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Irwin and Middleton


Irwin (later, Middleton), once a beautiful little village, was known as "the Athens of Mississippi" because of its cultural and educational advantages. The town was founded when Indians were in supreme control of this part of the state and was first known as Bowling Green, then Oxford, and later Middleton. It had its beginning in a little log store, built for trade with the Indians, and was incorporated by the legislature in 1840. In 1841, the town was one of seven sites considered for the location of a state university (The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)). By 1850, Middleton was an average-sized town with several hundred inhabitants.


Middleton was built around a square which measured about two hundred and fifty feet to the side; a town dotted with beautiful residences. West of the town was a mill for rolling wool, the original horsepower type. Just prior to the Civil War, a flour and cotton mill were located there.


Baptist, Christian, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches were here. These churches contained an area for the Negroes who worshiped with their Masters. The Negroes had no separate churches at the time.


When the Mississippi Central Railroad was constructed two miles east of the town, Middleton began to de-populate, gradually becoming extinct. In the 1990s, through many hours of painstaking work, the Winona Lion's Club restored the old, neglected Middleton Cemetery, and many of its markers to an immaculate condition.


Where was Middleton? Map 1 Map 2 Map 3


Middleton, Mississippi is listed as having an elevation of 440 feet, and being located in Montgomery County (present day site). However, when Middleton was first incorporated, it was located in Carroll County, until the allocation of part of Carroll County to form Montgomery County in the early 1870s. The current location is listed as Bailey Lake, according to the U.S. Geological Service. Middleton was located at 33 degrees 29 minutes and 10 seconds North, and 089 degrees, 45 minutes, and 03 seconds West. Winona is listed at 33 degrees 29 minutes and 10 seconds North and 089 degrees 44 minutes and 59 seconds West.



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Winona's Early Days


Winona Streets in 1907 -- Postcard

Winona's Infirmary

Winona's Trailways Bus Station -- Early Postcard

Winona High School -- Early Postcard

The two preceeding postcards were submitted by Nell Collins Stewart

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