Meridian. And His father was born in Enterprise, MS, in 1848. I am proud of my Mississippi hertitage.


Mark Shands [6/30/05, 4:31 PM] writes:

Mannn this is the time of year that I miss Vaiden the most. I'd ride my bike down to Front Street. In a way it was kinda like a mall. You'd start at one end and would visit Farrish's Grocery, The Co-Op, the Post Office, and Mr. McCorkle's Grocery. Mr. McCorkle was always good for a story or two about Vaiden's past! He'd talk about playing with his friends when he was a kid. They used to run around with flashlights, he'd say. Then on to Cearley's (quick candy bar break), past the beauty parlor, the pool hall, the Cotton buyer, Smith's furniture for a quick look at their records, 45's and LPs. I bought "Summer In The City" by the Lovin' Spoonfull there. Then you go past the Barber Shop and end up at Willie Crooks, just in time to buy a Frostie Rootbeer. Crooks was almost the Front Street living room. You'd never know who might be there, talking about whatever. Drop by on Saturday night and you'd see Charger Mickey, the sheriff. He'd hang out and just be there, I suppose just in case he was needed. A very cool place. Most of the time you knew every person you saw. So different from life today. It's kinda like a dream!


Kryntha [7/1/05, 10:22 AM] writes:

I'm from Oklahoma - that probably tells you a lot right there. Proud of my state immensely. Yesterday & today I've been looking for a saying about "Knittin' kitten britches" and both times I found fun sites like this one. I might just keep searching, never had so much fun on the internet. Now could somebody tell me what movie this background is from? My memory is the pits. Oh, I didn't give an email but thank you anyway & for the website too.




Kryntha [7/1/05, 11:21 AM] writes:

Little bitty "Buckshot" (did you get shot where it counted and that messed up your thinking? Don't ever turn your backside to anybody with a shotgun, child!) Do you know how to look up anything on the internet? Maybe you could find out about that flag question and your made up countrified southern speech needs a bit of work little one. (See what lil' Bucky had to say just below) Another one that can't spell or punctuate) No, Bucky. "punctuate" isn't something you do with your hand when you've just found the little dangler.
Buckshot Davis [4/7/04, 6:16 PM] writes:

I think your page is dern tootin southern. I'm only 13 and i want to ask a question. Why people think our flag is bad? I live in Thomaston Georgia. Lemme Hear That Rebel YELL!!


DeAnne [7/1/05, 11:38 AM] writes:

Anyone else notice that the ones who don't like this website, don't like the south, probably don't even like their Mama - honey they are uneducated! They can't spell, can't use words in a proper forum...not all from the north either, south is just as bad. You might consider getting a paper route, earn enough money to buy a dictionary! There's tons of them on the internet but it is necessary to know how to find that. About the dictionary - you CAN read, I hope. God bless you and please when you type His name, capitalize it as it should be?
"Hunter," no doubt the klan loves you as much as you love them and I truly believe they would be happy to show you just how fond of you they can be during their favorite activity which would be a new klan member initiation, they love those with a, pardon the pun, passion. But it really doesn't have anything to do with faith if the faith you are talking about is in God. Now if you have faith in something that you have actually considered and decided you believe in, no problem...just use words in the proper context, or it is a fact that you will be thought of as stupid. No offense.
Speaking of God, I thank Him that after I am off this website, I will not be able (thank you Jesus) to ever find it again and that is no offense to the web master and I am not putting down the site. It is a well done website but just not in my interest. I'll go back to trying to find the website about knittin' kitten britches.


Kryntha/DeAnne [7/1/05, 11:51 AM] writes:

Yes, Kryntha and DeAnne are the same person. Neither one is me.
These entries remind me most horribly of the NOTB and if you don't know what that is then it doesn't matter.
I will be gone now with this one cliche' "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." What are YOU doing right now? Me? I'm LEAVING! Bye, bye.


Carol Walker [7/4/05, 9:48 AM] writes:

descended from a Vaiden youth.


Hubert Boykin [7/5/05, 6:26 PM] writes:

Mary Elizabeth Boykin Williams (daughter of Mack, and wife of Ned) died July 4, 2005, in Appleton Wisc, and will be buried in Charleston IL, where husband Ned was buried


roberthammond [7/7/05, 11:19 PM] writes:

Saw both movies and really enjoyed them.I live in texas and we have the same problem with people from other states expecting us to talk like hicks with a long drawll. The TV show dallas didnt help any with there fake accents. Good job on your website. ;) rob


Sarah [7/20/05, 10:10 AM] writes:

Do you know any thing to do with the floods of the missippi? if you do can you send me a e-mail because i am doing a school project and would like the help as soon as possible. If you can help i would like the advantages and the disadvantages + what happened + the flood size thanks for your help

!.x.! Sarah !.x.!


William Alston [7/28/05, 1:26 PM] writes:

I am Mississipian born and raised. I wish you to know I enjoyed your site. My father's family was from Carrollton. Some day I wish to return to Mississippi to live. Thank you.
Bill Alston


Herb Perry [7/29/05, 10:10 AM] writes:

Very interesting. Would like to know who the first American fur traders were on the Yazoo River and area, especially any Womack's who were on the Arkansas and Black River's in Arkansas after 1810.


john bishop [8/21/05, 7:17 PM] writes:

my mother was a boykin from sharkey county and i was surfing the internet. you have some great pictures. do you know vic smith ?




Fred Waggoner [8/22/05, 2:55 PM] writes:

Found your Vaiden website by accident when searching for Guy's Catfish house. I have two great aunts buried in the Vaiden Cemetary and found their names right away. They were part of the Haman family and were both schoolteachers form many years. I lived and farmed in Coila, MS for 15 years before moving to Dallas. Just thought you'd like to know that I thoroughly enjoyed finding your Vaiden website and want to say "Thanks" for taking the time and effort to put it together. It really brought back some memories.


Alexandra Wallace [8/27/05, 1:20 PM] writes:

Hey y'all, I'd just like to say I'm a born and raised southerner from the great state of Texas and i love your site! great job on it! I also would like to say that I wear my southern flag every chance i get and i get alot of teasing and hate for it. i think it's sad that people see the flag and hate me, but i wear it with pride and i will never take it off. God bless the south!


Doug lambert [8/30/05, 7:20 PM] writes:

Ron i know its been a while i just wanted to say hi and hope your ave and well i know its gona be a while before you see listings but i just wanted to say that my thoughts and prayers are with you and eeveryone in the path of the the huricane,please as soon as you are able let me know that you are safe and well.

god bless and good luck.

Doug in london England


Al Hill [9/5/05, 9:28 AM] writes:

My great-grandfather, Dr. Henry Willis Hill, and his son, Dr. James Abram Hill, were practicing medicine in Vaiden, Blackhawk, and Grenada before and after the Civil War. Many of their family were buried in the Yellow Fever Cemetery at Granada. Father & son moved to Mooresville, Limestone Co, AL, in time for the 1870 census.


Debra Jefferson McShane [9/7/05, 6:53 PM] writes:

I enjoyed your site, especially the information on Cowles Mead. My g-g-g-grandmother was Mary Overaker Magruder Mead, Cowles 3rd wife.


J.C.Threet [9/12/05, 11:21 AM] writes:

I live in Lakeview Oregon, was born in Attala Co. Ms,Doty Springs area, Who was NL Threet connected with??? Nice site, 9-12-05


Janice Cross Owens [9/12/05, 7:15 PM] writes:

Born in Winona, MS. Life time resident of Vaiden. Grand parents were Berlin and Kate Cross, parents were Russell and Betty Cross.


verna griffey [9/19/05, 11:24 PM] writes:

This is a wonderful work you have done. You must be very proud. I know I would be. Your web page caught my eye because I'm trying to find information on my grandfather, Hendrix Campbell. I think he was born Dec 25,1886 in winona. He and his sister Katie were the offspring of a white father, named Campbell(we have no first name)not sure of Mr. Campbell's profession. One uncle said he was a barber, or undertaker, or maybe even a doctor. My grandfather Hendrix's mother was mixed african & choctaw indian, her name was Neal. We think her mother may have been a slave on the Senior Campbell's plantation. Neal's father was a choctaw indian, we don't know his name. But her mother, the african's name was Harriett. The only other thing I know is that the White Mr. Campbell, raised both Hendrix and Katie in the same household with his other children, because they were so light skinned they both could have passed for white. I'm run into a brick wall. I had hoped to learn something about J.A. Campbell or Charlie Campbell. If you know anything about them, or could direct me to were I might find additional information about them, I would be very appreciative. Please feel free to email anytime, Thanks, Verna Griffey


Marion Howard [9/25/05, 3:17 PM] writes:

I am interested in a picture of the Teoc Presbyterian church est 1847


Ian Hilton [9/27/05, 2:09 PM] writes:

Just browsing after listening to 'Ode to Billy Joe' on BBC Radio 2, North Lincolnshire,England. What did he throw off the bridge?


Tommy Austin [10/2/05, 6:40 PM] writes:

Great website. I am a history buff and enjoyed the Malamison section very much. I believe this is the most interesting web site I have ever visited. I'm from Panola county and found your site thru the Carrol county site. Keep up the good work. I never knew Vaiden was such an interesting place. Thanks again


Victoria Vaiden Worden Owen [10/4/05, 6:48 PM] writes:

I had planned to sign in some years ago. Like Robert Vaiden I am a colateral descendent of Vaidens who founded your town. The suffering and inconveniences of Katrina have not been in the Delaware press. I hope somebody will post some news/needs. Victoria


alex [10/5/05, 7:35 PM] writes:

I relly think its bad down there


Ray Parkerson [10/7/05, 8:00 AM] writes:

This is a great site. My Dad was from Vaiden and the pictures bring back great childhood memories.
Thanks for all the work you've put into this.


Brett [10/8/05, 8:04 PM] writes:

corn hoilo!!!!!


Kin Mapper [10/14/05, 10:04 PM] writes:

Your site is a great resource. One line Patrick and Mary Hubbard Cain, their descendants and collaterals, of my family, are well-represented in the Vaiden Cemetery. With your search engine much else was findable.

Thanks for finding nothing too meaningless, for truly even nothing is not meaningless!

Well done!


Jonathan McDowell [10/19/05, 7:59 PM] writes:

My mother was born in Vaiden; her name was Olive Campbell. Her parents were Vaughn and Dorthy Campbell. My Mothers Step-Grandmother, I believe, was an Armstrong. I am now stationed in Germany and I have really enjoyed visiting your site.








Charles A Stephens [10/26/05, 11:35 AM] writes:

Exploring your site--looks great


JOYCE CROMWELL [10/27/05, 5:51 AM] writes:

i luv the site laugh my hinnie off
thank you


Jim [11/20/05, 1:43 AM] writes:

This is a very beautiful and innovative site.
This is a great website I have ever seen.
Your site is wonderful lots of information! Thank you.


Robin Riley Cooke [11/25/05, 1:31 PM] writes:

I graduated from VHS in 1979. I currently live in Ladson,SC. I was searching for something else when I came upon your website. I really enjoyed the entire site. My grandson got a kick out of seeing the old school pictures. Keep up the good work.


Becky [12/6/05, 9:44 PM] writes:

Native Mississippian, now live in VA>


Dax [12/8/05, 10:39 AM] writes:

hell yeah...southern pride!!!!!!!!!!


Tobin Williamson [12/11/05, 3:48 AM] writes:

Outstanding website, tons of info. Thanks for putting it up.


Bill [12/15/05, 3:19 PM] writes:



Keep up the good work on the page


mike [12/15/05, 10:57 PM] writes:

Vaiden, Mississippi almost looks like West, Mississippi.


debraj majumdar [12/19/05, 3:31 PM] writes:

Would appreciate more info on the movie.


joy [12/20/05, 2:41 PM] writes:

I'am just looking for old sayings


kyannah lawson [12/23/05, 5:58 PM] writes:

Well I think that's very sad because he was too young and I think that was wrong for them too do something like that to him and i just wont to say RIP to emmett till.


Frans Yo [12/25/05, 4:07 AM] writes:

I admire the Confederates. I visited Gen. Lee's Tomb(Tennessee-Alabama border), Stone Mountain (Atlanta), and many other plces in Tennessee. I studied at University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY. some 20 years ago. I love USA.

Frans Yo


Cynthia [12/26/05, 8:47 PM] writes:

My home is located on the old Carrollville site and I read everything I can about its history. Thanks for a great read.


Jesse Reed [12/27/05, 6:03 PM] writes:

let's hear them


















Frank Paschal [1/3/06, 2:52 PM] writes:

Most enjoyable. (I'm from North Carolina.)


Cactus Jack - Scottsdale, Arizona [1/6/06, 8:37 PM] writes:

We love to go to Mississippi in the summer to get some relief from the heat here in the desert. There is nothing like those cool breezes off the Gulf in July to give comfort to our baked Arizona bones.

Can't quite figger what you folks are sayin' sometimes, but you shore seem ferndlee.






Ed Hammond [1/8/06, 6:35 PM] writes:

I am from Winona and am enjoying reading your history.