Laws of Mississippi


AN ACT to incorporate the town of Vaiden in the county of Carroll.  Chapter CCCXIX, Pp. 382-384.



Section 1.     Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Mississippi, That the town of Vaiden in the county of Carroll, be and the same is hereby incorporated, and that the corporate limits of said town shall extend one-half mile in every direction, from the depot of the Mississippi Central Rail Road Company which is hereby declared to be the center of said town of Vaiden, provided that the lands of W.W. Armistead shall not be included within the corporate limits of said town.


Sec. 2.          Be it further enacted, That an election shall be holden in said town of Vaiden, within ninety days after the passage of this act, upon application being made by any three freeholders of said town, to any justice of the peace of Carroll county; thereupon the said justice of the peace shall give ten days’ notice in writing, of the time and place of holding said election; said election shall be held under the inspection of said justice of the peace, and any two freeholders of said town appointed by said justice, for the election of a mayor and four selectmen, and one assessor and collector of taxes and a treasurer, who shall hold their respective offices for one year from the time of their election, and until their successors are qualified, and that all subsequent elections shall be on the first Monday of February, and the qualification for electors voting for the officers herein provided for shall be the same as those now provided for by law: to entitle the elector to vote for members of the legislature, said elections shall be held under the inspection of a justice of the peace and two freeholders, one of whom shall be the returning officer of said election, who shall certify the result thereof to the Secretary of State, whereupon the person so elected mayor, shall be commissioned by the Governor as mayor of said town.


Sec. 3.          Be it further enacted, That the mayor and selectmen so elected, shall meet as soon after their election as practicable, and take and subscribe the oath required by the constitution, and all subsequent meetings of said board shall be regulated by the laws of said corporation, which it is hereby authorized to ordain and establish; a majority of said board shall constitute a quorum, to do business, and in the case of the absence of the mayor, said board are hereby authorized to elect a mayor, pro tem, whose duties for the time being shall be the same as the mayor, and the said mayor is hereby authorized to call special meetings of said board whenever he may consider that the interest of said corporation requires it.


Sec. 4.          Be it further enacted, That said mayor and selectmen shall be a body corporate and politic, and by that name shall sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, and shall be capable in law to purchase and hold real and personal estate, not to exceed thirty thousand dollars; they shall have power to raise such sums of money as they may think necessary for the use of said town, by taxes levied on real and personal estate thereon, according to the regulations of said board, provided that the sum so raised shall not in any one year exceed one-fourth of one per cent. Of the value of the property taxed.  They shall have power to establish and regulate patrols within the corporate limits of said town, open and repair such streets as they may deem necessary, to order the owner or agents of any lots or houses in said town, to make the necessary improvements and repairs on said streets in front of their lots or houses.


Sec. 5.          Be it further enacted, That said board shall have power to prohibit the sale of vinous and spirituous liquors, except as now established by law in favor of druggists and apothecary for medicinal, culinary, and sacramental purposes, to prohibit the keeping of ten-pin alleys, within the corporate limits of said town, and to prevent under adequate pains and penalties the exhibition and performance of all shows and circus companies, or other strolling or vagabond companies.


Sec. 6.          Be it further enacted, That the mayor of said town of Vaiden, shall, by virtue of his office, be a justice of the peace, with the same powers and jusirdiction as other justices of the peace, and that all fines and forfeitures, collected under the provisions of this act, or under the by-laws hereby authorized to be established, shall be disposed of by said mayor and selectmen in such manner as will best promote the general interest of said town.


Sec. 7.          Be it further enacted, That vacancies in said board occurring by death, resignation, or removal, shall be filled by said board, until the time for the next regular election.


Sec. 8.          Be it further enacted, That the treasurer of said corporation, and the assessor and collector of taxes, shall enter into bond, payable to the mayor and selectmen, in such amounts as may be prescribed by said board.


Approved, Feb. 10, 1860.


Vaiden Plat of 1885


Vaiden Plat of 1900


Vaiden Fire Maps – 1889, 1899, 1905, 1910, and 1925