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** Vaiden High Declared Historic Landmark – Article **


Vaiden High School Renovated as Community Center – 2008 .pdf file



Vaiden's Schools


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From the years 1840 to 1870, there were very few public schools in Carroll County. Most of them were rural which were taught by one or two teachers lasting one to four months in session when the teachers were not engaged in other activities.

The smaller children were taught at home by parents, older sisters and brothers, hired tutors or sent to a private school. Miss Julia Sanderson had a private school in her home east of the railroad in Vaiden. Later she taught in a building on the hill where B.W. Holmes' home now stands. She also taught in the Vaiden Public School.


More Information on Vaiden's Schools


The Sacred Halls of V.H.S. -- Vaiden Bulldogs Schedules

The Rush Weir Will -- Vaiden's Graduating Classes

School Days of the Past Article


Public Schools


The first public school in the area was thought to have been established in 1860. It was located east of the Vaiden Cemetery. Miss Annie Thompson was one of the first teachers of the Vaiden Public School. Professors McGoffin, Ford, Leighton, Adams, Carlton and Dr. T.W. Fullilove also taught.  However, unless this was the same school, there had apparently been one school, Richland Academy, in or around Shongalo since 1838.

In 1875, Dr. & Mrs. C.M. Vaiden built a public school, the Vaiden Male and Female Institute, to be used "solely and exclusively for educational purposes." This school was located where the Vaiden High School is located today. They gave to the black people the academy formerly used by the white children.

The deed for the Vaiden Male and Female Institute states: We designate and appoint as trustees for life, or as long as willing to serve, the following men: W.A. Wilson, S.C. Baines, Dr. A.J. Sanderson, S. Lichenstein, John J. Cain, W.M. Anderson, E.C. Ely, Dr. Joseph Applewhite, Benjamin Rosenthal, Joseph Hirsh, S.E. McConnico, Sr., B.J. Kopperl, R.R. Hawkins, D.D. Fullilove, Dr. Sam A. Hairston. Any seven shall constitute a quorum.

Dr. Vaiden chose Charles Henry Barksdale and his wife, Emily St. Albans Woodson Barksdale, as the first teachers of the institute.

The institute was accredited in 1910 with two in the graduating class: Eula Lee Cole and Joseph Herring.

In the early 1900s, this building was struck by lightning and partially destroyed. The exterior was reinforced and the interior reworked. Later an annex of three rooms was added. This building was used until 1941.


Timeline for Vaiden Schools


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Old Landmark Removed

From: The Conservative, Friday, July 19, 1946, P.4.  The VAIDEN OUTLOOK section.

The old building of the Vaiden High School which has stood since 1876 or earlier, has been removed to make room for a gymnasium for the new school building which was completed in 1942.  With few exceptions, this old building has stood since the childhood days of everyone in this community.

Supt. F.D. Prewitt has been fortunate in obtaining new equipment for the new building—opera chairs for the auditorium, furniture and scenery for the stage, and a beautiful curtain.  The floor in the auditorium has been sanded and waxed and other improvements will be made before school opens in the fall.

The trustees, and indeed all the people of this community, are grateful to Mr. Prewitt for his untiring efforts on behalf of the school.

Mr. Prewitt has had sixteen years’ experience in school work and has been with the Vaiden School since 1942.  He has ever had the interest of every pupil in it at heart since he has been here.

[NOTE: The building that was removed was apparently the building that Dr. Vaiden caused to be built which, as a gift to Vaiden for educational purposes – including 4 acres of land – sat where the old Vaiden Gym of the 1960s once sat. That old gym was previously an aircraft hangar at Camp McCain.]



Mr. Rush Weir's will of 1938 deeded the land adjoining the Vaiden Public School (as it was now called) to the Vaiden Separate School District and also $25,000. With this money and $15,000 more, the present Vaiden High School Building was built in 1941 under the W.P.A. Program. The old Weir house on the property west of the school was purchased for a teacher's home. It was later used as the Principal's home, as well. The school also provided a home for the agriculture teacher.

Vaiden Separate School District was changed to a county school in 1943. Midway, Blackmonton, Brownline, Beatty and Hebron schools were consolidated with it. Blackhawk joined in 1956.

Until desegregation in the mid-1960s, Vaiden's Black High School Students attended the North Vaiden School, now known as the Percy Hathorn Public School.


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Vaiden School Will Open September 6th


The Conservative, "Vaiden Outlook" Section, 08/20/1943. P.2., by Mrs. S.P. Armstrong


"The Vaiden Public School will open for the 1943-1944 session, on Monday, September 6, at 9 a.m."

"All students are requested to report at that hour for registration and classification."

"The public is also cordially invited to be present for the opening and to see the new building, which is near completion and will be in full use for this season."

"The faculty is now complete with the following teachers: F.D. Prewitt, Principal and Math; Miss Ruth Hood, Science; Mrs. James A. Hill, English; Miss Grace Norwood, History."

"Grammar School: Miss Grace Hatcher, 6th and 7th Grades; Mrs. Marion Ely, 4th and 5th Grades; Miss Lovie Wright, 2nd and 3rd Grades; Mrs. F.D. Prewitt; Primary and 1st Grade; Miss Mary Haman, Hall."


Vaiden High Opens


The Conservative, "Vaiden Outlook" Section, 09/10/1943. P.2., by Mrs. S.P. Armstrong


"The 1943-1944 session of Vaiden High School opened Monday, September 6. The worship period was in charge of Rev. J.W. McNutt who brought out very beautifully, the need of God and prayers in the lives of all."

"Supt. F.D. Prewitt made an interesting talk and introduced the new teachers."

"Mr. B.W. Holmes, president of the board of trustees, made a nice talk about the new school building."

"Misses Nell Williams and Ann Fullilove played a piano duet."

"Visitors inspected the new building before leaving."

"The spacious auditorium was filled for this opening."


School Opens Aug. 25 -- Holidays Slated


The Conservative, 08/04/1960. P.1.


Vaiden school faculty will be as follows: F.D. Prewitt, Supt.; L.C. Kittrell, Vo. Ag.; Mrs. Vivian H. Kittrell, Home Ec.; Jack Hemphill, Coach & Soc. Sci.; Miss Shula Armstrong, Commercial; Curtis Armstrong, English; Miss Jo Ann Butridge, English; James Tom Dulin, Math; Miss Eva Mae Word, Librarian; Miss Grace Hatcher, Jr. High Math & Soc. Science; Mrs. Evelyn J. Ross, Jr. High English & Soc, Studies.

Mrs. Lillian H. Armstrong, 6th Grade; Mrs. Birdie D. Ely, 5th Grade; Mrs. Alice B. Cox, 4th Grade; Miss Lovie Wright, 3rd Grade; Mrs. Alice H. Pierce, 2nd Grade;

Mrs. Beatrice B. Prewitt, 1st Grade; Mrs. Martha Bowie, Public School Music. Band Director has not been selected yet.

1960-61 school term opens on Thursday Aug. 2 at the 3 white schools in the county. All 3 schools will open for a period of 9 months (180 days), the first holiday being fair day in Sept. or Oct. -- Date is not certain at this time.

Thanksgiving -- schools closed on Thurs. & Fri., Nov. 24 & 25

Christmas -- Dec. 16 - Jan 2, 1961

HEA Holidays -- 16th & 17th of March 1961

1960-61 school term will close on May 24, 1961


Old Landmark Removed


The Conservative, "Vaiden Outlook" Section, 09/17/1946. P.4., by Mrs. S.P. Armstrong


"The old building of Vaiden High School which has stood since 1875 or earlier, had been removed to make room for a gymnasium for the new school building which was completed in 1943. With few exceptions, this old building has stood since the childhood days of everyone in this community." 

"Supt. F.D. Prewitt has been fortunate in obtaining new equipment for the new building -- opera chairs for the auditorium, furniture and scenery for the stage, and a beautiful curtain. The floor in the auditorium has been sanded and waxed and other improvements will be made before school opens in the fall."

“The trustees, and indeed all the people of this community, are grateful to Mr. Prewitt for his untiring efforts in behalf of the school."

"Mr. Prewitt has had sixteen years’ experience in school work and has been with the Vaiden School since 1942. He has ever had the interest of the school and every pupil in it at heart since he has been here."


Vaiden High School was extremely competitive in sports, with the ability to draw huge crowds, filling the football stadium or the gymnasium to capacity. Vaiden's old gym (second gym) was said to have been a barracks or hanger at Camp McCain. There was one gym earlier (the school's first gym), but no pictures have been found (yet). The third and newest gym was built in the 1970s and sits in the lot beside the Band Hall.


Vaiden Band (Photo 1) -- Vaiden Band (Photo 2) -- Vaiden Band (Photo 3) -- Vaiden Band -- (1965 Photo)


Note: Some of the Band Pictures were Damaged. Please be patient. . .better ones are coming soon (hopefully).

Vaiden High School Band Ratings


The Vaiden High School Band rated good against strong competition of larger schools.

Drum Major, Linda Jones, rated 2; Student Director, Alice Shands, Rated 2; The Band rated as follows: Marching, 2; Inspection, 2; Concert, 3; Sight Reading, 3. Congratulations to our Band !


Source: The Conservative [Vaiden Outlook Section], April 15, 1965. P.3.

Vaiden's First Grade Class of 1960-1961


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Vaiden High School Pictures -- April, 2000


Picture 1 -- Picture 2 -- Picture 3 -- Picture 4

Picture 5 -- Picture 6 -- Picture 7 -- Picture 8


Football Field Looking West # 1 -- Football Field Looking West # 2


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The following have served as principals at Vaiden High School:


Col. C.H. Barksdale -- 1875-1881

J.S. Colmery -- 1881-1882

J.E. Hopkins -- 1882-1883

C.W. Lynch -- 1883-1885

Capt. Lee -- 1885-1886

W.N. Bridges -- 1886-1887

R.B. Smith -- 1887-1888

Sam Sanderson -- 1888-1889

W.W. Woodson -- 1889-1901

T.L. Mitchell -- 1901-1903

M.B. Potter -- 1903-1905

Robert Bailey -- 1905-1910

J.R. Bingham -- 1910-1912

E.B. Allen -- 1912-1916

Mr. Sumrall -- 1916-1918

J.L. White -- 1918-1919

G.L. Breschler -- 1919-1924

Mr. Hellen -- 1924-1925

W.C. Grayson -- 1925-1929

Dewey Denton -- 1929-1930

Mr. Melvin -- 1930-1931

C.W. Pullen -- 1931-1939

Frank Louis Hawkins -- 1939-1940

Frank D. Prewitt -- 1940-1967

Curtis Armstrong -- 1967-1973

Jerry O'Briant -- 1973

James M. Alford -- 1973

C.G. Gaston -- 1974-1975

Billy Joe Ferguson -- 1975-1999


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Serving as able assistants to these superintendents were several Vaiden Ladies who served many years:


Miss Mary Haman -- Entire teaching career of about 60 years was spent in Vaiden.

Served under two former pupils: C.W. Pullen and Frank Hawkins.


Miss Lovie Wright -- about 40 years

Mrs. Alberta Grantham (J.W.) Conger -- about 10 years

Miss Annie Dora Wright (wrote The Wright Way to Write;
adopted for Mississippi textbook) -- about 15 years

Miss Magdalene Armstrong -- 15 years

Miss Maggie Sanderson -- 20 years

Mrs. Shula Armstrong (P.A.) Bennett -- 31 years

Mrs. Evelyn Jones (J.K.) Ross -- 32 years

Miss Grace Hatcher -- 34 years

Mrs. Lillie Hatcher (A.L.) Armstrong -- 16 years

Mrs. Alice Herring (C.A.) Pierce -- 21 years

Miss Eva Mae Word -- 11 years

Mrs. Winnie Bennett (E.H.) Davison -- 14 years

Mrs. Ruby Seale (S.C.) Spencer -- 15 years

Mrs. Alice Cox -- tenure n/a


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Others teaching for several years were:


Mrs. Minnie Austin (J.O.) Cearley

Mrs. Susie Huffman (J.S.) Tucker

Mrs. Jeanette Smith (C.H.) Butt

Miss Ruth Smith

Rufus Smith

S.E. McConnico, Jr.

Mrs. Dot Vaiden (George) Harris

Mrs. Tennie McEachern (L.W.) Herring

Mrs. Mary Conger (J.E.) Phillips

Mrs. Edith Fullilove (L.W.) Kitchens

Dr. James Thomas "Tom" Dulin

Mrs. Beatrice Bell (F.D.) Prewitt was not a native, but spent 26 years here teaching the first grade.

Mrs. Martha McCreary (Lamar) Bowie of West taught music for many years.

Miss Emily Fullilove and Mrs. Willie Boyette (James) Hunter were Vaiden natives who never taught here, but were devoted teachers for many years in other localities.

Mrs. Paulette Collins Palmer (1971-1973 as Ms. Collins and 1973-1976 as Mrs. Palmer)

Mr. Roy Mason


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Vaiden Bulldogs Team Colors


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Faculty and Staff


Like a lot of their peers, Vaiden High School teachers were extremely versatile and well adapted to teaching various classes. As an example, listed below is a compilation from 1963-1970 of all the teachers and other positions in the Vaiden School. It is a list of classes taught and teacher's names only. The year(s) attributed to the teacher and class is not listed. All descriptions are based on the Vaiden High School Yearbook.

County Superintendent: Godfrey Campbell

School Board: W.C. Miskelly, E.W. Moore, Ralph Redditt, Douglas Moore, Vernon Welch, H.P. Mullen

Board of Supervisors: Claude Lott, W.C. (Monkey) Welch, Percy Corder, George Galey, Cecil Herbert

Clerk: Mina H. Gee

Sheriff: M. Bennett

Attorney: Mack L. Boykin

Engineer: Arthur Goodman

Bus Drivers (does not include Student Bus Drivers): Milton Bailey, Tom Montague, Wilson Davis, James Devine, Claude Cox, Earl Daves, Carl Lott, Dub Ellis, Charlie Fullilove, Albert Welch

School Custodians: Tom Lockhart and Curtis Greer

Lunchroom Ladies: Claire Montague, Gladys Cox, Alma Rogers, Ruby Pullen, Lyn. C. Hodges

Principals: Frank Prewitt, Curtis Armstrong

Secretaries: Mrs. Alva Hodges, Linda McBride, Carolyn Armstrong, Lillian (Randle) Donovan, Frances Jenkins

First Grade: Mrs. F.D. Prewitt, Lillie Armstrong, Alice Lipscomb, Betty Miller, Carol Jo Cannon

Second Grade: Lillie Armstrong, Eva Booker, Evelyn Ross, Alice Pierce

Third Grade: Joyce Raby, Louise Holmes, Mary L. Hambrick, Lillie Armstrong, Ernestine Stacy

Fourth Grade: Alice Cox, Louise Holmes, Judy Mayfield

Fifth Grade: Shirley Hemphill, Sylena Jones, Joan McClellan, Jackie Nabors

Sixth Grade: Grace Hatcher, Gladys Hatcher, Lillie Armstrong, Sylena Jones, Mrs. Vicy Ammons

Seventh Grade: Evelyn Ross, Farris Jenkins

Seventh Grade Spelling: Brenda Farrish

Seventh Grade English: Brenda Farrish

Eighth Grade: Grace Hatcher

Eighth Grade Spelling: Charles McBride

Jr. High: Grace Hatcher, Jack Hemphill

Biology: James Alford

Physics: Tom Dulin

Social Science: Jack Hemphill

Band: Bob Esterline, W.B. Oswalt

Study Hall: Eva May Word

Family Relations: Barbara Holley

Occupational Orientation: Drew Lenard

Agriculture: Joe Taylor, Robert Holley, E.P. Raby

Tom Evans and Robert Holley at the Vaiden School Reunion at the Vaiden Baptist Church, Saturday, August 1, 2009


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Vaiden Future Farmers of America -- 1970 Photo


FFA Motto:  “Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve”


FFA Creed: “To practice brotherhood, honor rural opportunities and responsibilities,

and develop those qualities of leadership which a Future Farmer should possess.”


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History of the 4-H Club -- Symbols of the 4-H Club


1950s Jackson Daily News Photo of Delta Livestock Show 4-H Winners

[NOTE: Vaiden 4-H Members are Harold Stanton (3rd from left) and Wallace Welch (4th from left)]

Photo Scan Courtesy of Carla Smith Thomas


Vaiden Boy's 4-H Club -- 1965 Photo


4-H Club Trip to Sardis, MS -- Circa 1968


4-H Club Trip to Sardis, MS -- Photo 2 -- Circa 1968


New 4-H Members -- Circa 1960s


New 4-H Officers – 1969


1999 Vaiden 4-H


Vaiden Girl's 4-H Club -- 1965 Photo


House Bill 73 Commending the Vaiden 4-H Club


Vaiden Future Homemakers of America -- 1970 Photo


FHA Motto: “Toward New Horizons”


Vaiden Girl Named to State FHA Office


4-H and FHA Beautification Project


4-H and FHA makes Vaiden Blossom


Home Economics: Fay Murphy, Barbara Holley, Rose Ann Miller


Business: Martha Noland


English: Jerry Tate, Jean Taylor, Bernard Taylor, Charles McBride, Curtis Armstrong


Commerce: Martha Noland, Shula Armstrong


History: W.B. Montague, Mary L. Hambrick, James Whitehead Jr.,, Jean Taylor, Grace Hatcher, Kenneth Weeks, Frank McClellan, Hugh Shearer


Science: James Alford, Billy J. Ferguson, Alfred Laney, Percy Miller, Jerry O'Briant, Joe Taylor


Government: Martha Bowie, Grace Hatcher


Math: Alfred Laney, Melvin Stacy, Linda Darnell, Tom Dulin, James Alford, Jerry O'Briant, Grace Hatcher


Music: Martha Bowie, Lillian (Randle) Donovan, James Persons, Bernard Taylor


Librarians: Johnnie Flanagan, Brenda Farrish, Linda McBride, Eva May Word


Coaches: Billy J. Ferguson, Percy Miller, Jerry O'Briant, Kenneth Weeks, Frank McClellan, Hugh Shearer, W.B. Montague, James Whitehead, Jr., Jack Hemphill, Curtis Armstrong, Farris Jenkins


The County Superintendents of Education elected from Vaiden were: B.F. Wiley, Sr. -- 1892-1895, D.D. Fullilove, III -- 1916-1924 (Administration was highlighted by Mr. Fullilove's ability to consolidate schools. (Information from W.P.A. Records, Vol. 4, p. 338, Mrs. Charles Duke)) and G.G. Bennett -- 1924-1936 (Further consolidation of schools. Handled Rosenwald Funds.)


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Other than some of those listed above, the 1954 Vaiden Yearbook lists the following teachers:


Miss Lovie Wright -- Third Grade

Mrs. Santa Garrett -- English, Spelling, Reading

Mr. Clarence Pierce -- History

Miss Jane May -- Commerce

Mr. Billy Lewis -- Math and Science

Mr. Lewis Kittrell -- Agriculture

Mr. Pete Garrett -- History, Science, Coach

Mrs. Birdie Ely -- Fifth Grade

Mrs. Martha Bowie -- Public School Music

Miss Christine Carithers -- Homemaking


Vaiden's Plays


(More Coming Soon)

Do You Trust Your Boyfriend? -- 1969 Cast

Special Thanks to Wayne Strahan for the scans of the 1954 Vaiden Yearbook Photos


Vaiden Loses Its High School1999


Excellence in Education


Consolidation with J.Z. George


Another Consolidation Article


Vaiden's Last Graduation1999


What's Left of Vaiden High School -- October, 2000


Image 1 -- Image 2 -- Image 3 -- Image 4


Image 5 -- Image 6 -- Image 7 -- Image 8


Image 9 -- Image 10 -- Image 11 -- Image 12


Image 13 -- Image 14


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North Vaiden School/Percy Hathorn Public School

Description: Description: Main bldg Hathorn Elementary, Vaiden



Hathorn School Closure Issue – February, 2006 – CLICK HERE



The North Vaiden Public School/Percy Hathorn Public School was formerly known as Vaiden Jr. High School and then as Vaiden Negro High School. In the 1950s, it was located on the hill by the Vaiden Cemetery, but around 1957, the students were later moved to a new building and a new location on the east side of Highway 51 North between Vaiden and the Roadside Park. Mr. Percy Hathorn became the Principal in 1955. In the early to mid late 1960s, the old building located by the cemetery was moved to the west side of Highway 51 North, on the same location as the softball field and across from the new school, and was used for many years as the Vaiden Community Center, where the author of this website and several of his friends spent many Saturday nights making music in our rock & roll band, Coldfire. Mr. Hathorn possessed a quality of leadership, dignity, and concern that is rare in today's society. In around the 1956-57 school year, a certain 2 1/2 year-old, who shall remain nameless, lived several hundred yards from the old school when it was located by the Vaiden Cemetery. While his mother and father were busy in the garden, this little boy discovered that his favorite cat was missing. Convinced that he had seen the cat heading toward the school, the child left home in a vain attempt to rescue the poor feline. While Mr. Hathorn was teaching school, he heard someone crying. The little boy had crawled under the schoolhouse looking for the cat. Not finding it there, he burst into the classroom, crying for his "kitty cat." Mr. Hathorn, sympathetic for the plight of the youngster decided that, rather to keep the screaming child, it would be best to take him home. As he put me, uh, the child into the car, he was met with stiff opposition. A truce was arranged only after Mr. Hathorn let the child sit in his lap and steer the car on the way home. The little boy never forgot Mr. Hathorn's concern and patience, especially with a 2 1/2 year-old behind the wheel. Thank You, Mr. Hathorn.




In Memoriam:

Mr. Percy Q.T. Hathorn

Mrs. Omeria Murff Hathorn


Photos of Site where the original Vaiden Negro School stood on the hill by the Vaiden Cemetery.

Photo 1       Photo 2       Photo 3



The following are teachers and teacher's aides who have worked under the administration of North Vaiden School.



Victoria Jackson, Irma Cunningham, Mary L. Hart, Lena Lockhart Berry, Millie Porter, Robert Berry, Henry Stephens, Frances Henry, Sue S. George, Katie M. Trotter, Barbara N. Gray, Christiana Smith, Ann Crawford, Willie E. Elliott, Lincoln Shields, George L. Murph, Benjamin Nichols, Mattie Pinkney, Mildred Ellis, Joyce Robert, Lucille Wingarde, James Nimox, Mattie M. Murff, Louise Holmes, Albert Cuomo, Deloise Parker, Bobby Hill, Tommie Arrington, Jerry O'Briant, J.O. Baskin, Ed Bowles, James Alford, James Hoskin, Omeria Hathorn, J. Mallett, Heanette Epps, Joe Richmond, C.C. Cummings, Bertha Williams, James G. George, Laura T. Reeves, Maxine Smith, Shirley Anderson, Margaret T. Elliott, R.V. Anderson, Charles Lyncy, Bill D. Williams, Laura Mattox, Ruthia Purnell McKenzie, Ollie M. Rush, Robert Williams, Dora D. Truss, Lillie Armstrong, Alice W. Brown, Sylena Jones, Maryland Franklin, LaDonna Hathorn, Clearance Hill, Minnie Arrington, Otis Morris, J.C. Morgan, Rossvelt Grantham, Lesly Johnson, Rosamary M. Malcou, James Bibbs, Johnnie Howard, Sammie Hemmingway, Alice Cox, Geneva Honeysucker, Lizzie Honeysucker, Wilma Ritcliff Mason, Corrine Cole, Gladys McCaskill, John Honeysucker, Charlotte McCarley.


Teachers employed in 1975-1976


Julia Adams, Alberta Alexander, Ruby Austin, Martha Bowie, Francis Davis, Omeria Hathorn, Dorothy Jenkins (Librarian), Henry Lewis, Alice Lipscomb, Mary Lloyd, Glossie Magee, Rosie Martin, Ella Murff, Shirley McAllister, Elizabeth Nimox, Earlean Rogers, Evelyn Ross, Jimmie M. Simmons, Catherine Trotter, Miriam Tuberville, Donnie Waller, Judy Waller, Jossie Young


Teacher's Aides employed in 1975-1976


Louise Huggins, Mary Jones, Anna Bibbs, Dorothy Wade, Arma Purnell, E.C. Pickens, Verlene Amos, Inez Rosamond, Laura Lofton, J. Rogers, Juanita Collins Rhine (mother of the aforementioned screaming, car-driving, 2 1/2 year-old), Maxine Jones, Catherine Pate, Overa Watson, Annie R. Kinney, Elva Roberts, Margie O'Briant, Beverly Burell


Principals of Vaiden Jr. High School/Vaiden Negro High School/North Vaiden School


Prof. Hurbert Cross, Prof. Jessie Anderson, Prof. Franklin, Prof. Brown, Prof. Wilson, Prof. William, Prof. Lynch, Prof Hilton Anderson, Prof. Dave Daniel, Prof. H.C. Redmond, Prof. Redmond, Rev. Jones, Rev. Joe Davis, Rev. O.L. Rancher, Rev. Austin, Prof. G. Wendell Davis, Prof. David Latham, Prof. Percy Hathorn


Acknowledgements: Linked photos of Mr. & Mrs. Percy Hathorn, Mrs. M.M. Murff, Mrs. B.N. Gray and Mrs. S. George provided by Gearldine McClain Trotter and Doris McClain.



Percy Hathorn Public School Pictures -- April, 2000


Picture 1 -- Picture 2 -- Picture 3 -- Picture 4
Fun at School

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