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Prairie Mont

The Vaiden Home

Prairie Mont -- Front View

Prairie Mont -- Viewed from the Side

Prairie Mont -- 1930

Inside Prairie Mont -- 1930

Prairie Mont -- Article on Prairie Mont

Prairie Mont -- Another View

Prairie Mont Sale Ad

Reflections of Weddings Past

Portrait of Prairie Mont

Portrait of Dr. Vaiden

Another Portrait of Dr. C.M. Vaiden -- Portrait of Mrs. C.M. Vaiden

Mantlepiece from Prairie Mont

Library of Congress Photo Description # 1 -- Library of Congress Photo Description # 2


Library of Congress Photo 1 -- CLOSEUP (17mb)


Library of Congress Photo 2 -- CLOSEUP (17mb)


Closeup of Kids in Photo # 2


Library of Congress Photo 3 -- CLOSEUP (17mb)


More on Prairie Mont and Other Homes in Vaiden


Dr. Vaiden’s “Town Home,” a.k.a. Clarence Pierce’s Home – built circa 1850s


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Vaiden & Prairie Mont Story

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Dr. Vaiden’s Former Homes in Virginia

Before Dr. Vaiden migrated to Carroll County, Mississippi, he lived in Lenoir County, North Carolina. Before he lived In Lenoir County, North Carolina, he lived in Charles City County, Virginia in an area between Charles City and Holdcroft. His father and mother – Joseph Vaiden, Esq. and Sally Cowles Vaiden, owned several houses: Poplar Springs and Meadow Springs.  CLICK HERE for pictures and a story about the first house: Poplar Springs. Information will be forthcoming about Meadow Springs, if it is available.




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