The Sacred Halls of V.H.S.

October 2001


No story is the same to us after a lapse of time; or rather we who read it are no longer the same interpreters.






On October 25 and 26, 2001, I had the privilege to re-visit the Vaiden High School, which has been closed since 1999.  I would like to express my sincere thanks to the 2001 Carroll County Superintendent of Education -- Susan Murphy  -- and the Carroll County School Board – Rubye Miller, Mike O’Neal, Kenneth DeLoach, Danny Brower, and Laura Norwood Davis --  for allowing me to document my journey into the place where I spent twelve wonderful years of my life and met many people. Some of them are no longer with us, and some are my dearest friends.  The memories that haunt these halls are the spectre of life; roaming and searching; crying out for this building to once again hear the voices of children and the applause for achievements that are mere idiosyncrasies to those of us that have long since become hardened at the realities of life.  This building is not a place to visit with a hardened heart.  Though the walls are now cold and the building is desolate, this is a place for a gathering of souls…a place where prayer was once a priority and knives could be brought as something to be admired, rather than as an instrument of destruction.  This was a place where disgruntled students settled an argument behind the Band Hall after school with fists, not with knives and guns.  Fights were fought fairly and one-on-one.  If there was ever any sign of unfairness, the onlookers would stop the fight in an instant.  And…the following day, the participants would pay dearly with a trip to the Principal’s Office, where a dose of reality would be instilled back into those involved via injection with the famous (and equally infamous) “electric paddle.” 


Those days are gone – not through the wishes of the majority, but the minority that rallied for the elimination of prayer and corporal punishment.  Never was the phrase “Going to Hell in a Handbasket” more true.  Never again would “God is Great; God is Good, Let Us Thank Him For Our Food; By Thy Hands; We Are Fed; Thank the Lord for Daily Bread; AMEN!” be heard in the school lunch room.  Never again would Fridays in that lunch room ring with the voices of children as they enjoyed their sandwich day in the company of their friends – with traces of the “Lunch Room’s” famous “sweet sandwich” (a mixture of peanut butter and honey) stuck to the roof of their mouths.  All of those good times ended for many students – either through graduation into the cold, cruel world, or by our “illustrious” (and oft-misguided) court system’s constant mistakes while under the guise of “fairness in education.”  Gone are the days of the baseball games by the Band Hall (which usually resulted in a broken 4th Grade window), the ancient merry-go-round that was in front of the auditorium, the “newer” merry-go-round that was outside the 4th Grade window or the giant swings and the two huge slides (one for the boys and one for the girls).  No longer will kids hide atop the hill at the edge of Mr. Prewitt’s yard and, as “Indians,” attack the “Cowboys” on the merry-go-round (which served as the Wagon Train (imagine a real wagon train in a circle formation as protection from the imminent attacks by the “Indians” on “Indian Hill” by Mr. Prewitt’s house)), resulting in the capture of those “Cowboys” and their enslavement under the cedar trees atop that hill.  Gone is the “Wanted” posters that we would make in class and, at recess, that we would use to capture and jail our “criminals” in the “jails” at the auditorium entrance.  Gone is the old gym that was once an airplane hangar at Camp McCain and was home to so many during sports activities.  Gone is the football field and bleachers that used to be packed on Tuesdays for Pee Wee Football and on Friday nights for high school football, and for track meets.  Gone is the concession stand atop those bleachers with the “score house” atop it, where the scorekeepers would perch during the games.  And, gone are the childhood sayings such as: “Bell Rung, Bell Rung; Teacher Got Her Tail Hung,” or “Glory, Glory Hallelujah!  Teacher Hit Me With A Ruler; Met Her in the Door with a Luger .44; Now the Teacher Don’t Teach No More !”  Of Course, those were just sayings.  Thirty Years later, kids WOULD meet their teachers with loaded guns across the United States.  It all went downhill from there.


Regardless of the mistakes of the courts or the failure of the “system,” these halls are sacred.  They are the epitome of childhood.  They are a place where respect was earned, not forced upon; where a student would actually learn from his or her mistakes, not become instilled with hatred because he or she had been dealt discipline for something that he had done wrong. 


Although I’ve covered the origins of Vaiden’s schools on the SCHOOLS PAGE, with many pictures of the Vaiden School located there, I thought it fit to include pictures of the building that brought out the greatness in all of us as it appears today (October, 2001).  She is now a cold shell of what she once was, and she weeps for the loss of her maternal influence upon so many, but she still stands, ready to protect and defend her kids.  But, like so many, we’ve abandoned her, grown into adulthood, and think ourselves “above” her influence.  Oh, we who know so little, forgetful of a place that taught us so much.  Like our loved ones, she will one day be gone, but she will live on in these pictures, and in the memories of those of us who still care.



FOREWORD:  The descriptions of the pictures on this page are those from the memories of a tried and true Vaiden student from 19601972.  The classrooms are described as such.  You may remember some of the classrooms as having a different purpose from what I’ve listed. Also, keep in mind that many things have changed since my graduation in 1972.  I will try to explain in detail, where permissible. 


DEDICATION:  Of course, anyone with a conscience would thank GOD and his or her parents and family members for instilling a sense of pride and appreciation for those things afforded them.  That is what I do here:  To my Mother and Father, Juanita Hambrick Collins and Alf Trotter Collins and my Aunt and Uncle, Louise Hambrick Caddess and Wilson Monroe Caddess: I love you more than any words that can ever be written. Thank You for giving me those memories.  To my next generation, my two wonderful sons Cody Ryan Collins and Sean Eric Collins: Thank You for listening to all my tales of Vaiden and of all the memories which make us all a part of what we are today, and for actually becoming interested in what I have to say.  Thank You also for visiting my school with me on December 8, 2001, and for performing “The Night Before Christmas” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” for me on the very stage at Vaiden School that inspired so many.  The “Collins Method Actors” truly have potential.  Encore!  Encore!  I love you endlessly. 


When asked if any teacher during my school years made a positive impact on me above all others, I would have to say that, although most of the teachers I had influenced me positively in one way or another, the one that influenced me most was MISS GRACE HATCHER.  In my childhood stupidity, and as her student in various classes from the 6th through the 12th grades, I tried my best not to believe a word she said.  I tried not to listen in class, and to cut up more than normal, but she stuck by me with that unfaltering hope that I would one day see the light.  Miss Grace, I’ve seen it.  If there ever is an opening for Teacher of the Century, I’ll be there to nominate you.  I know that there will be many more of your students to second the nomination.


Also, Mrs. Frank (Beatrice) Prewitt and Mrs. Lamar (Martha) Bowie were inspirations that shall never be forgotten.  Mrs. Prewitt was not only my neighbor and friend, but the teacher that got me started in school, and helped send me down the right path.  Mrs. Bowie kept me there.  Of all the years I’ve played music, Mrs. Bowie has forgotten more about music than I’ll ever know.  The above three ladies -- Miss Grace, Mrs. Prewitt, and Mrs. Bowie – were divine inspirations.  If ever angels walked the earth, three of them taught at Vaiden.  Unbeknownst to them, they are still teaching.



DISHONORABLE MENTION:  Just as Miss Grace believed in me, there was one at Vaiden that didn’t.  I shall not call his name, but I shall tell you that he was the Principal at Vaiden when I graduated in 1972.  When I was in Elementary School, he had the audacity to tell my mother that I would never amount to anything.  I cannot imagine the impact that had on my mother, but I know the impact it had on me.  Being not of Divine origin and in the realization that I am only an ordinary human like everyone else below Heaven, I can forgive, but I cannot forget those remarks.  However I can assure you that I am something.  I have my education and a wonderful family.  I can also assure you that what I have become in life and any positive input I received along the way was NOT the result of anything you ever did or said.  I’ve lived my life thus far and proved you wrong.  Just as wrong as you were then, you are wrong now to think any differently.  However, I hope that God will forgive you for that remark, if it is His will to do so.  What does not kill us, only makes us stronger.  And, sometimes, it really pisses us off.  Although you held the title of Principal in 1972, there never was but ONE Principal while I attended Vaiden School.  That person was Mr. Frank Prewitt. And, I can assure you that you’re not him.


DISHONORABLE MENTION # 2:  Only one other person should be mentioned in this category.  He was the Head Coach at Vaiden in 1969.  Once again, no names will be mentioned.  A thief “stole” the information from my SCHOOLS PAGE in an attempt to create a “shrine” to honor two of Vaiden’s coaches.  One of these coaches deserves the accolades he earned, as he later became a Principal at Vaiden.  The Head coach, however, deserves nothing, just as the web thief deserves nothing for ripping off someone else’s hard work to claim as his own.  Coach, I can assure you that there’s NOTHING honorable about you.  Sorry is as sorry does.


[Ed. NOTE: There are times in our lives that we realize that, although we might not like some people that have crossed our path, we must arrive at the realization that they, as teachers, were just doing their job and, although we might not have agreed with them at the time, we must forgive them.  After all, “to err is human; to forgive, divine.”  Although we can forgive, but never forget, today, February 3, 2008, I forgive these two people for the things that have affected me throughout the years.  I hope they can forgive me for my transgressions, as well.  In nomine patris, et filii, et spiritus sancti.  Amen.]







More Information on Vaiden’s Schools


Vaiden’s Schools     Vaiden Bulldogs Schedules 

The Rush Weir Will     Graduating Classes



AUTHOR’S DAYS AT VAIDEN SCHOOL FROM 19601972.  You May Remember These Rooms As For Some Class Other Than What I’ve Listed.  If you do, please let me know, so I can mention it on these pages.





School Building Exterior and Grounds


Elementary School Plaque  --   High School Plaque

[Ed. Note:  The R.C. Weir Memorial Building (Vaiden Elementary and High School Building) was completed in 1941 through the W.A. Project 7233.  It was constructed by E.L. Malvaney, who also built the E.T. Woolfolk State Office Building in 1949 in Jackson, MS, as well as the Mississippi War Memorial Building in 1939, also in Jackson, MS]


Read more on E,L, Malvaney (from Wikipedia:


Entrance to Elementary School

Front of School   --  Outdoor Water Fountain and Elementary (Western) Entrance    

Outdoor Water Fountain and Elementary (Western) Entrance # 2

Southwest View  --   Southwest View # 2

View From the West  --   View From Band Hall

Behind School Looking Eastward  --   Rear of School (Lunchroom Area)

Rear of School From Parking Lot   --  Eastern Lunchroom Entrance

Eastern Lunchroom Entrance # 2  --   Eastern Lunchroom Entrance from Newer Lunchrooms

Eastern Side of Auditorium and Entrance by Principal’s Office  --  New(er) Lunchrooms

View from Home Economics Dept.  --   Eastern Auditorium Entrance

Entrance by Principal’s Office  --   Southwestern View of School

Rear View of Boy’s Restrooms  --   View from Western Lunchroom Doors

View of 3rd and 6th Grade and A/V Room from Lunchroom   --  Another View of Eastern Side of School

View Toward Football Field From Boy’s Restroom

View of Rear Entrance of School and Elementary Boy’s Restroom

The Old Merry-Go-Round, Volleyball Court and Swing Set (scanned from Vaiden Annual)

Dusting Erasers (scanned from Vaiden Annual) – Close-Up

“Indian Hill”

[In the preceding photo of “Indian Hill,” there were several cedar trees along the bank behind where the rear of the car is in the photo.  Between those trees was a “rut” that had been worn out of the bank where we used to climb the bank to take our “prisoners” and hold them in confinement until they were deemed suitable for release.  Childhood does have its privileges.]


[Ed. Note:  Although all male Elementary Grade students referred to the Elementary School Restroom as the “Little Boys’ Room” and the High School Boys’ Room as “The Basement,” boys from any grade would raise their hand and ask “May I go to the Basement?”]

Part of old Vaiden School used as Coach & Science Building

(Assistant Coaches and Assistant Teachers would livin the room on the upper right of this picture)

View of Western Side of Auditorium and Elementary School Entrance

Another View of the Western Auditorium Entrance

View of Side of School from Newer Merry-Go-Round

View of Western Sides of School from Newer Gym

Eastern Auditorium Entrance  --   Outdoor Water Fountain by High School (Eastern) Entrance

Auditorium Entrance From Front # 1  --   Auditorium Entrance From Front # 2

Auditorium Entrance From Front # 3Western Auditorium Entrance

A Look Down Steps To Bleachers by Band Hall (Concession Stand Would Have Been On Left At Bottom Of Steps)

A Closer Look Down Steps To Bleachers

The Bleachers as They Used to Be

Another Look Where the Bleachers Used to Be

Steps to the Bleachers

Band Hall Exterior

Entrance to Old A /V Room

Entrance to Old A /V Room # 2

Rear of Boys’ Restroom (a.k.a. “The Basement”)

Where Buses Used to Tread

Home Economics / Agriculture Building Exterior from Eastern Auditorium Entrance

Another View Of Home Economics / Agriculture Building Exterior from Eastern Auditorium Entrance

Going to the Lunchroom

Looking Down on the “Basement”

Home Economics / Agriculture Building from “New” Cafeteria

“New” Cafeteria from Home Economics / Agriculture Building

Photo of 1966 Freshman Class on old Boy’s Slide

A Better Picture of the Slides

(These two slides were about 6 – 10 feet apart. The one closest to the school was the boy’s slide.  The slide west of this one was the girl’s slide.)

Bus Gas Pump at Rear of School by Lunch Room

Old Merry-Go-Round (outside the Auditorium doors)

Large Swing Set

“New” Merry-Go-Round (outside the 4th & 5th Grade windows)






School Interior


Upper Western Hallway


Looking North (Toward Football Field)


[First Grade is on the Immediate Left; Second Grade is on the left past the First Grade; stairs going down to the lower level (by the 5th Grade) are on the left past the Second Grade door; and a storage closet is on the left past the stairs.  Stairs going down to the lower level hallway (by the back door, next to the little boys’ bathroom) are on the immediate right.  A Business/English classroom is the first classroom on the right and the Third Grade is on the right at the end of the hallway.]


A Lamp Unto My Feet. . .

First Grade Classroom # 1First Grade Classroom # 2

First Grade Classroom # 3 - First Grade Classroom # 4

A Lot Of Class

Going to the Lunchroom

Teacher’s Pets

Stairs (Across from the First Grade Door) Going Down to the Lower Level by the Back Entrance

Bottom of Stairs from First Grade area (Girl’s Restroom door is also in picture)

Going Down Stairs across from First Grade

Stairs Leading Downward past Second Grade Door (on left of hallway (northwest end))

Second GradeSecond Grade

Third GradeThird GradeThird GradeThird Grade

View of Lower Level Hallway from stairwell landing after going downward past 2nd Grade door

[6th Grade would be straight ahead; 5th Grade would be first door on right after turning the corner]

Bottom of Stairs from Second/Third Grade area (Door to lower level A/V room is sealed off)

Closet at end of hall on left past Second Grade Doorway

Inside Closet at end of hall on left past Second Grade doorway

English/Business ? Classroom (across from First Grade)

English/Business ? Classroom (across from First Grade)

First Grade Transom

“Electric” Paddle -- Feel The Burn

“Electric” Paddle – Take Your Licks




Upper Front Hallway


Eastern Auditorium Entrance and Upper Hall Leading to First Grade (As Seen From Principal’s Office)

 Looking Eastward Down Hallway Toward Principal’s Office (Western Auditorium Hallway Door is on Right)

Teacher’s Restrooms (on left across from western auditorium entrance hall)

Doors to Teacher’s Restroom (looking toward Principal’s Office)

Doors to Eastern Auditorium Hallway

Upper Hallway Switchboxes (on wall overlooking top of boy’s restroom)

View of top of Boys’ Restrooms and Third Grade Window from Upper Hallway Window





Upper Eastern Hallway


Principal’s Office



Mr. Frank Prewitt – Principal Extraordinaire; Educator Incarnate


One of the INFAMOUS “Electric Paddles” (Non-Prewitt Version)

[Ed. Note:  Mr. Prewitt’s “Electric Paddle” was reputed to have holes drilled in it to allow air to pass through during the swing, aiding in increased swing speed and allowing air to contact the posterior, resulting in maximum burn and effectiveness.  His paddle also aided in future memory retention as to what to do to avoid a recurrence of application.  However, the proper application of the “electric paddle” surely resulted in may students’ uttering 4-letter expletives long before they would have normally been used.  These expletives most certainly would not have been uttered aloud, for fear of reapplication or increased dosage, giving new meaning to the phrase “STANDING at Attention.”  Although students might have been able to avoid the “electric paddle” during their days at Vaiden, they often were exposed to paddling with the old Bolo paddles (the paddle-ball game sans rubber band and rubber ball) or having their hands paddled with a ruler.  Other forms of punishment included writing certain phrases hundreds of times, standing in the corner, staying in at recess, staying after school, standing outside the classroom, or standing in front of the whole class for the entire period with one’s nose in a circle on the blackboard that was always about 3 higher than anything close to comfortable.]



Sad Day for V.H.S.


Carroll County Conservative (Carrollton, MS)  – 04/20/1967 – P.1


Frank Prewitt to Move to Picayune School System


Frank D. Prewitt, for 25 years superintendent and principal in the Vaiden school system, has accepted a position in the Picayune city school system.


M.P. Smith, superintendent of Picayune schools, said Mr. Prewitt will assume his new duties as principal of the Roseland Park elementary school there July 1 of this year.


“We are pleased and fortunate to obtain a person of Mr. Prewitt’s caliber and experience in public school administration,” Smith said, “and we’re looking forward to having him here.”


Mr. Prewitt began his career in education at the Ethel High School as mathematics teacher and coach.  After three years there, he went to McAdams as superintendent, serving there seven years, before moving to his present post at Vaiden.


He received his B.A. degree in science and math at Miss College, and his master’s degree in education at Mississippi State.


Mr. Prewitt is married to the former Beatrice Bell and they have two children, Wiley of Winona and Frank Jr., of Jackson.


[Ed. Note 1: Mr. Prewitt’s middle initial “D” stood for Dudley.]

[Ed. Note 2: Mr. Prewitt served as Assistant Superintendent with the Picayune School District from Fall 1967 through Spring 1972.]




The following scans were taken from the Mississippi College Tribesman (yearbook).  Mr. Prewitt attended Mississippi College in Clinton, MS from 1928-1931.

Freshman Photo – 1928       Attala Club – 1928


(Notice that the Tribesman misspelled “Attala,” and assigned the wrong initials to Mr. Prewitt – It should have been “F.D.” Prewitt)


Sophomore Photo – 1929       Attala Club – 1929


Junior Photo – 1930


Senior Photo – 1931       Senior Photo Closeup -- 1931


Mr. Prewitt (11/18/1907 – 04/22/1983 – aged 75 years, 4 months and 4 days) and Mrs. Prewitt (11/29/1910 – 02/28/2001 – aged 90 years, 2 months and 30 days) are buried at Stonewall Cemetery at Ethel, MS.


Time to Play (The Recess Clock) – Rules to Live By

Eastern Auditorium Entrance and Upper Hall Leading to First Grade (As Seen From Principal’s Office)

 Looking Eastward Down Hallway Toward Principal’s Office (Western Auditorium Hallway Door is on Right)

Former Principal’s Office (listed here as “Math Coordinator”)

Inside Former Principal’s Office (the desk used to sit here)

Former Sick Room (door in this picture goes into former Principal’s Office)

Another View of the Former Sick Room (Notice the School Bell on the Wall – This room is now the “Office”)

Still Another Former Sick Room View (Note the “Office” Sign Over the Door)

Looking North (“Old” Gym Was Formerly Seen From Windows at End of Hall)

[Stairs on left lead to rear exit by high school restroom – Study Hall is on left at the end of the hall – Principal’s Office is on Right]

View Down the Stairs

Bottom of the Stairs in the Above Picture (door on left goes into 7th Grade)

Looking Down the Stairs at the North End of the Eastern Hallway

Stairs at North End of Hall (downward to lower eastern hallway (by 8th Grade))

Stairwell Landing (looking out toward “New” Lunchroom Trailer)

View of Football Field Area from North Upper Hallway Window

View of Former Site of “Old” Gym from North Upper Hallway Window

Storeroom to the Right of Upper Hallway Window

View Southward Toward Principal’s Office from Upper Hallway Window

Study Hall Photo 1 (Facing North)

Study Hall Photo 2 (Facing Principal’s Office)

Study Hall Photo 3 (These Windows Overlook Boys’ Restroom)

Classroom (Directly Across from Sick Room)

Ninth Grade Algebra (across from 7th and 8th Grades) – Ninth Grade AlgebraHigh School Classroom (across from Study Hall)

High School Classroom (across from Study Hall) – Ninth/Tenth Grade English ? Classroom (across from Study Hall)

More of Ninth/Tenth Grade English ? ClassroomHigh School Classroom (across from Study Hall)

High School Classroom  (across from Study Hall)





Lower Eastern Hallway


View Southward From Lower Eastern Hallway Windows

[Stairs going Up to Upper Hallway (not shown) are on the left, as is the door going down to the Lunchroom.  Eighth Grade Classroom is on immediate right; Seventh Grade classroom is last door on the right before this hall turns to the right.  Door to Mr. Alford’s Algebra Class (shown) is on the immediate left in this picture.  On the left at the end of this hall is Charlie McBride’s 9th Grade English Classroom.  Turning right at the end of this hallway will take you through the lower front hallway toward the 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade classrooms.]


View Northward Toward Lower Eastern Hallway Windows

[This photo looks back toward the gym, and is exactly the opposite of the preceding photo.]


Seventh Grade (Lower Hallway Entrance Door)

Looking Back Out of 7th Grade Classroom Toward Spot Where Above Photo  Was Taken

7th Grade Eastern Wall Retention Bolts

7th Grade Classroom (Northern Wall)

[Doorway straight ahead goes into 8th Grade.  Doorway on right goes into lower eastern hallway (across from Mr. Alford’s Algebra Classroom.]


Looking into 8th Grade Classroom from 7th Grade

8th Grade Classroom (Door to right is across from Door leading down to Lunchroom)

8th Grade Classroom (Looking Back at 7th Grade Adjoining Doorway)

Another 8th Grade Classroom Photo (Door to right is across from Door leading down to Lunchroom)

Seventh Grade English - Seventh Grade EnglishSeventh Grade English





Lower Front Hallway


Hallway Looking Eastward Toward High School Side

Hallway Looking Westward Toward Elementary School Side

Looking Toward the High School Side

[In this picture, you are about to go through the lower front hallway toward the High School side of the school.  About 10 feet on the left from where this photo was taken are the stairs going up to the upper western hallway (by the 1st Grade).  The first door on the left is the southern entrance to the Girls’ Restroom.  The second door on the left will take you outside the back of the school by the Little Boys’ Restroom (the “Basement’).  After you go through the lower hallway, the first door on the left will take you outside the back of the school by the High School Boys’ Restroom (also known as the “Basement”).  Then, the second door on the left will take you into the 7th Grade classroom.  Past that doorway will be the stairs going upward to the upper eastern hallway (by the Principal’s Office).  The doorway on the left past the stairs is to the western Janitor’s closet.]


Eastern End of Lower Hallway


[Immediate door (not shown) on left from where this photo was taken, will take you outside by the High School Boys’ Restroom.  Next door on left (also not shown) will take you into the 7th Grade classroom).  Stairs go up to upper eastern hallway (by Principal’s Office).  Door (visible) on left is lower eastern hallway  Janitorial closet.  Door straight ahead goes into Charlie McBride’s 9th Grade English Classroom.  Turning left at the end of this hall will take you past Mr. Alford’s Algebra classroom (on the right) and toward the stairs going down to the lunchroom.]





Lower Western Hallway


View Southward from Western Lower Hallway Windows

[From this view, stairs (not shown) going up to upper western hallway (by 2nd Grade Door), and down to A/V area (doorway is now sealed) are on the immediate right.  First door on the right is the 5th Grade Classroom.  Last door on right is 4th Grade classroom.  First door on the left is the 6th Grade Classroom.  Second Door on left is the western entrance to the Girls’ Restroom.  Last door on left is a Janitorial closet.  Turning left at the end of this hallway will take you through the lower front hallway toward the High School side.]


Fourth GradeFourth GradeFourth Grade

Fifth GradeFifth GradeFifth Grade - Fifth Grade

Sixth GradeSixth Grade

Chalk One Up For Me

Door Going Down to A /V Room (under 5th and 6th Grades)




Band Hall and “ New ” Gym


Office   --  Blackboard (Northeast Corner)  --  Office and Southwest Corner

“New” Gym and Band Hall -- New Gym, Band Hall and Weir Home (former Principal’s Home)

“New Gym” Basketball Court

Band Hall Front  --   Band Hall Side Toward Football Field

Interior -- Office -- Storeroom




Home Economics and Agriculture Shop


Home Economics Department Front

Northern Side of Home Economics Dept.Home Economics Classroom from Rear

Home Economics Second Classroom (From Front)Home Economics Front Room

Home EC and Ag Shop from Southwestern CornerAG Shop From Southeastern Corner

Home EC “Bedroom” -- Agriculture Classroom From FrontAgriculture Classroom From Rear

Future Farmer AwardsFuture Farmer BannerFuture Farmer Purposes

Future Farmers of America Charter (Vaiden Chapter)FFA TrophyFFA Trophy (Closeup)

View of Agriculture Shop From ClassroomAgriculture Shop Office

Agriculture Shop View # 2Agriculture Shop View # 3Agriculture Shop View # 4

Agriculture Shop Paint Room

Heavy Metal

Clean Sweep


All Geared Up





The “Original” Lunchroom


The Door to the Lunchroom Steps

Down the Steps (Across from the 8th Grade Classroom)Further Down the Steps

Where the Lunchroom Used to BeLunchroom Photo # 2

Lunchroom Photo # 3Lunchroom Photo # 4 -- Eastern Lunchroom Entrance

Eastern Lunchroom Entrance # 2  -- Eastern Lunchroom Entrance from Newer Lunchrooms

Let’s Eat

Going Back to Class






The Auditorium


Exit Stage LeftEastern Side Auditorium Hall (Leaving Auditorium (Close to Principal’s Office))

Eastern Side Auditorium Hall Photo # 2 -- Eastern Side Auditorium Hall Photo # 3

Eastern Auditorium Entrance and Upper Hall Leading to First Grade (As Seen From Principal’s Office)

All The World’s A Stage (Looking Westward) -- EncoreEncore # 2 -- Props

Stage Looking EastwardSeating # 1Light Sockets

Seating # 2Seating # 3 -- Exit Stage Left #2Eastern Auditorium Hallway (Close to Principal’s Office)

The Stage Photo # 1Western Auditorium Hallway (Close to 1st Grade)

Western Auditorium Hallway (Entering Auditorium) – More PropsBack Wall of Stage

Seating # 4Seating # 5Western Stage Entrance

Exit Stage Right (Looking at Inside of Western Auditorium Side Entrance Door)

Still More Props

 Looking Eastward Down Hallway Toward Principal’s Office (Western Auditorium Hallway Door is on Right)

Under the Stage # 1Under the Stage # 2Under the Stage # 3

[The Access Doors (Above) for Getting Under the Stage are in the Western Auditorium Entrance Hallway]

It’s “Curtains” for the Curtains

Wide View     Wide View # 2

After Some of the Seats Were Removed to Create a “Study Hall”


The Collins Method Actors – Live at V.H.S Auditorium – 12/08/2001


How the Grinch Stole Christmas     The Night Before Christmas

Encore !     Curtain Call





The Room Under The Stairs


This Room is known by me as the Old Audio/Visual Room.  When I was in school at Vaiden, we watched the moon landings on TV from that room.  Most of the time I went to Vaiden, it was either closed and locked up, or used as junk storage, as it is now.  This room is directly across from the Lunchroom entrance/exit.  The 5th and 6th Grades (and, maybe part of the 4th Grade) sits directly above it.


Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3


Photo 4Photo 5Photo 6Photo 7





Class Photos


[Ed. Note:  Photos of every class were hung on the upper front hallway wall between the First Grade and the Principal’s Office.  When there was no more room in the upper front hallway, pictures were then hung on the walls of the entrance hallways going into the auditorium.  Upon the closing of the school in 1999, many of the class photos were given to the President of his or her class.  No photos remain on the walls of the upper hallway.  Very few class photos remain in the auditorium entrance hallways.]


19701968 and 1972

[In October, 2001, these photos were in the western entranceway to the auditorium]



[In October, 2001, this photo was on the wall in the auditorium]


Assorted Photos

# 1 -- # 2 -- # 3 -- # 4

[In October, 2001, these photos were in the eastern entranceway to the auditorium]


On December 8, 2001, there were very few class pictures still hanging in the school.  They are for the years 1968, 1970, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1981, 1984, 1985. 1988, and 1989.  Others have been “spirited away” to or by members of those classes.


Vehicular Invasion


1968’s Most Courteous

Deborah Williams and Sammy Alexander

Bicycle Courtesy of Ronnie Collins



1969’s Cutest

Doris Corley and Marvin Noah

Go-Kart Courtesy of Ronnie Collins



1969’s Freshman Officers

Spyder Bike (left) Courtesy of Ronnie Collins; Soyder Bike (middle) Courtesy of Dwight Welch; Bicycle (right) Courtesy Unknown



1969’s Sophomore Officers

Honda Cub 50 (left) Courtesy of Ronnie Collins; Honda 125 Scrambler Courtesy of Jack Fullilove





The “Basement”



High School Boys’ Restroom


Inside View




“Little Boys’” Restroom


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Girls’ Restroom


Inside View





Undocumented Pictures


During the late 1960s and early 1970s, there were two trailers that were set up behind the school (in the former school bus parking area).  These were used for biology classes, football strategy meetings, and other classes.  These trailers are no longer there, thus no pictures of them are available.





Assorted Awards


[For Many Years, Vaiden kept a trophy case that sat at the entrance to the Records Room (where the cork board is in THIS PHOTO) and well within view of the Principal’s Office.  That trophy case and the trophy collection in it has long since disappeared.]


Award 1Award 2Award 3Award 4Award 5Award 6

Award 7Award 8Award 9Award 10





I’ve Got You Covered !


Coca-Cola Book Covers

A&M Milk

A&M Ice Cream







The “New” Cafeteria


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Photo 4     Photo 5     Photo 6     Photo 7





Freshman Initiation 1969


Ed Note:  A word about Freshman Initiation -- Have you ever been to HELL ?  That’s what Freshman Initiation was.  Every year, when 8th Graders finally graduated to the Freshman Class, the Seniors would pick and choose the Freshman that would serve them for a day.  The poor Freshman would have to dress as the Senior required, and do chores for them, such as carry their books, get them a Coke, etc.  There really wasn’t a way out of it, except to face even more humiliation for the rest of the year for refusing to do it, than to grin and bear it for a day.  Below, you will see the results of poor Freshman in the year 1969, catering to the whims of the Senior Children of Satan.    In all, it really was fun.  Enjoy the photos, because, I can guarantee you – that’s the last time you’ll see me (second from the top in the right column) in a dress!



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Student’s Stories/Papers


My Life by Juanita Fisher, Vaiden High School Senior – Class of 1947





Parting Shot


School’s Out Forever


Well we got no choice
All the girls and boys
Makin’ all that noise
'Cause they found new toys
Well we can't salute ya
Can't find a flag
If that don't suit ya
That's a drag
School's out for summer
School's out forever
School's been blown to pieces
No more pencils
No more books
No more teacher's dirty looks
Well we got no class
And we got no principles (principals)
And we got no innocence
We can't even think of a word that rhymes
School's out for summer
School's out forever
My school's been blown to pieces
No more pencils
No more books
No more teacher's dirty looks
Out for summer
Out 'til fall
We might not come back at all
School's out forever
School's out for summer
School's out with fever
School's out completely