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Anyone wishing to Contribute to the Vaiden Page is encouraged to do so.


If you have information or photos concerning Vaiden, Mississippi, Gerenton, Middleton, Shongalo, Midway, Blackmonton, or Carroll County, please contact me.  I don’t want to keep any photos, and I will return them to you as soon as practicable after they are scanned.  Of course, your name will be listed on my Credits Page as a contributor.  In addition to photos, Please include a description of the subject of the photo, and an approximate date, if possible.  I certainly do not want to leave out any photos dedicated to the Memory of a Loved One.  Any family photos that you would like to contribute, please do so.  Keep in mind that I will return these photos to you, unless you tell me that there is no need to.  I will NOT list anyone’s address or phone number on the internet unless specifically requested to do so in writing.



If you send photos or information via e-mail, PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING:


Send all photos in a .gif or .jpg, .tiff or .bmp format (.gif or .jpg would take less time to send).  Send all typed information in Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect format. Save your document in the .doc format (Word) or the .wpd format (WordPerfect).  DO NOT convert a document into Web Page format (.htm or .html).  Please make the pictures as large as possible; I would rather have to reduce them in size, than make them grainy in appearance by enlarging them.


Also, please understand that I am not a Genealogist (at least, at the moment).  I will be glad to help in any way I can, but you would be better served by contacting the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, the MS GenWeb Project, Lineages, or the Mississippi Department of Vital Records.   PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME asking for help with your computer.  I work on computers all day on my job.  Sorry, but the last thing I want is to have to spend my off-time solving computer problems.  If you’ve gotten this far and you’re having computer problems, you should be able to solve them yourselves.


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I am doing this free of charge, and have spent endless hours in the process. 

Spend a few of your own, and record your history for generations to come.


My theory is this:  One day we will all be gone.  Future generations of our family (or strangers, robbers, etc.) will find photos of Vaiden in our closets, will not know what they are, and the glorious photos of Vaiden – the town and its people – will be thrown in the garbage.  HELP PRESERVE OUR TOWN.  A copy of the VAIDEN Site will be periodically given to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History on a CD or DVD, to be enjoyed by generations to come. 



Do You Know Whose Store This Is ?  (CLICK HERE)


[Ed. Note:  This photo was sent to me by Genie Buffaloe.  The man on the left is thought to be William A. Buffaloe or Rufus Franklin, and the other next to him could be his half-brother, Thurman.  Rufus Franklin was born May 14, 1867, and married Dora Landrumn Jackson on August 5, 188?  If you know whose store this is, please E-mail me, or Genie Buffaloe at  One key to the identity of this store lies in its windows, as seen toward the ceiling.  What store in Vaiden had windows close to the ceiling?  This store might have been a 2-story store, but it is uncertain.




Items/Photos/Stories/Memories Needed





Vaiden Front Street:



Crook’s Grocery


Anderson’s Dry Goods


McCorkle’s Grocery


Farrish’s Grocery


Vaiden Theater


Vaiden Post Office (when it was on Front Street)


Vaiden Co-Op


Holmes’ Drug Store


Braswell’s (in the old Vaiden, Kopperl & Hawkins Building – or the building itself) – also, when was this torn down?


Cearley’s Grocery


Fullilove’s Store


Vaiden Hotel


Law Offices (Shands/Boykin/Gilmer) (the one by the front street Post Office, the one over Lee’s Grocery, and the one on the 2nd Floor of the 1905 Courthouse.


Smith’s Furniture (by Palmertree’s Barber Shop and the one closer to Anderson’s Dry Goods)


Herman Johnson’s Service Station – I believe it was a Pan-Am station


Pool Hall (back street and later, on front street after the one on back street burned)


Saloon under Crooks/Weir’s/W.W. Milner’s


Photos of benches on Front Street or back street


The Vaiden Depot


Buildings/businesses north of Braswell’s/Vaiden, Kopperl & Hawkins Building


Any pictures of the older gentlemen sitting on the benches whittlin’ or chewin



Vaiden Back Street:


Summers’ Grocery (before it burned in the early 60s)/Leo Tindall’s Store – WHEN DID IT BURN ?


The old “outhouses” behind Roscoe Rosamond’s Barber Shop/Holmes’ Drugs/the Theater/Cearly’s Grocery


Buildings next to Summers’ Grocery on Back Street – Pool Hall, etc.  WHEN DID THEY BURN ?


Vaiden Bank (present site of City Hall) – ALSO – The “fence and spikes” that were on top of the teller windows (reached almost to the ceiling)


Back Street Life – “whittlers sitting on benches”


Austin’s Dry Cleaners


Hambrick’s Blacksmith Shop


Caddess’ Television Repair


Hearse House (located where Water Department is now)


Courthouse on busy days (elections, during trials, etc.)


Gristmill (behind Summers’ Grocery) – It sat on the lot now occupied by the Vaiden Bank Parking Lot


Sanders’ Tavern


Boykin’s/Lee’s Grocery (while in operation)


Any pictures of the older gentlemen sitting on the benched whittlin’ or chewin’ or just shootin’ the breeze



Other Information:


ANY pictures of the band The “Livin End” (Photo 1Photo 2) or “Magnolia Blue.”  The Livin End included Jack Fullilove, Ronnie Collins, Kenny Loftin, Van Simpson and Mike Simpson.  Magnolia Blue included Kenny Loftin, Larry Parker, Van Simpson, Eddie Mikell, Earl Bishop Aldridge and Ronnie Collins.  These photos can be of a live event, or just an individual or group photo.


Any pictures of the band “Coldfire.”  Coldfire included Kenny Loftin, James Allen Gant, and Ronnie Collins.


Pictures of the 1972 Vaiden Graduation – May 21, 1972


Pictures of the original Vaiden High School (demolished around 1947), or any events, group or class photos, etc. that were taken at this school or on the school property.


Photos of the “Franklin” house, formerly located where the current (2007) Vaiden Library is


Pictures of your Class Rings (if you’d like, I’ll take the pictures, if you still have the rings)


Copies of School plays, or other functions


Words to Football/Basketball cheers


Does anyone reading this page have ANY films of Vaiden High Bulldogs football games? – NOTE: the following Monday after a game, the football players would sometimes gather and watch films of the game to point out any mistakes that were made and to improve the offense/defense for future games. Where did these films go? Do you have a copy? If they still exist, a copy of them would be great. When I was in the 10th Grade (1969-1970), I was manager of the Vaiden Bulldogs Football Team. My Assistant Manager was Kenny King. I can distinctly remember sitting through several of these.


“Donkey Basketball, ” “Tom Thumb Weddings,” “Womanless Weddings,” “Powder Puff Football,” “Mess America,” “Old Timer’s Football” pictures or programs/tickets


Pictures of any Vaiden Graduation – no matter what year it is.


Football, Basketball, & Track schedules & records with wins/losses & scores for as many years as possible, including any bowl bids – pictures too !!!


Pictures of Dr. Vaiden & Mrs. Vaiden


Yearbooks (“Annuals”) of the Vaiden School – I already have the issues for 1957, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969 and 1970.  Any issues other than the ones I have would be greatly appreciated.  You will get these back, but it may take a while for me to scan them.  Each and every page of each and every Vaiden School annual that is available is currently being scanned and posted to the website by the years as listed on the annual covers.  See these at Some years might not have yearbooks, but I’ll post them if they exist. Specifically, the yearbooks (annuals) that are needed – if they exist - are for all years BEFORE (but not including) 1957 and 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1997 and 1999 (Vaiden’s last year). Vaiden’s first school opened in 1860 – the same year the Civil War started.


If you once lived in Vaiden (or still do), this will apply to you: Some of the older homes had FAMILY NAMES on the steps in front of them, or the sidewalk in front of them. Did yours?  Do you have a picture of this? Often, the family names would be on the top step or on the sidewalk leading up to your house. One example of this can still be seen (I believe) on at the start of the sidewalk going to the house of the former Herman and Vera Johnson. This house sits directly behind the Vaiden Presbyterian Church (a picture of this will be provided at a later date).



List of Burials in Colored Cemetery Section (Vaiden Community Cemetery)


Pictures of Doctors/Dentists/Veterinarians/Outlaws/Town Leaders


Pictures of Law Enforcement/Political Figures and Elected Officials


Pictures of the Vaiden Colored School, formerly located on the hill by the Vaiden Cemetery and later (around 1964-1967) to Highway 51 north, where it was used as the Vaiden Community Center (by the baseball field) and any school “annuals” or student pictures that might be available.


Any pictures you have of the Vaiden Community Center in the 1960s – 1980s (see above)


Pictures of the baseball field and/or any games being played there


Pictures taken at football games that show the bleachers, concession stand, football field, etc.


Tickets to football/basketball/track or any other sport or play that was played in Vaiden


Vaiden Homes – ANY !!!  -- interior or exterior – pictures of former or current residents/owners can be included


Pictures of Black/African American Businesses and/or their owners


Pictures of Mr. & Mrs. Ruffin and/or Ruffin’s Bakery


Pictures of Clinton Weeks, Percy Hathorn, Herbert Cross, Terry Harris (especially any of Terry on the Cearley’s delivery bicycle), Silas Weeks, Ethel Maude Williams, Rial Woods, Lena Greer, Anther Roberts, John Hull, Johnnie Watson, Louis (Lewis ?) Hughes, John H. “Shonk” Coker


Any pictures of merchants, customers, stores, visitors, etc.


Lowry’s Citgo


Barber Shop under Lee’s Grocery/Boykin’s Store


Roscoe Rosamond’s Barber Shop




The “mail catcher” arm on the railroad track


Vaiden Gin (any of the gins)


Vaiden Lumber Company


Vaiden Depot


John Z. Herring House (at intersection of Hwy. 35 and Hwy. 430) – I believe this house was torn down in the mid to late 1960s.


Mr. Hammond Conner’s House


Mrs. Lynn C. Hodges’ house


House on south side of street (across from Mrs. Lynn Hodges’ house)


House on east side of Mrs. Lynn C. Hodges’ house – I believe that Attorney Luther Gilmer lived in this house for a while)


Small house directly across the street from the house listed above).


Glenn Mann’s house (was next to/west of Mrs. A.C. Long/Mary Ann Long’s house)


Pat Riley’s house (burned in 1964)


Houses at corner of Hwy. 35 and Shongalo road


Pictures of Shongalo spring


Pictures of Shongalo Junk Yard


Pictures of Taylor Everett House


Pictures of any of the houses that were blown away in the 1990 tornado (Felice Fisher’s house, Dudley Stewart’s house, Sybil Stewart’s house, Mayor Wiley’s house, etc.).


Mr. Jimmy Fullilove’s house


Mr. Bingham’s house


Mrs. Ely’s house (later Bobo Welch’s house)


John D. Hawkins’ house


Old houses along Hwy 35


Nelms’ Grocery on Hwy. 51 North


Briarwood Plantation (this is the house that we always called “The Haunted House” – east of Vaiden)


Vaiden House (Prairie Mont)


The Ice House – this sat at the end of the driveway of the Canon house (now the Heritage house) – it had a drip pool underneath that had large red fish in it


Armstrong House/Old Baptist Sunday School/Educational Building


Information on or pictures of the Old Vaiden School (pre-1943)


Information on the Applewhite Guards


Information on the C.S.A. Hospital in Vaiden


Information on the town of Gerenton


Information on the town of Shongalo


Information on the town of Middleton


Businesses down Highway 51 south – includes inns, service stations, restaurants, etc. – ANYTHING !!!


Yates’ Grocery


Smith’s Grocery (Mart 35 Grocery)


Vaiden Cotton Warehouse (by old Vaiden Bank)


Vaiden Train Derailment/Fire of 1951


Vaiden Ice Storm of 1951


Information about the stagecoach routes through Shongalo and the Vaiden areas – where did they originate; where was their destination; when did they run; who drove them; how long were they in business; did they carry money as well as passengers ??


Information on the old Vaiden/Winona road (about 1 ½ miles east of Highway 51 – ran on the west side of the Briarwood Plantation (the old “Haunted House”) – was this the primary route to Winona before Highway 51 was completed in 1939 ? NOTE:  This is now CR-14 and comes out on Hwy. 407 by the Winona Country Club


Shongalo Village


Hwy. 35 Chevron that belonged to Charles Ellis/John C. Calhoun


Glenn Mann’s /Boyles DX station on Hwy. 35


Pictures of old highway 35 (before it was paved) when it ran through the present/former location of 35-55 Truck Stop


ANY old road routes


ANY houses that are no longer standing





Sound Like a lot ??  You ain’t seen nothing yet !!!


Ron Collins