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Vaiden's Salute to the Bicentennial

April, 1976

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That's the Ticket !!

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Bicentennial Flag

Time to Shine -- Whisky Factory Article

Caught in the Act

Stars of the Show

Come One, Come All

Costume Contest Winners -- Part 1

Costume Contest Winners -- Part 2

Go Ahead, Pin It All On Me

Digging Up Bones

We're Having A Party

Throw Down at Vaiden Town

Vaiden's Big Day -- Big File !! (513,595 kb)

If I Could Put Time in a Bottle

Time to Bury The Past Photo 2

The Time Capsule Marker Photo 2

Letters of Appreciation -- # 1

Letters of Appreciation -- # 2

Letters of Appreciation -- # 3

First Class Mail -- # 4

Hard Work Pays Off -- # 5

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