Laws of Mississippi


AN ACT to incorporate the commissioners of the town of Irwin, in the county of Carroll. P. 311.


1. Be it enacted by the legislature of the state of Mississippi, That William T. Collins, William N. Hesless, Mavel M. Gary, Ireten C. Devane, Allen Gary, John T. Brown, and Richard Small, be, and they are hereby created a body politic and corporate, under the name and style of the commissioners of the town of Irwin; and under this name, they shall have full power and authority, to receive by donation or purchase, lands, tenements, and hereditaments; the same to hold by title, in fee simple, to themselves and their successors, by mortgage, lease, or otherwise; to give, sell, and convey the same, and make titles thereto, in fee simple, or less than fee simple; to give and receive in gift; to purchase and sell, receive and make deeds of warranty, gift, or mortgage, or any estate whatsoever, either real or personal; and all other acts generally incident to bodies corporate.


2. Be it further enacted, That said commissioners shall have full power and authority, to build, or contract for the building of a male and female academy. The said academy to be by them located on any lands they may hold, within any distance not to exceed one mile from the said town of Irwin; and to employ a professor or professors, and such other teachers as they may deem expedient and necessary, to the moral and mental improvement of the students of said institution; and to pay such professors and teachers, such sum or sums as they may agree to pay, out of any of the funds of said corporation; of which academy, said commissioners shall be ex-officio, the trustees; and as such, shall be capable in law and equity, of sueing and being sued, answering and being answered, pleading and being impleaded, in all matters, plaints, and actions, affecting said corporation.


3. Be it further enacted, That said commissioners shall meet as soon after the passage of this act as may be practicable, and before they enter on the duties of their office, and select from among themselves, a president, secretary, and a treasurer. The duty of the president, shall be to preside at all meetings of said board of commissioners, and to call meetings thereof when he may deem it expedient; and in his absence, any member may be called to the chair as president pro tempore. The duty of the secretary, shall be to keep a true record of all the proceedings of said board. The treasurer shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, enter into bond, with security, approved by the president and at least three members of said board, payable to the president of said board and his successors in office, in such amount as the board may require, conditioned, that he will faithfully account to said board, for all the moneys placed in his hands as treasurer, and keep the same always subject to their order, and pay to his successors, all the moneys of said corporation, which bond shall be renewed annually; and in case of the failure of said bond, such defaulting treasurer shall be sued by, and in the name of the president of the commissioners of the town of Irwin, for the use, &c. of said corporation, in any court of competent jurisdiction. Any officer of said board, may be removed by a majority of the board; and all vacancies therein, may be filled by them.


4. Be it further enacted, That said commissioners shall have power to make all by-laws, rules, and regulations, as they may deem expedient, for their good government and the conducting of said academy, not inconsistent with the laws or constitution of this state or of the United States; of all of which, the secretary shall make and keep a true record.


Approved, May 13, 1837.






Laws of Mississippi


AN ACT to amend an act to incorporate the Commissioners of the town of Irwin, in the county of Carroll, approved May 13, 1837. P.221.


1. Be it enacted by the legislature of the state of Mississippi, That the name of the town of Irwin be, and the same is hereby changed to Middleton, and that the name of Middleton shall be substituted in all places where the name of Irwin now occurs.


2. Be it further enacted, That the name of Ireton C. Devane be erased from the list of said commissioners, and that Dr. Ephriam R. McLean be appointed one of the commissioners of said town.


3. And be it further enacted, That this act shall take effect, and be in force, from and after its passage.


Approved, February 15, 1838.


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