Mississippi Flag

Cost: $1,093,641. Paid for by back taxes owed the State by the Illinois Central Railroad.

Erected: On the site of the old State Penitentiary.

Architect: Theodore Link of St. Louis, Missouri.

Architecture: Beaux Arts Style

Houses: Three Branches of Government: Legislative, Judicial, Executive. Judidial Branch now housed in the Carroll Gartin Building.

Dimensions: 402 feet wide, 180 feet high to the top of the dome.

Exterior: Georgia granite, foundation concrete walls, Bedford limestone.

Restored: 1979-1982. Cost: $19 million.

Eagle: Solid Copper, 8 feet high, 15 feet wide, coated with gold leaf.

Lights: 4,750 with 750 in the Rotunda.

First Floor: Hall of Governors. Portraits hung in the succession in which they served.

Second Floor: To be viewed in corridors only. Houses the Old Supreme Court chamber, now a committee room for the Senate. The old State Library, now a committee room for the House of Representatives.

Rotunda: Walls are Italian white marble, base of New York jet black marble. Eight big columns are art marble called "scagliola" (man-made). The lady blindfolded, facing all four directions, represents "Blind Justice." Balustrade are cast iron and original to the building. Four scenes in the dome: two Indian scenes, a Spanish explorer, and a Confederate General.

Third Floor: Legislative floor where the laws of Mississippi are made, houses the Governor's Office, office of Speaker of the House, Senate Chambers, House of Representatives Chambers. To be viewed from the fourth floor galleries.

Fourth Floor: To be viewed from the corridors and galleries only. Contain the Senate Chamber, and House of Representatives Chamber.

Senate: Chambers house 52 members. The Lt. Governor is the presiding officer. Chamber is art marble with the base of Belgium black marble, columns are Breccia Violet with Corinthian caps. Dome is Bohemian stained glass with another dome on the top for protection of the stained glass. In the center of the dome is a green circle of printing that says, "The People's Government made for the People, by the People, and answerable to the People." The Indian Princess on six wooden panels was Theresa Whitecloud, a full-blooded Choctaw Indian Princess. She died in 1970. Chairs and carpet are new, desks were replaced in the '40s. The Senate has the roll call or voice vote.

House of Representatives: Houses 122 members with the Speaker of the House presiding. Dome is the original Bohemian stained glass with another dome on top for protection of the stained glass. Desks are the original 1903, chairs and carpets are new. House has the electronic voting system. Mississippi Coat of Arms is displayed at the top of each arch. Walls are art marble with the base of Belgium black marble.

Grounds: Liberty Bell is one of 53 replicas of the original. Statue: In memory of the Confederate Ladies, Mothers, Wives, and Daughters of the Confederate soldiers. Trees: Two Japanese Magnolias, Mississippi's own Magnolia, which is our State tree and flower. Gingko tree (Japanese maiden-hair tree).

Figurehead: From the U.S.S. Mississippi located in the north grounds, given on loan from the Navy in 1901. The ship was sold to Greece in 1914.

Capitol Hours: Monday thru Friday -- 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Tour Hours: 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30 (No Charge)

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