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Collins - Hambrick Family History

(including Caddess, Bond and Rodgers information)



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The Collins Homeplace – Winona, MS


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More Photos of the Collins Clan


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Still More Photos of The Collins Clan


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Rosa and Nick Collins’ 50th Anniversary Napkin

(March 5, 1936 to March 5, 1986)


Visit With the Collinses – November 1979


The J.A. Olsen Employees of Winona, MS -- 1955 (541kb .jpg file)


Winona Times Article With Listing of Employees in the Above Photo (490kb.jpg file)



Bob and Erma Collins were a farming family that lived in Montgomery County all their lives.  After receiving the Good Conduct Medal, the American Campaign Medal, and the World War II Victory Medal, my father (Alf Trotter) was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army in 1946, where he served in the Military Police and was classified as Marksman, M-1 Rifle.  He was employed by the J.A. Olsen Company in Winona for many years and was one of three involved in an automobile accident en-route to work on January 23, 1964.  He died the next day.  He was a devoted father and loved his family.


Bob and Erma Collins are buried in the Oakwood Cemetery in Winona.  Bob’s father (my Great-Grandfather) was named James Polk Collins.  His (James Polk Collins’) wife, Mariah Jane Collins (12/29/1850 – 11/30/1887), was also James Polk Collins’ 1st cousin (Mariah’s father was Major Crume Collins, the brother of James Simpson Collins, father of James Polk Collins (Mariah’s husband)). 


i. WILLIAM JACKSON COLLINS, b. August 04, 1839, Near Lodi, Webster County, Miss.; d. December 06, 1918, Montgomery County, Miss. William Jackson Collins married (1) MARGRET BAWKMAN Abt. 1858. She was born June 13, 1843, and died November 21, 1899.


LUNA B. COLLINS, b. May 28, 1867, Winona County, Mississippi; d. September 16, 1908, Montgomery County, Miss.

Other sources list additional children for William and Margaret, including Luna, Joseph, Laura, Eugene, Martin, and Ellen just to name a few. They are listed in the census records as Callans.

He then married (2) DORY LOTT HAWKINS Abt. 1862 in Webster County, Miss.


(1)     Lois Collins Blaylock

(2)    J.D. Collins (1903-1965)

(3)    William Lindsey (Rip) Collins (1912 - 1968) – William Lindsey Collins married Rachel Lee Carr (1918-1994)

William and Rachel had 3 sons:

Billy Ray Collins, Ernie Lee Collins, and Charles Glenn Collins (1939-1977)

Winona Times article of 12/19/1968 explaining the circumstances surrounding William Lindsey (Rip) Collins’ death can be found HERE. The results can be found HERE.

(4)    Montee Collins Blaylock (1914 - 2007)


ii. DANIEL COLLINS, b. Abt. 1840, Lodi, Webster County, Miss.; d. Aft. 1880, Webster County, Miss.


iii. JOHN FRANKLIN COLLINS, b. Abt. 1842, near Lodi, Webster County, Miss.; d. Abt. 1892, Webster County,

Miss.; m. (1) GERTRUDE CARPENTER, Abt. 1860; b. Bet. 1838 - 1858; d. Bet. 1859 - 1942; m. (2) MARY SELLERS, Abt. 1865; b. Bet. 1838 - 1858; d. Bet. 1859 - 1942.


iv. FRANCIS MARION COLLINS, b. March 1849, Carroll County, Mississippi; d. 1923, Caroll County,Mississippi.


v. LAURA COLLINS, b. Abt. 1845, Winona, Montgomery County, Miss.; d. November 14, 1883, Winona,Montgomery County, Miss.; m. MACK GEORGE VANCE, Bet. 1859 - 1879; b. Bet. 1828 - 1848; d. Bet. 1862- 1934.


vi. MAJOR WALTER COLLINS, b. Abt. 1849, Winona, Montgomery County, Miss.; d. Abt. 1909, Winona, Montgomery County, Miss.; m. SALLIE SULLIVAN, Abt. 1872, Winona, Montgomery County, Miss.; b. Bet.1845 - 1863; d. Bet. 1866 - 1949.


vii. SAPHRONA COLLINS, b. Abt. 1851, Winona, Montgomery County, Miss.; d. Abt. 1870, Winona,Montgomery County, Miss.


viii. JULIA COLLINS, b. Abt. 1853, Winona, Montgomery County, Miss.; d. Bet. 1867 - 1947; m. MACK GEORGE

VANCE, Bet. 1867 - 1900; b. Bet. 1836 - 1856; d. Bet. 1870 - 1942.


ix. JAMES POLK COLLINS, b. Abt. 1843, near Lodi, Webster County, Miss.; d. Bet. 1875 - 1934.


Bob also had three sisters, Lallie Otee (“Sis”) (11/30/1874 – 10/29/1937) (I believe this is correct) and Rosa Paralee (07/25/1881 – 03/03/1951), and Rachael Elizabeth (“Lizzie”)(b. 09/10/1879, d. ?) and two brothers, James Thomas (“Tom”)(05/10/1875 – d. ?) and Rube (William Wade (“Rube”) (08/24/1883 – 12/29/1969). 


Major Robert Crume Collins, James Simpson Collins, James Polk Collins, Mariah Jane Collins, Lallie Otee (“Sis”) Collins, Rosa Paralee Collins and William Wade (“Rube”) Collins, are buried at Mission Cemetery in Winona.  Lallie (“Sis”) and Rosa Paralee Collins never married.  Rube married Mrs. Myrtle McCarty.  Information about Myrtle McCarty Collins (Rube’s wife) and Rachael Elizabeth (“Lizzie”) Collins is currently unknown.

02/12/1855 MARRIAGE BOND between Major Robert Crume Collins and Melissa Blaylock


James Thomas (“Tom”) is buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Winona -- MARKER CLOSE-UP – with his wife Lila (04/26/1891 – 12/25/1968).  Lila’s maiden name and other information is currently unknown. 



Our Cousin, Elsie Lilburn, has traced the Collins Family History to England in 1569 (14 generations), beginning with John Collins I, Keeper of the Gael in the Court of King Charles I.


 To go to Elsie’s Family TreeMaker site, CLICK HERE.


To view an Adobe .pdf document of only the Collins Descendents, CLICK HERE.







Juanita Hambrick Collins Rhine (10/12/1920 – 07/01/2002), was one four children of John Cleveland (04/23/1886 – 02/02/1951) and Exyah Bond Hambrick (04/02/1884 – 01/07/1955), who were originally from Attala County, married on April 20, 1906, and moved to Vaiden shortly thereafter.  [Ed Note:  The marriage license of John Cleveland and Exyah Lee Bond Hambrick shows 04/20/1906 as the wedding date.  Other accounts show the date as 04/22/1906, but this is the date the license was filed.]  The Hambrick children included: Harvey O’Neal (07/04/1907 – 08/06/1928), Claude Bond (10/15/1908 – 07/20/1915), Maysie Louise (03/02/1915 – 12/18/1979), and Juanita Elizabeth.  Grandfather owned Hambrick’s Blacksmith Shop in Vaiden for many years and Grandmother was a homemaker.  Grandfather Hambrick developed an improved version of a plow and applied for a patent on it, but the application was stolen from the mail, supposedly from a competitor.  It is unclear if his design was used.  He is seen here with a miniature version of the plow.  My mother (Juanita) worked at the Chenille Plant in Winona, the Vaiden Bank, Vaiden Manufacturing Company, North Vaiden Public Schools and Winona Manor Nursing Home.  She was also self-employed for several years in child-care.

Jim Hambrick (brother to John Cleveland Hambrick) Photo

John Cleveland Hambrick Obituary

Exyah Lee Bond Hambrick Obituary

Claude Bond Hambrick Obituary

Harvey O’Neal Hambrick Obituary

Read “The Forge of the Blacksmith”


Louise Hambrick married Wilson Monroe Caddess (06/18/1917 – 11/18/1997), who was originally from Doddsville, MS, but moved to Winona at an early age.  Louise (Aunt “E”) also worked at the Chenille Plant, was a homemaker, active in community organizations, and kept children in her home in Vaiden throughout the 1960s and 1970s.  Louise was the “second mother” to many of the children in the area, and loved to visit with family and relatives, cook, and spend hours researching family history.  [Louise was 64y, 9m, 16d when she died.  Wilson was 62y, 6m, 0d old when Louise died.  Ronnie was 24y, 11m, 17d old when Louise died and 42y, 10m, 18d old when Wilson died.  Juanita was 59y, 2m, 6d old when Louise died and 77y, 1m, 6d old when Wilson died.  Cody was 4y, 7m, 19d old when Wilson died.  Sean was 1y, 8m, 3d old when Wilson died.]


After graduating from Winona High School in Winona, MS on May 24, 1937 (Commencement Cover; Commencement Program), Wilson Caddess served in the United States Army Civilian Conservation Corps and 840th Aviation Engineers.  After receiving his Honorable Discharge from the Army, Wilson (Uncle “Oogie”) owned Caddess’ Radio and TV Repair Shop in Vaiden, and was the Fire Chief and Water Superintendent of Vaiden for 41 years.   He retired on January 31, 1990.  A photo of his retirement plaque is pictures HERE.

The Caddess TV Repair Shop was first located over the Fullilove Grocery (formerly the Vaiden Hotel/Vaiden Theater) on Front Street when Wilson’s Father-In-Law (and my maternal grandfather), J.C. Hambrick owned the blacksmith shop in the location on back street that later became Austin’s Dry Cleaners.  My grandfather built a new blacksmith shop behind the first one (beside the gristmill and behind Summers Grocery and the pool hall) in 1946 and ran it until his death in 1951.  Wilson moved his TV Repair Shop into my grandfather’s shop, where it remained until the mid to late 1970s. 

A fire on Back Street in the mid to late 1960s destroyed Summers Grocery, the Vaiden Pool Hall, and another abandoned building next to the pool hall.  Summer’s grocery was later rebuilt and remained until Mr. Summers died in 1968. The Vaiden Bank moved from the original 1890s location (the Vaiden City Hall, as of 2011) into the Summers Grocery building.

Wilson was always there to help someone in need, and was valued throughout Vaiden for his knowledge of the water department and his ability to tell someone (without the aid of maps or blueprints) the location of a water main or coupling, its size, how deep it was buried, and when it was last repaired.  He also loved visiting with family and friends whenever possible.  1937 Winona High School Graduating Class Article


John and Exyah Hambrick, Harvey and Claude are buried in the Vaiden Cemetery.  John Cleveland’s father (my Great-Grandfather) was named John Buchanan Hambrick (November 13, 1856 – February 5, 1904).  John Buchanan’s father (my Great-Great-Grandfather) was named Andrew Jackson Hambrick (June 28, 1832 – March 18, 1897). 


John Buchanan Hambrick, his 2nd wife Lula Angeline Canon Hambrick, and Andrew Jackson Hambrick are buried in Springdale Cemetery between Kosciusko, Mississippi and McAdams, Mississippi. 


The burial location of John Buchanan Hambrick’s 1st wife, Bettie Miller Hambrick (d. 03/02/1884), is unknown. 


It is believed that my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather was named Joseph or Benjamin Hambrick, but that information is unclear at this time.  Also, family history is scarce prior to my immediate Grandmothers. 


NOTE:  The name “Hanbrick,” is one of the older versions of “Hambrick.”  Hanrick” is another.  Andrew Jackson Hambrick’s marker at Springdale is spelled “Hanbrick.”  This was either a typographical error by the makers of the marker, or this spelling was used at that time.  It is believed, however, that it is an error, since the 1870 Census spells it as “Hambrick.”


In recap, the Hambrick line is as follows:


Joseph (or Benjamin) Hambrick

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: colorchangearrowdown

Andrew Jackson Hambrick – married Nancy Little (daughter of Samuel and Sarah Little) – The Mississippi Attala County Census of 1870 lists the following: Andrew Jackson Hambrick (head of household), 37; Nancy (wife), 28; and children, as follows: Sarah B., 15; John B., 13; ? Mary A., 11 ?; ? Samuel L., 3 ?; and ? Thad, 1 ?.  Nancy Little Hambrick’s burial location is unknown.


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: colorchangearrowdown


John Buchanan Hambrick – married (1st wife) Bettie Miller (d. 03/02/1884 – burial location unknown) on 11/02/1877 -- Together they had 2 children: Minnie Mitchell (b. 02/21/1880) and Willie Charlie Hambrick (b. 05/17/1882 -- d. 11/12/1883).


John Buchanan Hambrick married (2nd) wife Lula Angeline Canon (06/06/1866 – 02/14/1904 -- married on 05/29/1884).  They had the following children: John Cleveland (04/23/1886 – 02/02/1951), James W. (“Jim”) (04/22/1901 – 02/13/1971), Beulah New (05/15/1893 – 11/25/1945), Lillie Need (05/14/1889 -?), Nannie Jane (02/07/1891 – 01/29/1940), Kate Maggie (08/20/1887 – 06/12/1889), Claudie Belle (02/11/1900 – 06/22/1901), Gordie David (10/20/1902 – 06/12/1904), Ida Allie (05/30/1897 – 02/22/1903) and Andrew Jackson Hambrick (02/04/1895 – 07/16/1898). 


Beulah N. Hambrick (05/15/1893 – 11/25/1945) married Oscar M. Oakes (10/02/1880 – 04/28/1953).  Beulah and Oscar Oakes are buried in the Brister Cemetery, Rocky Point, Attala County, MS. 


John Buchanan Hambrick and Lula Canon Hambrick are buried at Springdale Cemetery, Attala County, MS. 


Lillie N. Hambrick married Lonnie Bowles. 


Nannie Jane married Weaver Gilbert.  Nannie Hambrick Gilbert and Weaver Gilbert are buried in the Coleman Cemetery, McAdams, Attala County, MS.


James W. “Jim” married Mildred Fullilove


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John Cleveland Hambrick – married Exyah Bond, daughter of Augustus O’Neal Bond and Sara Catherine Ellis, and granddaughter of Robert A. Bond and Maria Jane Palmer Bond  – Together they had 4 children, which are, as follows: Claude Bond, Harvey O’Neal, Maysie Louise and Juanita Elizabeth Hambrick.  PHOTO

Claude died at the age of 6 yrs, 9 mos and 5 days, due to cramps and / or gastrointestinal poisoning from eating green plums. His middle initial of "B" is thought to stand for Bond, and will be listed here as such, but is unconfirmed. 

Harvey was struck and killed by a train while walking home from work in the early a.m. It is still undetermined if he was actually hit by a train – since he walked this distance to work often, or if he was waylaid, killed and placed on the tracks. He was 21 years, 1 month, 2 days old when he was killed.






Wilson Monroe Caddess was the son of Leonard Taylor Caddess and Dora Alice Townsend Caddess.  Leonard Caddess later married Bessie Blaylock Collins after her divorce from Joe Marlow Collins.  Leonard T. Caddess owned and operated Caddess’ Grocery, across from the Winona Country Club, on Highway 407 in Winona, MS.  Wilson Caddess had one brother, James Harvey Caddess (04/04/1911 – 11/19/2003).


Free fan that was given away by Caddess Grocery:       OBVERSE       REVERSE


James Harvey married Patti Orlie Minkert (11/26/1913 – 11/12/1998) – 02/15/1992 PHOTO.  They had one child, Hugh Neil (“Hoopy”) Caddess (05/29/1936 – 10/01/2020).  James Harvey Caddess was a mechanical engineering professor for many years at Texas A&M.  Harvey and Patti are buried in the Bryan City Cemetery, in Bryan (Brazos County) Texas. 


Leonard T. Caddess, Alice Caddess, and Bessie Blaylock Caddess are buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Winona, MS. 


Wilson Monroe and Louise Hambrick Caddess are buried in the Winona Garden of Memory in Winona, MS.   They had no children.  Wilson was 80y, 5m, 0d old at his death.  Louise was 64y, 8m, 23d old at her death.  Louise’s sister, Juanita, was 77y, 1m, 6d old at Wilson’s death and 59y, 2m, 6d old at Louise’s death.  Wilson and Louise’s nephew Ronnie Collins, was 42y, 10m, 18d old at Wilson’s death and 24y, 11m, 17d old at Louise’s death.  Ronnie’s sons, Cody and Sean, were 4y, 7m, 19d and 1y, 8m, 13d old, respectively, at Wilson’s death.


Leonard Taylor Caddess Obituary








Caddess Family Photo 4


Alice Townsend Caddess Obituary


Wilson Monroe Caddess Service Article


James Harvey Caddess Service Article



(Wilson is on the back row in the center – wearing glasses)



(wilson is on the front row, 4th from left – wearing glasses)


On September 13, 1971, Wilson Monroe Caddess was responsible for saving the life of Robert McCurdy, a crop-dusting pilot, when the pilot’s plane caught fire.  CLICK HERE for the newspaper accounts of the accident.  CLICK HERE for the story that Mr. McCurdy wrote for Ag Pilot International concerning the crash.




The Hambrick and Bond sides of my family are being researched at the present.  As of Tuesday, May 10, 2011, the Bond information is as follows:






Robert A. Bond (born in South Carolina on 05/14/1828 ?) and sister Mary Elizabeth Bond (born in 1826) are the first of the Bond Family on record at the present time.


Mary Elizabeth Bond married W.M. (William Martin) Guest and traveled from Abbeville South Carolina to Mississippi in the mid 1800's.  The 1860 Mississippi Census (Lafayette County – town of Paris, MS), P. 49, is the first Mississippi Census in which W.M. Guest or Mary E. Guest appears.  It lists, as follows: Martin Guest, age 48, Physician, birthplace as Georgia; and Mary Guest, age 30, birthplace as South Carolina, with no mention of Mary Elizabeth as his wife.  One note to remember: before Mississippi became the 20th state on 12/10/1817, it was part of the Mississippi Territory, which was organized on April 7, 1798 from territory ceded by Georgia and South Carolina.  The Mississippi Territory included Alabama and Georgia.  Prior to 12/10/1817, W.M. Guest could have been using Georgia as the place of birth, when, in reality, it was part of Georgia’s holdings (GA, AL, MS, etc.).


However . . . in the 1870 Mississippi Census (Yalobusha County – town of Coffeeville, MS), P. 33, there is no mention of Mary E. Guest or the word “wife” for that matter.  It lists, as follows: W.M. Guest, age 55 (this age is erroneous – possibly a guess by the enumerator – in 1870, W.M. would have been 58), Physician, birthplace of Georgia; Julia A. (or S.) Guest, age 60, keeping house (possibly an older sister), birthplace of North Carolina; A. Guest (cannot read), age 23, at home, birthplace of MS; Joseph Guest, age 16, no designation as son or ward); Buster Moore, age 47 (or 41), black, farm hand, Birthplace of North Carolina. 


Once again, the 1880 Mississippi Census (Yalobusha County – town of Coffeeville, MS), Supervisor’s District # 3, P. 18, Enumeration District # 208, shows W.M. Guest, age 68, Physician; Mary E. Guest, age 54, Wife; and Henry C. Guest, age 8, Ward.  W.M. Guest is listed as being born in Georgia, and Mary E. is listed as being born in South Carolina.  The reason Mary E. wasn’t mentioned in the 1870 Mississippi Census is unknown at this time.  There is no listing for W.M. Guest or Mary E. Guest in the 1890 Mississippi Census or later, indicating that both may have died between 1880 and 1990, or they simply may have moved to another state.


Robert A. Bond married 1st wife Maria Jane Palmer (01/11/1834 – 02/16/1859) on 02/16/1854.  They had two children: Champion Palmer Bond (born 10 or 11/06/1855) and Augustus O’Neal Bond (09/04/1858 – 11/25/1950). 


When Maria Jane Palmer died on 02/16/1859, Robert married 2nd wife, Rebecca E. Towers (birth date n/a) on 09/06/1860.  Robert and Rebecca had two children: Alexander Reed Bond (born 10 or 11/26/1861) and William Payden Bond (born 12/11/1863). 


Robert A. Bond is thought to be buried at the Hebron Cemetery, Montgomery County, MS.


Further information for all the children of Robert A. Bond is currently unavailable, except for Augustus O. Bond (from Robert’s marriage to 1st wife Maria Jane Palmer), which is, as follows:


Augustus O’Neal BondOBIT 1  OBIT 2  -- married 1st wife, Sara Catherine Ellis (05/19/1856 – 05/09/1897) on 11/29/1876.  They had 10 children, as follows:  Cooper Ernest Bond (05/19/1878 – 11/19/1904); James Clifton Bond (07/12/1880 – 11/29/1956); Myrah Elizabeth Bond (Montague) (05/02/1882 – 01/24/1967); Exyah Bond (Hambrick) (04/02/1884 – 01/07/1955); Myrtie Maria Bond (King) (04/09/1886 -- ?/?/1936); Maudie Ann Bond (Williams) (Barrett) (08/09/1888 – 11/07/1978); William Payden Bond (09/19/1890 -- ?); Otis Elijah Bond (01/16/1893 – 04/23/1907); Barney O’Neal Bond (04/23/1895 – 02/25/1987); and Callie Catherine Bond (03/28/1897 – 05/??/1983) (PHOTO).  Maudie Ann Bond married (1) Dr. B.L. Williams (1885-1929) on 12/24/1910 and (2) Walter E. Barrett (??/??/???? - 03/24/1958).  Maudie and Dr. B.L. Williams had at least 3 children; Bennett O’Neal Williams (1917- 01/30/1943), Mary Ouida Williams Taylor (09/26/1913 – 10/19/2006), and Thomas M. Williams.  Maudie, B.L., Bennett O’Neal (“Neal”) Williams, Thomas M. Williams and his wife, Mary Rowley Williams, and Mary Ouida [Williams] Taylor and her husband James Dudley Taylor (1911 – 1998) are buried at Macon Cemetery in Macon, TN.  Location of Walter E. Barrett’s burial is unconfirmed, but is thought to be in the same cemetery as Maudie.  James Clifton Bond and his wife, Angeline E. Garner Bond (12/11/1882 – 03/20/1968) are buried at Pine Bluff Cemetery, Poplar Creek, Montgomery County, MS.


Exyah Lee Bond married John Cleveland Hambrick (04/23/1886 – 02/02/1951).  They are buried at the Vaiden Cemetery in Vaiden, Carroll County, MS.


Barney O’Neal Bond married Alma Mozell Lewis (05/10/1893 – 10/18/1974) on 05/14/1912.  Barney and Alma are buried at the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Greenwood, Leflore County, MS. 


Myrah Elizabeth Bond married Thomas J. Montague (03/01/1870 – 04/29/1934).  Myrah and Thomas are buried at Old Plank Cemetery in Carroll County, MS.  For more on the Thomas J. Montague Family, CLICK HERE. Myrah and Thomas had four (4) children: Estelle Montague (Burchfield), Lola Kathryn Montague (Hughes), Troy Lee Montague, and Corinne Montague (Aldridge).


Otis Elijah Bond is buried at Hebron Baptist Cemetery, Montgomery County, MS.



Augustus’ 1st wife, Sara Catherine Ellis, died on 05/09/1897.  Augustus married his 2nd wife, Martha Etta Tyler (10/24/1868 – 10/24/1940) on 04/27/1898.  They had 5 children, as follows: Clyde Hines Bond (06/04/1899 – 12/16/1985); Ruth Dell Bond (03/26/1901 – 07/14/1901); Steve Augustus Bond (07/03/1902 – 12/05/1965); Etta Pearl Bond (Houston) (01/02/1905 – 01/20/1969); and Van Hazel Bond (Moore) (03/28/1908 – 03/06/2005).


Augustus O. Bond and Sara Catherine Ellis Bond are buried in Hebron Cemetery in Montgomery County, MS and Martha Etta Tyler Burns Bond is buried at the New Providence Cemetery in Attala  County, MS.

Clyde Hines Bond married Marguerite E. Bonner (B. 04/06/1918 – 01/26/2013).  Clyde and Marguerite are buried at the Pine Crest Cemetery in Tchula, Holmes County, MS.


Steve Augustus Bond is buried at the Oakwood Cemetery in Winona, Montgomery County, MS. 


Van Hazel Bond married Rev. Percy V. Moore (10/05/1904 – 11/20/1982).  They are buried at the Oakwood Cemetery in Winona, Montgomery County, MS.  In October 2004, the first annual Bond Reunion was held at the Hebron Church in Montgomery County, MS.  Aunt Hazel Bond Moore was the Guest of Honor.  She passed away 5 months later.  This author and his sons were honored to have their picture taken with her and hear her wonderful stories for the last time before her death on 03/06/2005.


BOND SIBLINGS PHOTO (date unknown)


1971 Bond Reunion at Hebron Church


Mr. & Mrs. Augustus O’Neal Bond (not sure if this is 1st or 2nd wife)


More Bonds & Family


James and Ouida Taylor


James Dudley Taylor: 03/04/1911 – 03/03/1998


Mary Ouida Williams Taylor (daughter of Maudie Ann Bond [Williams] Barrett): 09/26/1913 – 10/19/2006




Jack & Emma Burrows


Other Bond Family information is forthcoming.






To trace the Rodgers Genealogy to ERMA LOU RODGERS (COLLINS), START HERE.



. . . And Now For A Little Fun . . .


Included in the Collins family’s genealogical research, is the following . . . . . . .


Collins / Presley Lineage


We’re supposed to be related to Elvis.  I DO NOT THINK SO.

Supposedly, through two of the sons of James Collins “Elder,” the relationship to Elvis was created. 




13.   Cody Ryan and Sean Eric Collins

12.   Ronnie Lee “Ron” Collins

11.   Alf Trotter Collins

10.   Major Robert “Bob” Collins

9.     James Polk Collins

8.     James Simpson Collins

7.    William Winwright Collins

6.     James Collins “Elder”

5.     John Collins III

4.     Thomas Collins

3.     William Collins

2.     John Collins

1.     John Collins





14. Lisa Marie Presley

13. Elvis Aron Presley / Jesse Garon Presley

12. Vernon Elvis Presley

11. Jessie D. McClowell Presley

10. Nancy Louise Hurst

9.   Mary Elizabeth “Polly” Steinwinder

8.   Susannah Amelia “Susan” Collins

7.   James Collins, Sr.

6.   James Collins “Elder”

5.   John Collins III

4.   Thomas Collins

3.   William Collins

2.    John Collins

1.    John Collins


In researching family history, the lineage and working backward from Elvis, the connection seems to falter at Jessie D. McClowell Presley’s parent(s).

More research will follow, but as of 03/24/2013, I am not claiming any family relationship to Elvis Presley. 

There are just too many variables and unknowns to consider in doing the research.